Graduating class



     Laon Air Base Dependents School Junior High (9th grade) graduating class, just before commencement exercises were held in Chapel No.1. (Ed Note: This class which was scheduled to go to Verdun for the 1961-62 season will instead continue here at Laon AB for the 10th grade, according to Mr. Paul Coste, school superintendent.)   
     The graduates were: Glen Blanton, Dana Bloodworth, Hugh Brown, Kay Childs, Lewis Davis, Phyllis Hembree, Margaret Moore, Lauren Oaks, Gary Pierce, Toby Posey, Larry Sontchi, Dave Sorenson, Gene Speed, Jim Strain, Pat Young, Paul Priebe, Bruce Gold, Pamela Mayfield, Mike Avery, Helen Brown, Richard Christopher, Patricia Davis, Marlene Gerston, Andrea Lee, Jim McGruddy, Steve McManus, Bob Marshal, Lexie Oakes, Udene Pederson, Virginia Sontchi and Linda Sasser. Other members of the class, but who had left Laon, were Florence Spurlin, Sheryl Woolsey and Bob Wallis.