JUNE 25th 2008

One week ago today, I was blessed to be able to visit the old Laon Air Force Base as well as the town of Couvron-et-Aumencourt. Some might think that this is a strange destination for a 20 year old study abroad student from Baylor University in Texas, but it was a pretty big deal in my family because it was the first time in almost 50 years that a "Baronet" has been on that particular base. My grandfather was in the airbase and was stationed at the Laon base when my dad was born. I was able to return to the base and not only see where my father's life started but where his 7 older siblings and my grandparents lived and worked. I got to see where they experienced all of the stories I hear every year at Thanksgiving. It was a very special afternoon that I spent with camera in hand for all my family who are anxiously awaiting in the United States for an update on this little town that held so many memories.
~Ashley Baronet

After having been very pleased to meet with "Mim" Baronet and Cora Von Aspern (Ashley's grand-mother and aunt) at the Dallas-Irving reunion in 2002, it was very special to me to be able to welcome Ashley in Laon as a representative of the third generation of the Franco-American friendship born on the Laon-Couvron AB. Many thanks for such a visit, Ashley !
Bernard Croza