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July 4, 2001 - July 4, 2002


29 Jun 02
Robert Arizona Gwin

Hi: I was on Operation "Short Spurt" May-Aug 1963, & re-enlisted at LAON AB, France, I was in the Medical Squadron, working in the AF Clinic, There, Medical Records. I got to go Germany on a week end pass, & also Paris, & other French Cities, I got to see the "Rev. Billy Graham" while I was there, at a "Tent Meting" in Paris. My brother was in France in 1960-62, at Evrue AFB, or Dreau, I forget which with the Alabama National Guard, that got recalled into active duty. They said that there was a new language in France "French with a Southern Drawl". While at Laon, I read a lot of Zane Grey Books, I picked up a "Little French" not much though. I went to the Airman's Club, Had Night Duty on "Simulated attack" on the Base, Attended, Two Protestant meetings every Sunday, plus Two Baptist Meetings & 2 LDS (Mormon) Meetings, I stayed busy. Joined the LDS in Nov 63, after I came back to Dover AFB, Del. where I was stationed, & later went to RAF Chicksands, England, Got out of USAF in Jan 67, went to Mzrion, Ohio, Then Phoenix, Az, in Oct 68, then San Antonio, Texas in 71, & got married, then to Tulsa, OKLA, in l973, been in this area ever since. I am 61 years old, Orig. from B'Ham, Alabama,Been in 37 states, lived in 10, been in 7 countries, would like to hear from all. Esp. Woodlawn High Grads, B'Ham, classes of 55-65, click on, & go to Memorandum & check out your Graduation year. & email me, Bob Gwin,

Carl C. Edwards

I was stationed at Laon AFB from 1961 thru 1963, was in the civil engineering squadron , was surprised to find this sight if any of you out thir was in BCE at that time drop me a note like to hear from you.

June 28, 2002

What a wonderfull web cite. It brings back old memories from time past. I was at Laon AFB fr om 1951 till 1955 in the 128th supply attached to the refueling Sqdn. Back to the USA and retired in 1978. I will never forget the tent city. Lived in tents for 3 years, but had a good time with a great bunch of airmans. Thanks for the sign in. Hobart L. Money MSGT Retired

June 27, 2002
Barbara McDonald Burt

Well Tom, the reunion in Irving was the highlight of this year for me and my sister. A better time and better people couldn't have been found. Congratulations on a job well done. It is so nice to be able to see so many people who are virtually strangers come together and then part as the best of friends. I believe everyone is looking forward to the next reunion with great anticipation. For all who missed it, make sure you don't miss the next one. Bubbles Burt

June 24, 2002
Ron Riley

19 Jun 02
JJ Vollmuth  'VH'

Stationed at Loan, 1965 until the F-101's left for Upper Heyford in Sep 66. Air Traffic Control Tower Crew Chief. SSgt at the time. Most vivid memories were the on base fuel tank drops the Voodoos were noted for. "Approaching Drop Zone, Over Drop Zone, NOW!" Then, who knew where the tanks would hit? Hopefully past the GCA unit. Also the Voodoo gear up landing sometime during that short stay in Loan. Great experiences. We lived in Notra Dame De L'esse(?) about 19 miles from the base. Went to Heyford as the advanced party for Air Traffic Control. Worked the arrival of the aircraft at Heyford. As Loan was closing, it was not a cool place to leave you family to work all the details of a PCS move to Heyford. However, we still have fond memories of that period in our lives, and can laugh about it now. Especially when the wife and two kids were moved into temporary quarters on base and shared a bathroom with some other guy. Sherry is still not happy about that one. Great web site. Enjoyed the memories. JJ

June 18, 2002
Gordon Clark

What a great site for former attendees of the "Laon AB Voodoo Party." I was in the 66 A&E squadron fixing voodoos - airborne radio and navigation systems.....ADF's, TACAN's, ILS's, radio's, doppler's, inertial nav systems, etc., and when not on the flight line worked in the field shop bench reparing these boxes. I loved the Voodoo, Laon, AB, the Town of Laon and France in General. So many memories of a wonderful time in my life. Tom, you have done a wonderful thing here. Thank you..... Gordon

June 13, 2002
Michael S. Van Leesten

I was stationed at Laon from 1958-1961. Fond memories of great athletes that were also great people. Played and coached the base basketball team and often have wondered how all connected to the team landed. Upon discharge, I did four years of college and was the "elder statesman" of our highly successful basketball team. Children and grandchildren, Presently a business consultant to corporations and small businesses. Would love to hear from any of my old friends that might come across this wonderful website. It has brought back many pleasant memories.

June 13, 2002
Michael S. Van Leesten

I was stationed at Laon from 1958-1961. Fond memories of great athletes that were also great people. Played and coached the base basketball team and often have wondered how all connected to the team landed. Upon discharge, I did four years of college and was the "elder statesman" of our highly successful basketball team. Children and grandchildren, Presently a business consultant to corporations and small businesses. Would love to hear from any of my old friends that might come across this wonderful website. It has brought back many pleasant memories.

Ken Stafford

I served at Laon AFB from 1958 to 1960. Remember some of the same things mentioned by others who have signed your gb. Remember one crazy night and a visit to the Town Ball. New years eve 1959. There were several of us there when the fight (riot) broke out. None of us were involved but when air police and the gendarmes got there they took everyone they could round up. Long night that night!

Came out alright and many lessons were learned.

Remember eating pizza cooked in open fired ovens at a sidewalk cafe in Lower Laon and a beer or two at Sullies in upper Laon.

Thanks for allowing me to share some fond memories of a great time in my life.

If Bob Portaris reads this I would like to hear from him.

Ken Stafford

June 10, 2001
Robert L. Shook APS

Congratuations on your latest reunion in Texas! Have been part of the production team on three reunions for the AP Squadron I know how much work it can be. You don't know me personally but many of us shared bus rides together to Verdun or the American HS in Paris. On many trips on Sunday, I was one of the APs on the bus between 1957-60 and most were very uneventful. However, some of you might remember the Paris riots in the late 1950s involving the French and Algerians. One Sunday night stands out in memory to this date, some forty plus years later. We had a bus load of high students on Sunday afternoon returning to Paris when we stumbled into part of the ongoing riot in the streets in Paris not far from school. There were two APs on the bus and on that particuliar trip we were both armed with 45 caliber "greaseguns" and our mission was to get you unharmed to school. It was alarming for all of us but our bus driver got us safely through. During my career as a police officer, I was assigned to riot duty in four riots on the West Coast during the 60s. None of those hold the memories of that Sunday night in Paris with a busload of Laon HS students.

June 3, 2002
Beverly Sandidge

Great idea! Beverly

June 3, 2002
William C. Richardson

stationed with 405th Bomb Sq (B-26) in 1953-1954 as Squadron Navigator. We phased-out B-26s by giving them to French crews to ferry to French Indo China. As award I was given commission as Capitane, French Armee of the Aire. I often wonder if I was ever promoted ?????? We also furnished crews for TDY to Korea. I did not have to go as I had 35 missions in B-24s in WWII

virginia sontchi pielow

I was so excited to receive the reunion info from Tom Laseter and to be able to go to my local library to log on to this great website. Although I am unable to attend the reunion I will be there in spirit. In 1993 I was in a car accident in which I sustained a life altering/disabling head injury. I was left with a brain injury, brain stem damage, severe inner ear damage to both ears, a compressed skull injury and had speech difficulties for 3 and a half years. It has been along road back with many dark nights of the soul and profound grief over my losses. This is the first time in nine years that I have been able to use a computer and I am really thrilled to be able to communicate with my former classmates in Laon. I have three sons, Robert,Richard and Roger and am the very proud Grandmother of Bennett who will be four in October and we(my son Richard and his wife,Tina) are looking forward to the November birth of my second grandchild. A healthy baby is wanted by all of us, however, I would like a girl.

31 May 2002

I attended KAHS and PAHS from 1954-1957. and would like to be included in the schools list. Ray L. Hall 92 Ba Yi Lu Liuzhou, Guanxi PRC 545001

Bohdan E (Bud) Goy

I was stationed at Laon in 1951-1952 with the 168th Bomb squadron ,126th Bomb wing

May 27, 2002
Denise  Perigo

CONGRATULATIONS Tom! As the number of hits for your website nears 10,000, I imagine you're ready to pop a cork from some Reims bubbly in celebration. Looking forward to the LAON AB REUNION next month in Texas!

Masessa,Mike Tsgt Retired

Stationed at Laon Air Base with the 66th Supron from 1960-1963. Would like to hear from anyone I may have known, or worked with.



14 May 2002
Ron Bolle    

I was stationed at Laon from Jan 63 till July 66. I was a crew chief assigned to the 32nd TRS and then the 17th TRS in A flt. A lot of great memories came back as I read the many letters on this site. Used to have a lot of parties at different houses about once a month that would have to last all night because the gates would be closed from midnight till 6 AM. Still keep in touch with several of those people plus some of those I worked with. Be great to hear from any of you who recall those times.

may 6 2001
Larry Ogburn

I was stationed at Laon AB from may 1959 to July 1962 I have several pictures i had taken at Laon during my tour there!! I went back to see it in October 2001 while I was supporting AH-64A Apaches at Windsheim Germany. What a surprise THE FRENCH PEOPLE were really nice to me even though I did not speak FRENCH!! Laon cathedral is more impressive to me now than when i was stationed there. OLDER and WISER?? I am now 61 years old and just retired from the US ARMY civil service in AVIONICS work !! started at LAON! Iwill never forget the sheep pasturing by my barracks window on a sunday morning!!! I grew up on a farm so that did not bother me one bit, I owned 12 sheep!! I could live in Couvron now and Laon is a pretty town. Rheims has a flea market three miles long!!! sure brought back memories!! Anyone can write me at the following E mail CECOM 2000@ HOTMAIL.COM ADDRESS: Larry Ogburn 16130 Prairie Creek Loop Yelm, Washington 98597I did not speak FRENCH!! Laon cathedral is more impressive to me now than when i was stationed there. OLDER and WISER?? I am now 61 years old and just retired from the US ARMY civil service in AVIONICS work !! started at LAON! Iwill never forget the sheep pasturing by my barracks window on a sunday morning!!! I grew up on a farm so that did not bother me one bit, I owned 12 sheep!! I could live in Couvron now and Laon is a pretty town. Rheims has a flea market three miles long!!! sure brought back memories!! Anyone can write me at the following E mail CECOM 2000@ HOTMAIL.COM ADDRESS: Larry Ogburn 16130 Prairie Creek Loop Yelm, Washington 98597

bill backman

was stationed at loan from 1962 thu 1964. worked on the flt.line, crew chief RF-101 wish to locate some of my old buddies. my phone # 360-258-4374.. email, really enjoyed my stay in france just wish i had made better time of it.

John & Pat Hines

We were at Laon AB from 61 to 64, assigned to the 18th TRS as a Voodoo jock, and lived about 25 miles from the base in an old chateau at Craone. Our youngest son was born at the base, after a speedy 25 mile ride in the middle of the night. Presently at 21 Shirley Lane, Yerington, NV 89447. Keep up the good work--we look forward to details on the reunion in June. JWH.

April 19, 2002
Billy Payne

It sure was a surprise and also delightful to find this websight. I was stationed at Laon from July 1960 to July 1963. I was in the data processing dept. and worked in an old trailer. Some of my fondest memories was visiting the old chateau near Couvron and seeing all of the names of soldiers who fought. Also climbing the hundreds of steps that joined lower and upper Laon was fun then. I would hate to try it now. I really enjoyed the Laon Ranger football games. We would destroy Ramstein, Rhein-Mein, Sembach and Toul, but SHAPE would do the same for us.

Apr 14th, 2002
Olga E Hollis

This is an interesting website. My now deceased husband, named Col Raymond Hollis--was the last Base Commander at Laon AFB in France. We arrived at Laon in early 1966---and before the year was over, it was already, in the midst of deployment of personell and by the end of the year, the only dependants left were myself and our 12 yr old son Kenneth. It was a very difficult time for us, but we managed. We were very fond of all at Laon AFB as well as the interesting town of Laon. It was also a sad situation, for many. It took several more weeks, for the formal cermany, of taking down the flag of the Ubited States. That was given to Col Hollis as a momento. It still is for Kenneth, who cherishes that flag. Hope to hear from someone that can recall thos last months. Olga E Hollis

13 APRIL 2002
Denis J Reilly

Stationed at Toul 1961-1962 DET 1 66TH TAC RECON WING flight line mech 38TRS .Ret. NYPD ,great site.

8 APRIL 02

I was stationed at Bordeaux and Laon as a member of the 168th Bomb Sq. from December 51 to November 52. If any of the " Old Gang " reads this, e-mail me and let me know where you are living at this time.Had reunions in 2000 and 2001.

Bob Van Dusen

I was at Laon AFB From 1962-1966

Bob Van Dusen

John D. Crowder

i was stationed at laon afb from oct 1960 to oct 1963. I was with the 18th trs intelligence group at the hanger on the flight boss was lt.Israel my mind just went blank i cant think of anyone else.Carlton Peoples,from the 18TRS photo,John (gaylord)Pius,Bob Holifield,col.East,comander of the 18TRS,capt. Davies 18TRS. This is a great site. Have not found many people yet.My home phone is 847-577-8843 hope to hear from some of you.

Major Norman R. Lockard

Just signing in for my dad, known as Midget! Fighter pilot. Norman R. Lockard. Looking forward to the reunion in Irving in June. Any more information regarding the reunion would be great. Please email me at My name is Debra Antoni and Norman is my dad and I am just researching this information out for him and my mother to attend the reunion in June.13th thru the 16th I believe. Please send me as much information as possible. Thanks so much. Debra Antoni On Behalf of Maj. Norman R. Lockard

30 march 2002

assigned 126th b/w illinois ang june 1951 ohare field chi. also other reg. a/f members. wing assembled later summer langley afb virginia for pom training..proceeded to bordeaux, arriving 7 dec 1951. left bdx early feb 1952 for laon.prepared quarters for advanced party at french caserne on plateau lived at hotel aux trois provinces in early days. helped establish motor pool refueling section ,other work. returned zi nov 1954 for disc. FIFTY yrs later,still cant shake memories of mud tents &bad conditions &why we were there!!!!!! any ideas ???????

march 28, 2002
nancy brooks

Mar 27, 2002
George Tony" Williams

Stationed at Laon AB from Oct 56 to Jun 58 with the 822nd BS. I worked in the Comm-Nav shop.

March 26, 2002
Geffinger, Lowell E.

Moved into Laon from Weathersfield Essex, England with the416th Bomb Group, 670th Squadron in September oof 1944. We had A-20 light attack bombers to start and later got the A-26'. Our first mission from France was on September 27th, 1944.

Larry L. Bennett

It was amazing when I came across this site. Who ever is resposible for putting it together you have my thanks. It brings back some old memories. I served with Det. 7 of the 31st Weather Squadron from Sept. 1958 to April of 1961. It would sure be nice to here from some of the guys that were there with me.

March 23rd, 2002
Peter Terlouw

Hello, I live in Holland and I am very interested in the history of the US Air Forces in Europe. I live next to Soesterberg Air Base here in Holland where the 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron "the Wolfhounds" were stationed. I try to collect the unit patches of the squadrons based in Europe and maybe you can help me out, so if you wish to part with some of your patches, please drop me a line. Also scans of patches and aircraft are very welcome! Greetings and thank you for reading this message. Peter.

jake carper

reported 126th ang OHARE field CHI ILL>june 1951 with other reg. af members left usa for BORDEAUX FRANCE arriving 7 dec 1951 .assigned LAON in early feb 1952.married gabrielle of laon in 1953 returned usa 1954 and reenlisted A&E school sheppard afb texas returned laon with B57sin 1955 reassigned bitburgh ger. 1956 with F86s given medicial disc. fromSAC at lincoln neb in 1959 BON JOUR

march 20, 2002
Chuck Zelinsky

What a great site. Thanks for the chance to contact old friends. I was at Laon from 63-65. It was one of the greatest assignments I had during my 7 years in the AF. I was in the 66th FMS Ground Power shop. We were Littlejohns raiders! I have already been reunited with two friends and I hope this page will bring some more contacts. I am currently retired but "Still Serving America" as an active member of the American Legion. I would love to hear from old friends.

20 Mar 02
Billy H. Cole, Jr

My father was Billy H. Cole, Sr. He was in the 66th A&E squadron from 63-66. My mother was Kay and I have one brother and sister. My dad participated on base volleyball teams and on a local French team. I can remember travelling with him on his trips. He also played on the base softball team and worked at the NCO club and Rod and Gun club. Leaving the states in 1963 and travelling to France was cultural shock to say the least for an 8 year old. I have very fond memories living in the little town of Froidmont and riding the schoolbus. My dad retired from the Air Force in 1975 and presently resides in Cleveland, TN. They would love to hear from old friends, co-workers, especially the volleyball team. My parents' address:

Billy and Kay Cole 300 Hollow Rd. NE Cleveland, TN. 37323 (423) 479-7804

Carroll L. Thompson


i was stationed at laon in 1958-1960 i ran the auto hobbie shop in the old parashute shop. sometime the wood hobbie shop .i wes in Hq squdron.

mar 13 2002
Carl B. Skinnerc

Spent 1962-1966 at the Laon AIR Base, worked in Maintenance control for a while then went to the 32nd TRS, then to the 17,18, TRS. loved the tour.There is two other retires her that was there earlier, like in the 50s. thanks Carl B. Skinner

Fax Koontz

My dad (M/Sgt Fax O. Koontz, Sr) was stationed there from 1958 to 1962, originally as ject mechanic and then NCOIC of base flight. We lived in a small 'town' La Bovette par Fourdrain' about 8 klicks from the back gate. I attended Verdun HS from Spring of 1959 and graduated in June 1960. Then worked at the NCO club for Sgt Gafford from June 60 until August 61, first as a daytime bar manager ie I inventoried and then restocked the bar and then ran the storeroom after Jim Wheat rotated back to the US. Was there when the Airtman's club burnt down. I had two sisters that attended the Laon grade school, Rosalind Koontz(1-2 grade?) and Linda Koontz(6-7th grades?). My dad owned a 1955 onze-Cheaveux grey Citroen that I drove around when I turned 18. Several memorable trips to Verdun. He sold it to a GI when he rotated back in summer of 1962. Who bought it? I'm planning on attending the reunion in Dallas this June since I'm working in Austin, TX See you'll there. The FAXman

Jim Taylor

I was a new 2nd Lt.assigned to to 66th CAMRON and 66 FMS right out of maintenance school and served from Apr 63 to Apr 66. Looking over the other messages brings out lots of fond memories. I still keep in contact with some of the old gang, but would love to hear from any others who were stationed there at that time. After the 66th, I was reassigned to the 67th TRW at Mountain Home along with a few others from the 66th.

Great job on the web page.

thomas  w. kent

In 1944 I was stationed at Camp Sissone. While there I drove an officer to a town, city, about 35 miles away to a military hospital. There was an aminitation dump in the town. While there a German plane came over and droped a bomb in the dump and caused the dump to explode all that night and into the next day. We got out of there and learned later they had to evacuate the hospital. I have been tryng to find out where we were at. I thought maybe the town Sissone could have been it. I have not been able to find out how far the camp was from Sissone. I have a map that shows both locations and they look close together. Would apprecaiate any information about this that you can give me. tk

Claud & Janett Graham

Thoroughly enjoyed your website and am looking forward to the listing of military personnel. We were stationed in Laon AB from 1955 to 1958 and was in the 405th Sq. then went to wing training staff. Close assosiates were Capt. William O'Neil and Major Wally McDannel. We were B57 pilots. We lived off base in Urcel, Aisne, France. We now live in Santa Rosa, CA.

A2c William l mickey Jr.

I was At laon 1962 to 1965 66th ground Power, Loved laon, and the Area, Any old aquaintances I would love to hear from you. Have a couple of contacts already, One has helped fill a large empty place in my heart already. Thanks for this site. Great Job.

9 March 2002
Vic Kessler

I was stationed at Laon Airforce base from 1962 until 1965 my job was ground equipment repairman or otherwise known as ground power, our shop was next to the engine shop.I had a lot of fun times there especially after duty hours. We use to go to Paris. Ostende & Antwerp on the week ends. Ended up Marrying a Belgium girl from Antwerp Jenny Rimini she was a Professional singer. We are still married, had 2 kids and have 2 grandkids now. I retired from GM after 30 years service. I’m now living the good life. If any of the old gang remembers me, drop me an e-mail

March 9, 2002
Kathryn Gail Graham

Father & Mother- Claud A. & Janett N. Graham, USAF. Brothers John L. and Richard W. Graham. Resided in Urcel, France and attended LAS. Father stationed at Laon AB from 1955 - 1958. Father flew B57's & worked in wing in the 405th Bomb Sq.

9 March 02
Gerald Knox Bishop (COL, USAF, Ret)

Thank you all so very much for creating this opportunity for us to find our friends who were at Laon with us! I was a dependent there while my Dad (Jerry Bishop, COL, USAF, Ret) was an A&E Officer with the B57, RF-84, and RF101 units that were stationed there one after another from 1956-59. We lived on the economy in a small French farming village called Deuillet and I rode the bus to the Elementary school on base 12 miles away for the 5th, 6th & 7th grades. I served 26 years in the Air Force (mostly as a bomber pilot, B52, FB111, B1B) and retired in Graham, Texas last year. I currently work three days a week in Dallas as the Curator of The Frontiers of Flight Museum ( at Love Field. I'd love to hear from kids I went to school with, so please don't hesitate to email me!

March 7, 2002
George Spencer

The comments of dependents & airmen that were stationed at Loan Air Base are very interesting.

The 126th Bomb Wing (L) activated LAB in May 1952.The wing was composed of the 126th Bomb, Air Base, Maintenance & Supply and Medical Groups. The bomb group was composed of the 108th, 168th & 180th bomb squadrons. I was a radio maintenance technician with the 108th. This was an Air National Guard wing from Illinois & Missouri.

The wing was activated April 1st 1951. We marked time at our home stations then went to Langley AFB. We embarked the last of Nov. & disembarked at La Palice, France on Dec. 7th 1951. It seems ironic that we landed on the 10th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. We were transported to the Bourdeaux-Merignac airfield. Our air echelon (A/B/A-26B,Cs) had arrived shortly before us. We established a base (tent city) on a section of this field. We operated along with French AF & French Commercial airlines. We were the first American tactical air unit to be stationed in France since the end of WW2.

We transferred to Laon in May 1952 & inhabited another tent city. We began getting individual AF personnel replacements. I was one of those called “essential”& was in the last group of ANG personnel returned to the States in Nov. 1952.

I guess we accomplished something. We left behind an operating air base and organization where none had been before. We were activated because of the Korean “police action”. I find it hard to explain, half a century later, why we were sent to France. We were called up on April Fools Day….nuff said.

I am glad that so many people enjoyed their stay in France and wish all a continued good life.

Bill Hagee M/sgt retired

I was stationed at Laon AB from 1960 to 1964. Worked in Phase aircraft inspection section, 66 OMS. (Capt Calgill, Capt Neeley,S/sgt Oliver,T/sgt Tribitt, A/1c Love, others I can,t remember right now..) Wife Patricia,Daughter Teresa,Daughter Kimberly born 2Nov 62 base hospital..

17 Feb 02
Howard Austin

Enjoyed my duty at Laon from 63 to 67. Any ex recce pilots contact me.

Dave Alper

I was stationed at Laon Air Force Base from April, 1959 to April, 1962. I was an Organizatonal Supply Specialist. I used to go to Paris on the weekends. Had a "ball". Hope to hear from friends who hung out at the La Boheme.

George Mennell (Dusty)

Great there is a place on the web that we can go into to see what is going on.

I was at Laon from 59-62 and was in the 66th TRW LOX SECTION. Does anybody remember the Boheme in Paris. Had a great time in Laon and Paris. Please write and let me know if you remember the great times at the Boheme.


8 Feb 02
E.D. (Mel) Melancon

I was stationed at Laon,AFB from May '55 until Mar '56 as the Armament Officer (1st Lieut.) in the 71st Bomb Sqdn, 38th Bomb Wing. At that time I transferred to Det 1, 38th Bomb Wing at Landstuhl, AFB, Germany, as the Armament Officer there. (We lived at Ramstein AFB across the runway.) Det 1 was a forword staging base for The B-57's stationed at Laon. I was at Landstuhl until May 57, when I separated from EAD and returned to the ZI. I remained in the reserves and ended my career as a Major USAFR. In the reserves I spent time as a Liaison Officer with the Colorado Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and sheparded CAP cadets through the USAF Academy's Survival School.

Charlotte Whaley Davis

Wow. That's all I can say. So much information, so many have done a bang-up job the only thing missing is music and who cares about that. Love it. I lived there with my family 58-61. I attened VAHS and my little brother went to school on base. My father ran/started the Rod & Gun Club and although he is no longer with us, my Mom would love to hear about anyone who remembers him.

6 Feb 2002
Paul Hayes

I should have mentioned I was stationed at Laon Feb 1964 to Feb 1966 as a Photo Interpreter with the 18th TRS.


MY time there was from when it opened untill early 1953 so I do not have fond memories of Laon AFB

2  3  02
Tom Shank

I was stationed at Laon 63 64 with 66 camron. I was on the wing standardization load team in the aircraft armament shop. Great site.

1 Feb 2002
Joe Vitovec (SMSgt, USAF, Ret.)

I am one of the old timers--got to Laon in 1952 and stayed until 1957. Then it was the 126th Bomb Wing and we had the B-26 aircraft (the A-26 was the WWII version/nomenclature). The original troops were ANG out of Chicago, later replaced by regular AF. We slept in tents--the barracks were built later. The B-26's were transitioned to the French for their war in Indochina, and replaced with B-57 Camberras. The base housing was just being built when I was leaving.

Your web site is very nice and brings back many memories. Are you aware that there is another Laon AB association that also meets periodically and has similar aims as this one? Perhaps it might be possible to join forces. From what I see, the members are mostly the pre-Woodoo folks from the earlier times, but what the heck, we share the same history, so why not?

Vicki (Humble) Reed

Was in Laon in 1965. Left with NATO. Brother Brad Humble and sister Denise Humble

January 30, 2002
Andy Groch, Instrument shop

I was stationed at Laon from October '60 to October '63. Played soccer for the base team and went to Spandalem AB with Aviano AB. Played with Major Glavich, Feeney and mostly HDQ Sqdn personnel. Still keep in touch with people from the instrument shop and the autopilot shop. Took part in Royal Flush with a Capt. Jessep(?), and we lost a pilot in the Alps during training for R.F. Still bothers me to remember that. Went to RAF Windenrath near Aachen, and the american dollar sure went a long way on a British AB. NICE SITE, and thanks for the memories.

28 Jan. 02
James Shaw Msgt Ret

was in the welding at laon. At R.A.F. Upper hayford I was Fab branch NCOIC. went to Laon in 65 then to hayford left in 1968.

edie barbour means

have seen jeanette smith ricker recently....married and live in oklahoma city at 1919 north donald avenue...oklahoma city ok 405.782.0470

Jan 26 2002
Ken Fox

I was in the Engine Shop 66th fms from June 1962-May1966. Thanks go to you for the hard work required to get this site up and running! Spent alot of time in Antwerp(twerp),15 bucks went along way back then!! Still have a shop photo of most of the personnel assigned and a few photos of the base if interested. Would like to hear from anyone from that period. Names I

Mike Jackson

Hi to anyone in the 6th grade in 1962 through the 8th grade in 1965 I'd like to hear from you.

24 january 02
Margaret Pell


A friend sent me your e mail. Sure brought back alot of wonderful memories. Thank you

Don Avise

I was stationed at Laon A.B. '61 through '64. Personal equipment was my weekday job. Keeping the bars open in Paris, Brussels, and Antwerp kept me busy on weekends. I would love to hear from Ken, Vic, Little Don, Bill and all the other twerps.

January 21, 2002
Joe Stuart

I was stationed at Laon AB from January, 1962 thru December, 1965. I was with the weather detachment headquartered at base ops. The photos bring back a lot of memories.

Peter Swanson

I was stationed at Laon from August,1962 to August,1965.Was a squadron pilot with the 32nd.TRS,1962,63 moved to wing staff in1964,continued to fly with the 32nd to August,65. Lived in Brancourt until moving into GRH in June,63.My wife Hildy and sons,Greg Terryand Bill were there also,Greg and Terry attended school on base.Bill Blaker and his family moved next door to us in 1964 their daughter Nancee and our son Terry sat next to each other in kindergarten.They were married in 1985 and have a ten year old son,Sam.As you can see Laon has had a lasting influence on our lives,it goes without saying we have lots of fond memories of our 3 years in France. Tom you are doing a great service for all of us,thankyou very much!

Raymon C. Scott

I was stationed at Laon from October 1961 until November 1964. First in the 17th TRS and then in the 32ndTRS.

Leane L. Lambert-DeFrancis

It was so great to find the Laon AFB site......I have already heard from several people that I didn't imagine I would ever hear from after 40 years. This is a great site and brings back such fond memories....

JANUARY 17, 2002
Denise  Perigo

Thank you Tom, merci beaucoup! is awesome - and so are you. Congratulations on reaching 5,500+ site hits since you opened these VooDoo hanger doors on the 4th of July 2001. Hope your day today is terrific, birthday boy! Denise

Jan 15, 2002
Bob Tolstead

Good work, Tom! I went to Laon AB as 18 TRS aircraft maintenance officer in May 1959, later for both the 17th and 18th until April 1963. A delightful and happy time when many life long friendships began.


My brother, Dan Sontchi, told me about this site yesterday. Thought i would drop in mand check it out. My father was staioned at Laon A.B. from 1960-63. I attended school at the A.B. and then was shuttled off to Verdun H.S. for two years, 61-62. I would be glad to hear from anyone that remembers me, since i have no memory anymore, lol. seeya

Dan Sontchi

I've been looking at the web site for verdun and all the guys and dools that went to school there and lived at Loan AB amazing

january 11. 2002
phil Simpson

In early 1966 I was guitarist with an English country group who played at the NCO club as house band ( I think it was in March, then again in June) We really enjoyed our stay with you, and got paid for it! Your hospitality and friendship made a tremendous impact on us. We shared many happy, not to say, drunken evenings with you usually at a barbecue at one of the married quarters trailers. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Ron and Donna Horton I would be really grateful if you could Email me at I seem to remember that Donna worked in the office at the NCO club, and she was a wonderful Mexican food cook!. If anyone does remember after all this time. Thanks for the Memories, it's as if was only yesterday.

8 Jan 02
Ira L Hale, CMSgt. Ret'd

We were at Laon Nov 55 - Jun 58. started in Supply Sqdn, moved to Wg Logistics from there to IG office

5th January, 2002
Daniel Rodgers

Bonjour tous le monde! I really never knew that this kind of webb site existed. My brother Clark who a war history buff and loves France, as we all do turned me on to it. I plan eventually on going back to open my own little café in funk farm (Country site). But talk a little about Laon's history, my birth place. Does anyone out there remember a café called 'Marie Bar', rue Sérurier, Laon (sur le plateau) between 54-56? Or even maybe Le Lion D'or, La Comédie which were my grandfather's (Monsieur et Madame Herbert) establisments. Je serai heureux de savoir si il y a quelqu'un qui connaissait ce monde. Je vous remercie tous de garder les mémoires d'une jolie ville dans un si beau pays !!! Tallahassee, Fl. Daniel (pronounced, Danielle)

03 Jan 02
Pearl Bolding

My husband Earnie and I were in Laon from Nov 1961 thru July 1965. We lived on the economy for about a year then moved into the trailers on base. Our sons, David & Danny went to school there for four years. We enjoyed our tour there so very much and would love to have gone back. We went to MacDill AFB, Fla from Laon then Earnie went to Vietnam in Oct 1967 and returned in Oct 1968. We then came to Bergstrom in Austin, TX. Earnie retired from the AF in July 1970 and I continued working at the base until we closed it in 1993. Earnie passed away in August 1995. Would love to hear about reunions that the people who worked on the flight line have. Earnie was in the Maintenance & Control Section and also worked on the aircraft. I still hear from Jack & Gay Ashmore. Jack was a doctor at the hospital there. Also stay in touch with Don & Joyce Dunham, Kay & Melton McDaniel and Garland Flowers. Would love to hear if anyone is in touch with Jerry & Tran Malone. Talk to you soon. What a wonderful thing this E-Mail thing is. I heard about this site from Herb & Ann Hansen with whom I stay in touch.

David A Cobb

I was stationed at laon from May1964 to May 1966 I was in the 66th fms and worked in the jet engine shop.I had come over from Fairford, England when it closed. I had a bunch of good friends there, Homer, cunningham, Collie Hobbs and many more that grows dimmer as the time passes. This is a great web site and a lot of us sure appreciate it.

January 2, 2002
Lou Faucher

I arrived at Laon AFB in August 1957. I was assigned to the 38th Comm. Sq. I was reassigned to the 7486th ABG in Phalsbourg in April 1969. I stayed in the Air Force for 21 years plus 3 months 2 weeks - I wasn't really counting!, retiring as a SMSgt effective March 1, 1978. When I left Laon, Laurence Lege of Laneuville, a snack bar employee, accompanied me. We have been married for 41 years and have 3 children, 4 granddaughters and 2 great granddaughters. Our son just retired from the Air Force after 26 years and is living in Utah. We go back to Laon for a visit every year. Do any of you remember Therese and/or Milou who were cashiers at the snack bar? Both are deceased. Have a great new year. Lou & Laurence

Jan 02 2002
Clark W Rodgers

Hello and Happy New Year!

My Father met my mother who was from Laon, her father and family owned the "LION D'OR " Restaurant on the plateau.They were married in Laon and are still together today.At the time my father was in the Air Force and stationed at Couvron. My parents are well and live in Florida.



Marcus A Gutterson

Arrived Laon 1952 and left 1954. Married girl from Laon and stil with the same girl in Bordentown, NJ



27 Dec 2001
Ron Radliff

I was just browsing through the photo section and a picture of my old classmate, Bob Perigo caught my eye. How is it that he has aged so much since Laon and I haven't aged a day?

12 27 01


12 28 01
Thomas M Mercadante

Tom thank you for your email about this site,classmates has two sites,one on Laon Airbase and 66th group. I was stationed at Laon from 1957 until 1960. I started out with 38th field maintenance squadron and the 38th bomber group with the B 57 canbara aircraft than it became the 66th tack recon group with the RF101s. I'm not sure but I think between the two there was a time that we had RF 86s if memory serves me wright. I finished my tour in the base flight section as a crew chief on the T 33 trainers, a section of the 66th consolidated aircraft maintenance squadron until I shiped back to the states Nov. 1960 as a civilian. Would like to hear from any one from that era, some of us are still alive! Thank you. Thomas M Mercadante. Ps Nick name was Merc.

!2/23 2001
Brent Lindberg,1963

Hi ex rangers! Its been a pleasure to look thru the roll of students so far identified. Hope to see more of us that attended Loan elementy schools during the 1959- 63 years. Looking to hear about the Barry Lubrants and Pam Penningham's of Loan. Best of 2002 to you all!

18 December 2001
A/1C Dick Rusciolelli

Served with the Weather Squadron 1952-1955 Married in '54 and lived at 3 rue le Nain at the top of the steps and below the Cathedral...First child concieved in Laon....

Love to hear from anyone in AACS or the weather sqdn. Thank you for this opportunity....Good job...!!

Rodney Fralick

I was in Laon in 1962 with the 32nd Trc in supply. I

Billy L Parker

I was at Laon in 1962 in the 32nd TRS and played base team softball. Would like to hear from others with similar experience. We just had a reunion of some 32nd/38th TRS people and those in attendance were James Myrtle, Rodney Fralick, Robert Bernier, Gene Botelho, Don Hazlett, Paul Kolb, Garland Flowers and myself.  Additional comments: I was in the 38TRS at Phalsbourg in 59 and 60 and at Toul in 60 and 61 before moving to Laon in 1962 with the 32TRS. Would like to hear from others from those bases.

Larry Flowers

My father Garland Flowers was stationed at Laon from June 1962-June 1965 and was assigned to the 32nd TRS. I went to kindergarten and 1st grade at the base school. We lived in GRH. Interesting coincidence: When the Voodoos went to RAF Upper Heyford, England, little did I know that I would later join the Air Force myself, and my first duty station after Tech School was RAF Upper Heyford. Of course by that time, it was the 20th TFW, and we had FB-111's then. I was assigned to the 20th Security Police Squadron, and was there from 1977-1979.

11 29 01
Garland Flowers MSGT Ret

Was at Laon from Jun 62 to Jun 65.Started as crew chief in "A" Flt. 32nd TRS,later on worked in Maint Control .Lived in GRH,had one daughter born at loan in 62 another at Everux in 64. My two oldest started school there.Wonderful WEB wil be visiting often.Was at a reunion inNashville the 1st part of Nov. All the ones ther were from 32nd&38th supply.Would like to hear from anyone.

Nov. 26, 2001
Marshall Osborne

Stationed at Laon 1962-65, making liquid oxygen and delivering it to the flight line. Arrived as a no-nothing 18-year-old, left 3 years later thinking I knew it all. Ha. I remember a bunch of names, all working in POL LOX: sgts. Mendoza (a really good guy, I remember), Muglish (had a German accent, was a ton of laughs), Evans (a by-the-book dude). When A1c Harper left for the states, I bought his tools, even though I knew where he got them. I still use them, Ron! I could almost think there was never a Laon Air base, and then I found this site. Yep, we all were there, usually for 2 or three years. We're the APO 17 gang. Yeah! Great website, all. Thanks for the memories.

BJ Porter

Just found this and am very impressed. Lived first in Marchais and then St. Gobain arriving 11/61. Loved our time in France.

Nov. 23, 2001
Leroy (Pappy) Wells

Stationed at Laon 1957 through 1961. 303rd. Went to Brussels on weekends. Love to get in touch with friends from that time. Great idea having a website.

nov 21, 2001
thomas baranski


Nick Czifrik


CMSgt Howard Anderson, USAF (Ret)

I was assigned to 66th CAMRON at Loan AB from Apr 59 to Apr 62. I worked in the Unit Supply. I was manager of the 1960-61 and 1961-62 Ranger basketball team. 1960-61 team was headed by player/coach Mike Van Leesten. Members of the team were Don "Little Beaver" Farley, Geroge Stanhouse, John Majors, Ervin Mason, Rodney Young, Robert Davis, George Veselcich and Floyd Harris.

Steve Covington

In Nov of 69- I got orders to the 66th Recon Wing at Upper Heyford. I thought what a great assignement. When I got to heyford the 66th was gone-the 20th tfw was moving in with f-100 and nukes. It turned out heyford was still a good assighment would have liked it better with the 66th there. I was 22yrs as a security police. Nicew site.

15 novembre 2001
pascal mondon

mes parents ont travaillé sur la base de 1954 à 1966.J'ai de bons souvenirs de mon enfance à Couvron avec les jeunes américain(e)s, les matches de base-ball, de basket-ball et les super cadeaux que nous avions à Noël.Mon parrain est noir américain, il faudrait que je demande son nom à mes parents, ma marraine travaillait également sur la base il s'agit de Denise Debordeaux. Merci de me répondre même en américain, j'arrive plus facilement à lire qu'à écrire l'anglais. Good Bye

11 Nov 01
Gerald R. "Jerry" Flintrop

We lived in GRH from Dec 61 thru Apr 64. Our son Brian was the first US kid born in the Base Hospital (1 Oct 62), or so we were told. I was one of those few US Army soldiers working on the NATO Microwave station at St. Erme, down the road toward Reims. Margot and I lived in duplex next to Ted & Laurie Gish and across the lawn from John and Mary Stoudt. I can spot the house on your aerial fotos. Across the street were Paul Israel, Joe and Bert Kreutzer (with whom we're still in contact), Jim and Sandy Holland (ditto). Maj. and Sally Rushton were friends farther down that side of the street. Michel Cazin was the GRH manager (died in a car wreck in 67). His widow Madeline, exhanged visits with us when we were stationed in Heidelberg in the early 70s. Robert Leon (wife Jackie) delivered the Shell furnace oil to us. He had a bad ticker and pbly didn't see the 80s. We were friends with SMsgt Bill (wife Jean) Lamb who lived in base mobile homes. They bought the Chapel's Hammond Organ at auction and their son went to fly B-52s. Msgt Joe Devine taught me how to fly the RF101 simulator and I still use some of the 12AT7 tubes in my stereo that were plucked on 90 day maint. cycles from its computers. Ciao for now - Jerry.

Jim Withrow

Was suprised to find this site.In reading Tom Shea's letter, brought back memories, of the 71st. Col Shubin was CO before he passed on with heart attack. When arrived there a few B26's were still there , if I remember correctly. I was Radio and Navigation repairman and a member of the Special Weapons Crews. I do remember Lt Fogarty. I may still have the photos I took of him and Lt Anderson. I took some photos of a ball game between enlisted men and officers. The beer was good and cold and a good time for all..

Thanks for the memories. Jim Withrow

Jan Duquette Thompson

My parents, Norman and Louise Duquette, will be featured on American Experience: War Letters this Sunday night, November 11, at 9 PM on PBS. My father was a POW in Korea for 18 months between 1951-53, and the show features a letter my mother wrote to him that was returned to her, unopened, after he was shot down. She didn't find out he was alive for 17 months. My sister Jonell was born 3 months after he was shot down. He was exchanged at Panmunjom after the armistice, during "Operation Big Switch". My father retired from the Air Force in 1970 and now lives in Iowa.

Jan Duquette Thompson

Jan Duquette Thompson

Finding this site has been incredible. I typed "laon" into the Search window, for no particular reason, and found the laonnaise site. So many memories have come flooding back in the past day. I hope to get in touch with friends from those years, 1959-62. We lived in Couvron for two of those years. Good friends included Brenda Cole, Patsy Gilstrap, John Thornton, John Taylor, Steven Smith, Paula Corey, Bethanie Holland and Elizabeth "Buffy" Hill. I am one of the many Duquettes, We lived on the main street in Couvron, had a vicious dog named Mr. Chips who terrorized the French everytime he escaped from the yard. I'd love to hear from any of my friends from those days!

Jan Duquette Thompson

Jan Duquette

5 Nov 01
Maurice "Lee" Oates

I would like to hear from the members of the Air Explorer Group at Laon AFB between 1959 and 1962. I am now living in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada, and am working as a Psychologist. I still remember the 3 years I lived on the base with great fondness, and the youngsters that traveled with me around Europe in our Explorer group.

1 Nov 2001
Jackie Walker

My husband Charles F. Walker passed away 10 years ago. He was stationed at Laon in the early 50th before I knew him. He often talked about what an awful place it was, living in tents and the miserable weather. I am glad to read your notes about your fond memories. Being born in France, I always felt sorry for the horrible living condition of the GIs there. Charlie also flew during the war in Korea. Charlie's daughters would like to know more about their dad's AF life and his friends. Thank you so much for the web site and the Recce Reader. Would you please drop me a line. Jackie

October 30, 2001
teresa (Terry) Taylor Hendricks


Thank you for posting such an interesting site. My father, Max O. Taylor, was stationed at Laon from 1961-1964. He was in the 17th and then the 32nd. I have fond memories of my life in Laon. My third grade teacher was Miss Clarice Ludorff.

If anyone has any memories of my father, I hope you will share them with me.

Tom Leslie


26  OCTOBRE  2001

J'ai connu une famille américaine à Laon qui s'appelait Booker dans les années 62-66 et mon amie s'appelait Johnny Booker et elle avait environ 10 ans. Sa petite soeur s'appelait Jean-Ann et son petit frère John-John. Je les ai beaucoup aimés et je ne les ai jamais oubliés.J'aimerai beaucoup avoir des nouvelles d'eux .Si vous les connaissez, pouvez-vous leur donner mon e-mail.Merci. Annie Pinet

Susan Rosseter

My family was there in 1958-1962 . My dad was Colonel Tom Rosseter and my mom Helen Rosseter. We lived next door to the Wallins. My parents used to "call" them through the walls using a martini glass (no doubt my dad's idea!!) to come over for cocktails. I have movies of backyard bar b ques a St Patrick's Day party and a baseball game in that huge (well, it seemed huge to me then) field beind the houses. I fondly remember Laon and I am pleased to see that you have a site like this. Sadly my parents have passed away, my mom just last year but they sure had a good time while they were here and we certainly met some wonderful friends in Laon that my parents still kept in touch with. My brothers, Tom and Garry are doing well. We have lots of photographs from those times that we need to dig through to put on this site. Thanks for setting this up so well. Susan Rosseter/ St Petersburg FL

Robert (Dusty) Rhodes

I spent 4 great years at Laon AB from 1959 to 1963. Married a young French Girl From Laon so I have returned to Laon almost every two years since 1963. This is a great site and I appreciate the hard work you have done to bring some long lost memories from the past. I plan to return to Laon next month and visit the French Family. encore merci

Dennis McManus

I'm not dead yet and would really like to hear from some of my old friends before I am. I have such great memories of Laon and all of you.has anyone heard from wally kunzell [ GI airman flightline firefighter ] I last saw him in lubbock tx. about 1964 driving his 1964 Corvett roadster he always said he would get. had denner with sandra hembree last night andlaughted our asses off and yes i still have a crush on carol carr Ill keep in touch u2 please. denny.

Richard (Dick) Schmeling

While working as the GCA Tech Rep at Laon AB from 2/56 and 9/60, I had the priveledge of working with a great group of men in the 1984th AACS squadron and many other organizations at the base. This site brings back many memories. Many thanks to those who have prepared and maintain the site.

Col Bill Goldfein


This is a heck of a fine piece of work to keep current a list of the many folks that served at Laon AB, France (not AFB) during those earlier years. I see so many names that I recognize though faces are hard to remember and anyhow, the faces have more than likely aged a little since we arrived there back in 1959, over 42 years ago as of this date. Your dad was a great leader then as now and we keep our friendship current. Seeing both your parents up at Durango this year was super. Take care. Goldie

October 19, 2001
Tom Shea

I was the Intelligence Officer at the 71st Bomb Squadron, 1955-57. Airman Patterson from Maine; I can still see him and hear his Maine accept. Airman Joes from Chicago. Totally loyal. And Captain Moore was the C.O. Taught me what pro meant. I remember the officers who died in B-57 crashes. Lt. Fogerty. I read the Loan Sentinel now, and remember. Thanks for this site.

14 October 2001
Jerry Pratt, MSgt, Retired

Many thanks for a fine site. My wife and I had the opportunity to not only visit the base in May, but we had a guided tour of the hospital where I worked in the outpatient clinic from November 1964 to December 1966. !Deja vu! An interesting small world experience, I was reassigned to Sunny Zweibrucken AB, Germany. Our wing eventually became a recon wing. It took a long time, but I eventually figured out why the 17th and 32nd patches looked so familiar. This was the 66th operating under a new name. I saw a number of familiar faces from Laon at Zwei too.

It felt very strange to revisit home territory for the first time in nearly 30 years. The villages have grown. What was familiar is now unfamiliar. Why is that? There are three new modern motels situated just off the Paris/Brussels highway. There is even a brand-new auto route out of Paris that curves North at Reims and goes on the Brussels and passes near Laon.

It would be great to see more familiar names show up here. Congratulations on a job truly well done.

Jerry N. Pratt 4501 South Kendall Avenue Independence, MO 64055-5358

Diane Blacker

What a great thing to do for all of us who spent a few years at Laon. We lived next door to the Laseters and have many fond memories of the 17th and 18th Squadrons. Blessings to all... Diane Blacker, (623) 977-1333


13 Oct 01
Mike Blacker

Tom, Thanks for the site. Ask your Mom and Dad if they would like to play bridge tonight. I have great memories of those times. Hope to contact them soon.

Mike Blacker, 214-762-0033 (

5 Oct 01
George E  Wehling

Moved with the 32nd TRS from Toul in 1963. Col Muldoon was 66th Wing CC at that time followed by Col Nate Adams. We lived in the wonderful GRH, and have one daughter that was born in the Base Hospital. I reflect on some of the living conditions and wonder how many people would live that way today. Despite that we really enjoyed it. As it turned out, with no English speaking TV, we all learned to know our neighbors and children a lot better. My family and I came back to the US in Jan 1964. I know several who have written in the guest book. Send me an e-mail. Please Joe (Lyle) no virus.


Hello everyone, my parents still live in the 23 of sault ste marie street ("snob hill" as you tell ;-)) and i'd like to tell you that i'm happy to see that french and americans still keep the contact so many year after. I can send you new photos of the GRH (Cité Marquette now) if you want, mail me for that, don't hesitate. I'd also like to find old photos of "snob hill"...mail me to! Bye and good luck everyone. Stay peacefull...Tom

James A. Bailey

Hi, I was stationed at LAB from November 61 until July 63. I was an aircraft mechanic assigned to the 32nd TRW. I am now trying to locate a family. Richard Gavera, of Polish or Hungarian decent. He was married to Hilda, a natative of Germany. They lived with their three children, Richard Jr., 6, Mary Anne,10, and Elizabeth 11. Hilda's mother also lived with the family. Richard Senior was a Sheetmetal mechanic. This familey talked of moving to Phoenix after returning to the U.S, Any information regarding this family would be appreciated. Thanks 713-666-2958

23 Sep 01
Bill Lamb

Tom -- NICE JOB!

I finally found my annuals. If you still could use them (missing any years for Verdun or Dreux?), let me know, and we'll work out how to get them to you so you can scan any pictures. Cheers, Bill

Boots Coryell Downs

Don't quess I should sign in as a Guest....Just received my letter from Chuck and Nissy...I"ve had e mail since just after the get together at Randy's house, but I haven't heard from anyone for a while and I have been so busy, I haven't realized how long. Please add my e mail address. I will check the rest of the site now and e mail Tommy directly...much love to all, Boots Downs

Doug MacGregor

Great to see that someone has taken the initiatve to do this! I will spread the word. I was there as an air traffic controller from '61 - '64. DM

David G. Jackson III

What a great way to find out what happened to everybody! Nice site, Tom! And thanks for the memoriam page. I'd never heard about the passing of those people and several of the names had personal significance. Nice touch. As a professional journalist, I salute you for an error-free and very well-written web site.

Tonya A Hackney (Audette)

Great job on this site. My dad was stationed at Laon from '64-66 then finished his tour of duty in Greece. I went by Tonie, have 3 younger brothers, Mike, Joey and Carl. Anyone who was a member of the teen club might remember my mom, Mrs Audette better known as "Sam" who took over as the manager in '65 or there about. We lived off base in Laon the whole time (except the last couple of months). In the winter of '65 ther was the ski trip to Le Mont Dore for the 6th graders and what a great time we had! anyone remember any of this e-mail me please.

and once again, what a great website!

tonie audette


Dear Webmaster: Absolutely enjoyed reading every word! We came to Laon in Jan of 55, I finished my 9th grade year in Louisiana before we got on the ship to Germany, train to Paris, picked up at Gare du Nord and on to Laon and lived in Chevresis Monceau, then in San Quintin, then La Fere. September started school in Paris for two years and had a terrific time, Vive La France, then to Verdun for my senior year! What a change! I've been back to France several times, last time two years ago, visited old friends in Laon and La Fere where we lived for a couple of years in a big old wonderful french maison. Had a great lunch at a small cafe next to the Laon Cathederal, memories, memories flooded back. Thank you. Suzie Garland (Dryden)

30 August 2001
Walter E. "Pete" Moak


August 27, 2001
Judith McDonald Wood

The beginning of my teenage years! What a time!

26 Aug 2001
Bob Anderson          

Tom....thanks for some great was a special time (we were young) at what turned out to be a special place.

Who remembers those long bus rides back &forth to Verdun with the girls singing & the guys "bragging & lying!"........How about the half way stop in Rhiems with those jambone sandwiches with hot french mustard?.....or the "emergency stop" somewhere in the french countryside with the girls to the right of the road and boys to left.....wish I had a picture of that! (Too poor to have a camera &film then) This was 59-60-61.

My father, (CMS Jesse L Anderson USAF Ret.) was Club Steward at the Officers Club while his best friend CMS Bob Gafford USAF Ret. ran the NCO Club. My father died in 96 and is buried at the Middle Tennessee Veterans Cemetary in Pegram, TN....Bob Gafford can be contacted thru Sandy Gafford's email address.

I worked at the NCO Club (weekends & summers) as a "go-fer". cashier, waiter & grass mower.....and for 25 cents an hour to start. Some others who worked there was Fax Koontz, Bob Lamb & Judy Gafford. I told Bob Gafford recently that I ought to sue you for back wages, contributing to delinquency of a minor (I was serving booze at 15 years of age while Fax in charge of the liquor storeroom and beer coolers) and violation of child labor laws. Ha! (Boy, think about the stink that kind of operation would cause today!) Bob said, "Bring it on!" AFHQ probably needs more to do anyway! Ha!

If you want information on or want to talk about the "old AF" call Bob Gafford.....I'll guarantee you that he will know somebody that you know...and a whole lot about what happened when. He's fun to visit with.

New subject...that's all the names that I have for the Teen Club photo 1960 with help from Patsy O'Grady, Sandy Gafford & Cathy Wallis.

My sister, Carolyn Anderson teaches at Pittsburg State U in Kansas. My mother lives in Kingston Springs, TN while I retired from the USCG as SCPO and happily live on a farm in Dickson, TN. If anyone gets down this way stop by or give a "holler." We just crappie fish, deer & turkey hunt, raise ginseng and sit on the porch and watch the world fly by.

Thanks again Tom for all you've done! (Hope this turns out 0K ....sometimes old "Poops" and computers don't mix....the last time I tried to leave a note I just left my name, Ha!)

Bob Anderson

Bill Poe

Wanted to let everyone know that the 66th Air Police Alumni Association we had started has now been dis-banded and IS NO MORE. This was due to circumstances beyond my control & I can not explain it all here. Thanks for all those who joined and send in membeship monies - your money is being sent back to you by Len Mittleman. Best Regards. Bill (59-61

Summer Scott Huyette

Tom, the website is fantastic. It's such fun to have a scrap book of the great ole days in Laon. It was touching to read Chuck Cole's piece in the newsletter. I'm so glad we've all re-connected! Thanks for all your hard work. Summer



19 Aug 2001
Eglitis Gunars

My compliments to your accomplishment, this from an old timer, 1954-1958. And thanks for acknowledging that we were there also with propeller driven flying machines. :-)

Larry Vockrodt

good job tom: I was in FM in transit Alert secson driveing the follow me truck. crash recovery.and meny other jobs on the flight line. I still have my rod & gun club mug they gave us . we had a lot of good times at the rod&gun.

August 16, 2001
Barbara McDonald Burt

Tom, this is a wonderful web site and I am so thankful to have found it. I have wondered over the years where so many of us have gone to it is with fond memories and a happy heart that i look at the pictures and read the comments of so many I went to school with at Laon and at Verdun. Thanks so much for your efforts.

What wonderful times we all shared together in France. My sister Judy will be thrilled when I tell her. My brother Billy lives in East Texas and went to school in Laon, the town, not the base, my younger brother Bobby died in 1987 and my Mother died in 1989. My father lives in East Texas and still has contact with some of those he served with in France. Thanks again for all your efforts. So wonderful to re-live the memories. Barbara

August 12, 2001
Joan Elayne (PERIGO) Smith

I was on summer vacation so missed your web's 'opening day', sorry! A huge MERCI BEAUCOUP, Tom, for all your efforts!! Our Laon years were The Best ... many thanks, to yOu, for bringing back those Good-Ol-Days to keep enjoying "encore"! My sister Denise & I re-visited there, and were pleasantly surprised how much of it was hardly changed. (Shall I bring my hoard of old comic books to the reunion, OUI??)

Aug. 7, 2001
Roger Zippler

What a trip down Memory Lane! I was looking up info about the Tour de France and this site popped up. My dad was stationed at Laon AFB and I attended the 6th, 7th and 8th grade, 1962-64, at Laon Dependent School. It was fun to see the names of old school chums, and see pictures of people and places from back then. Who could ever forget the days of attending school and listening to the VooDoos take off and land nearby. I have a school year book from my 8th grade year, 63-64, (tucked away somewhere) and can't wait to dig it out. Sincerely, Roger Zippler

Dinah Riddle

Wonderful website! Brings back so many fond memories. Found the Riddle family photo (I took the picture, so I'm not in it) and my sister Chrisite's photo under reunions! Glad to see such professionalism in preparing this website. Thank you!

july 31, 2001
Wilma (Willy) Brewer Taylor or

Tom David Kubitz from Memphis where I now live told me about this site. He went to elementary school at Laon in the 50's. My family was there from 1964 until 1965. I went to my senior year of high school at Dreux. My brother, Richard Brewer, was in elementary school at Laon. We lived for 5 weeks in the Hotel D'Angleterre in Laon & then we lived in a little silver trailer with a lean-to on the base. My best friends from Laon were Pat Massengale, Cathie Schwartz, Reginia Holt, Steve Hathaway, Micky Doak, Sam Goodrich and Ricki Kilanski. Thanks so much for this fabulous website. One of my favorite memories is climbing all the steps to Old Laon around the cathedral & sitting there until the bats flew out at dark...very spooky & great fun

Patricia Porter Freeze

I was thrilled to be contacted this week by Patsy O'Grady. It would be wonderful to have e-mail from anyone at Laon or Verdun when we were: October, 1958-June 1961. This site and the Verdun link are like go to a family reunion ! Thank you so much, Tom.

Pat Porter ( Freeze )


The web pages are very nice! Simple and clear. Easy to read and retrieve information. Thanks for showing me the web site. Grizelle

Nick O'Grady


July 23, 2001
Michael P. Kaplan, M.D.

The old times were great times! Probably the most fun time of my life. Think often of the parachute club, football team, the gang at the hospital, and just generally messing around in Northeastern France!

Best to all - hope to hear about the good things going on in your lives!

Michael P. Kaplan

July 22, 2001
Paula White Humen

I'm so glad to see this site! I was at Laon from 1962-1966. I graduated from Verdun in 1963.The reunion in San Antonio last October was wonderful--everyone should try to get to one of them.

22 jul 01
ralph c. taylor

Iwas stationed at Laon from 1962 to 1966 in the 32TRS. This was my first time away from the US and I enjoyed every minute of it! I played football for the Rangers all four years and recently attended a football reunion in Atlanta for all the players. This is my first time at this website and it brought tears to my eyes reading some of the email!! Keep up the good work.I

Patsy O'Grady Bryan

Wow what an experience. So many familiar names. My father is Col. Joe M. O'Grady. We were stationed in Laon in 1958-1960. We lived in a lovely chateau located in a town called Assis Sur Serre just east of the base.

My brothers were Nick and Mike O'Grady and my sister was Cathleen. But she was just a little kid.

After Laon we moved to B'ham Alabama. Boy what a shock. We arrived just in time for all the Civil rights movement. Laon with it's peaceful existance did not prepare us for that. But that is our family home to this date.

In 1986 I was located by Verdun High School Students to come to a reunion in Dallas Texas.. and many of the Loan Dependent from 1956-1961 were there. IT was just unbelievable. I have lots of information on lots of folks if any one interested. My parents are still living and probably have information on many of the pilots and personal on base at that time. My Mother was a teacher at the base school.... She is

Tom, How can we ever thank you for this lovely gift you have given. I cannot imagine how much work this was. Many Thanks, Patsy O'Grady Bryan

July 17,2001
Mike Curran

I was in the 66th CAMRON/A&E Squadrons from October 1963 until Sept. 1966 when I left for Vietnam. I worked in the AMMO area (Munitions). If I recall correctly the day I left was the day the last aircraft left for Upper Heyford. Remember "Operation Freloc"? Some of the Laon aircraft and personnel who had left earlier in the year for Toul-Rosierre (I think) ended up in Tan Son Nhut, Vietnam. I met Bill Goforth, I think he was an Auto-Pilot troop, when I got there. I visited the Laon area in 1986 when I drove from Italy to England and the modern age seemed to havr arrived. Au bientot for now. Mike Curran (the Irishman).

Keith (Denny) Olmsted


7 July 2001
Roberet W. Hill

I was assigned to the 18TRS from Dec. 1059 to July 1963.

SSgt Chris Kubitz

My grandfather, Lt Fred Kubitz, was a B-57 pilot stationed in Loan in the early 1950's. My father, Charles David Kubitz, attended the elementary school and was a member of the scouts. He has spoken fondly of his memories there. If anyone remembers him and has any stories/pictures they would like to pass on feel free to contact me via email. Nothing can stop the US Air Force!

13 July 2001
Joe Lyle, Jr. LtCol USAF(Ret)

I am the father of Joe and Bill Lyle. As joe said we lived in Bruyeres for a period of time then moved over to Liesse. We got the provost marshalls house when he rotated back to the land of the rouind doorknobs. I was a major at the time and worked for Col Muldoon and Col Adams. I got there on May day 1962 and we came back to the ZI in June of 1965. Had a great time there. Don't recognize too many names. Learned to fly the saberliner there. Already knew how to fly the VooDoo but I wasn't a recce pilot. Loved my stay there. The house in liesse was the sight of a lot of parties. Good work in putting together this thing. Let me hear from some of you. Not too many my age left around. Best

11 Jul 01
Joseph A Lyle (Joe Lyle)

Neat site. My family arrived at Laon in early summer of '62. Lived in Bruyerys initially. I was a senior and rode the bus to Verdun for the next year. Spent the summer of '62 working for the Civil Engineers sweeping streets and doing odd jobs, all half assed, as I recall. Included cutting the grass around the runways and taxiways, which was fun. Spent the summer of '63 working as a bar back in the EM club. Lived on hamburgers and the Beetles music. I was too much of a dork to appreciate it very much. Ran out of gas in my Vespia scooter several times coming home after work in the middle of the night. Not too many gas stations open that late at night. Had a great friendship with the son of a McDonnell tech rep. So good, I forgot his name. We rode our scooters to London in the summer of '63. Very best wishes to all Laonites.

12 July 2001
Ken Childs


This was the first chance I have had to check the site out and it is great. You have done an ace number one job. I have been reading the guest book and some of the names that are entered bring back some memories. I will be sending a few emails out, and I will get back and finish looking when I have more time. Thanks for the MEMORIES....

12 July 2001
Buffy Hill Scheaffer

Hello, I was contacted by Denise Perigo.I am glad to know about this site! Buffy

July 11, 2001
Bruce Malloy

Well done Tom! Reviewing this site brings back so many wonderful memories. Dad (Moe Malloy) was stationed there from 59-61. The photos & comments make me yearn to return! Thanks again & keep in touch..... Bruce Malloy

Bill Goldfein

Arrived at Laon with the first contingent of the 18th TRS in '59, was a recce jock standing many hours of Whiskey Alert and flying every sortie I could scrounge. Clyde East was our Commander and no better CO has ever led a squadron. We had Royal Flush teams, squadron and wing recce competitions, the best of athletic teams, and camaraderie that flat wouldn't quit inthose days. My wife Mary and I had our two youngest guys while we were stationed at Laon. Our privately owned trailer was the first allowed on the base and the whole squadron helped me dig the ditches and lay inthe water line, the electical lines adn the sewer line and they all worked. We had great times, a few casualties, and laughable events, like overflying a small section of East Germany during an ORI as the only participating member of the Wing (weather cancelled all other flights). Final comment: we are all indebted to Tom Laseter, Col Bill Laseter's son, for doing this web site; it is a touch of class allthe way. Let's hear from some of the other jocks and their stories. VR and Check 6. Goldie

Bill Poole

My dad was sationed in Laon from 1963-1966. I was born there in 1964. I'm not sure which squadron my dad was with, but I'm looking for information from there. This is a great place to start. My dads name was Gene Poole. All I remember is that he was a jet mechanic in the Air Force. He retired in 77 and passed away in 1985. If anyone remembers this name please contact me.

July 10,2001
Linda Grable

Tommy, you are amazing ! ! ! !

Thank you for all you have done to get the Laon Survivors together again.

10 July 2001
Sandy Lang

Great website - good job!

July 10, 2001
Susan Harman Bryant

My sisters and I were all at Loan AFB during the time,August 1959 to August 1960. I was in 7th and 8th grades and my other sisters were younger. Both of our parents have passed away.

David Hill

Memories are flooding back!

Dad (Robert W. Hill), when he wasn't flying, ran the Rod and Gun Club. We lived off base (in Charmes?), so my memories of the base are: 1. The school. 2. The newstand near the school that my 2nd grade teacher (Miss Webb?) let me walk to to buy a copy of the paper with the story of John Glenn's orbital flight. 3. The base theater next door where we got to watch Elvis in "Blue Hawaii" when the heat broke down in the school one day. 4. The base library, on the other side of the theater, where I spent many hours. 5. The officer's club across the street from the library, where I would go sometimes to wait for mom or dad after school. 6. The Rod and Gun Club, where dad had me take the Junior NRA course before I had even learned to read. 7. The base range, where I learned to concentrate even when the ground was shaking from the engine test cell that was nearby. 8. My first memory of Laon is staying in the BOQ for a couple of weeks because our furniture hadn't arrived, and waking at 5 or 6 in the morning to the sounds of multiple afterburners lighting as the Voodoos departed the nearby runway.

I remember we had a lot of parties at our house in Charmes. Found out a few years ago that there was a boycott of the officers club and our house became the "officers club annex" for the duration. What I remember is that there was a room in the basement that had a cistern, and dad got the landlady's permission to remodel it. The cistern wall became a bar, the garage became the dance floor, and dad wired the stereo upstairs so that somebody with an electric guitar could use it as an amp. Mom says one night a frenchman showed up at the door thinking it was a new nightclub that had opened up!

My teachers at the elementary school were Miss Headen (1960-61), Miss Webb (1961-62), and Miss Dodson (1962-63). Anyone else out there from my era?

David Hill

What a great site! My dad just called and asked me to try to find something about a Voodoo that he used to fly that crashed near Laon. First site I come across is

We were there from March 1960 to June 1963. I attended the Elementary School, grades 1 through 3, which means my sister (Elizabeth, better known as Buffy) was in grades 5 through 8.

I have many memories from that time, and this site has been very interesting for me. Maybe we can get some elementary school class photos or something? I'll see what my folks have.

I look forward to seeing how this site grows!

JULY 09 2001


July 9, 2001
Joyce Brugger Muis

Hi Tom, What a pleasure to see your long-awaited goal realized. The students who attended the schools at Laon were/and still are very special. It was a privilege to have known them. I have many great memories of my time there. Congratulations on the result of all your hard work! Thank you for keeping in touch. Joyce

July 9, 2001
Jerry Black

This is a very good site and a long time coming. Those dependents that were at Laon within the 38th Bomb Wing are invited to become Associate Members of the 38th Bomb Wing (France) Association. You may contact me via my email address for more information.

JULY  8, 2001




July 7, 2001
Tom Price

Great work, Tom. This is something that both the Laon Survivor Alumni Assoc. and the 38th Bomb Wing 9France) can really enjoy visiting many times. I hope many who are not yer members of these two groups will find us and join us at our Reunions. I visited this site on July 4th and filled out the Guest Registration form, but after just viewing the Guest Book, I did not see my comments of the 4th. Oh well, I'm not as sharp on this computer as I need to be I guess. Greetings to all. I was Commander of the 822nd.Sqdn. from 1955 -1957, then moved over as Commander of the Air Base Group. What a great bunch of people we had theres. We have so much fun at the Reunions. Com join us. Tom

July 6, 2001
Genevieve Redfield

Beautiful memories of long ago,may this page

help some of us find each other again. Thanks Tom, Genevieve Redfield Sundance, Wyoming

July 4, 2001
Lora Bilton Englehart

This is so great. Thank you, Tom, for working so hard the last two years to put this together for us. I have found several people to contact right now and look forward to finding other long lost friends as our list of alumni grows. Love to all, Lora

July 6,2001
Dona Sue Black Cool

Here's the address with complete ZIP: l4H Broadway Village Drive, Columbia, Missouri 65201

July 6,2001
Dona Sue Black Cool

I've enjoyed viewing the Laon AB website.Good work! It's great to see the names and read comments from some of you who attended Verdun American High School and were my students 40 years ago! I'm looking forward to seeing many of you in September, 2002, in Verdun and Paris. Dona Sue Black Cool l4 H BroadwayVillage Columbia, MIssouri 65

6 Jul 01
Tom Bellnoski

Nice to see some old pictures, although I don't remember much about the assignment. My father was Dr. (Lt Col) William O. Bellnoski, USAF, and he was the Hospital Commander during our tour there. My sister, Ann, and my brother (Jerry) were also there with me in 1965-66. Jerry went to Dreux HS; Ann and I went to the elementary school on base. We lived in base housing for a while, then moved onto the economy in Vaucelles. I recently went TDY to Ramstein AB, and had the chance to drive to Laon for a day. Found the house we lived in off base, and drove around Laon city, but never found the base. I went into the AF and recently retired as a Lt Col at WPAFB OH. Thanx for building the web page. Tom

6 JUL 2001
Bob Anderson          

liz redler

Hey Tommy, this is impressive! I'm HOOOOME! Dad was Provost Marshall from '56-59. Lived next door to Denise--my forever best friend.

The best thing in my life: Arriving in La Havre on the SS United States (John Wayne was on board and I got his autograph! The worst thing: The long drive past all the terrific APs and through the gate to go back. I don't think I've been o.k. since.

Glad to be back amongst the blessed. Mais oui!

5 July 2001
John D. Jones

This website is a wonderful idea. I'll have an opportunity to say hello to some long lost friends. Although lost, they were never forgotten because my years at Laon were the best and most memorable of my younger days. For those who may wish to contact me through the mail (my address was not complete on the website), my correct address is 23142 Green Garden Chugiak, Alaska 99567

John Mitchell Mannin

I lived at Laon AFB from 1955-1959

My dad was stationed there. I attended Paris and Verdun HS.

We lived for two years in St. Gobian and the rest of the time on base in the wonderful trailer city.

Our next door neighbor was Doug and Wanda Bennett. Doug and my mother (Lois) have passed away. Wanda lives in Del City, OK and my dad is in a nursing facility in Norman, OK.

July 5, 2001
Lee A. Mix

Congratulations Tom! What a great job. It's so exciting to be able to see places we all were. Thank you so much for your efforts.

4 July 2001
Rob Stiefvater

We lived on the economy while my father was stationed at Laon A.F.B. My two brothers were born on base. We left when I was five, but I have fond memories of our time there.

5 July 01
Chris Gallavan

Am sitting in Dakar, Africa doing some reserve duty for the good old USA and sometimes wonder how I got here. Went to Laon a few weeks ago and realized the beginning of my journey started in Laon when I decided I was going to join the military and fly airplanes. Managed to do that and then joined the reserves when I had all the fun I could have. I also realized what a great time I had with all my friends from Laon, lots of intersting places to see and do and lots of freedom to do it. Not what I encountered when I returned to the States. Great place to grow up fast, encounter good life long friends, see what the world and the USA truly offered and have fun.

July 5, 2001
Ed Brooks

1959, 66th APRON, arrived in May of that year. Three of us young airmen started a rock and roll band and played at the Pre-Teen club. Loved the village of Laon. As a young single guy of 19, I loved the girls in town, too. Moved on after a year, to Phalsbourgh, later to Toul. But Laon was my favorite. Still, I'd love to see someone start a Toul-Rossieres site one of these days. But no matter - Laon was the best. ... Ed

July 4, 2001
Kim Goodman

Welcome and congratulations Laon Survivors! 

July 4th 2001
Bernard CROZA

The opening of your website on this Independence Day is like a brother's birth. Many thanks for this expression of the good memories you have from the Laon area, and be sure that here in France we also have many fond memories of you. Let's keep our friendship alive forever. To all of our american friends, Happy July 4th !

 July 4, 2001
John Westerbeck

Great website! Minor update to my listing. Address is 3005 Bent Tree Drive and email is as This is a great service and I'm sure you're happy it's now on the web. John

04 July 2001
Donald A. Hendrix

38th Air Police Squadron- 1953-1957. Ran the Pass & ID office adjacent to the Main Gate for 3 years under Major Janes R. Locke. Loved it all!

John Helmes

Great website! Served with the 38th Instal. Sqdn., Fire/Crash Rescue from June 1952 thru January l955. Started out in Bordeaux, December 1951. Hope to find others I served with!

Denise Perigo S.A.M.,

CONGRATULATIONS Web Master! And thank you from the bottom of my Laon-longing heart. Big hug & kiss & love always. JULY 1957 - JULY 2001 nissy/dkp/nicy wings. take a flight through space where love will ever be, in streets of many a place in the eyes of a certain face. take a flight in time to all the kids there, let the feelings intertwine with my present with our friends with those growing days do you see? the story doesn't end. to fly to fly on wings of the heart it's all about then connected to now a flight on wings of the heart.

4 July 20001
Henry L. Gaidis

Hi Everyone: A great websight which brought back a great deal of memories. I served as Loan A.F.B. from Dec 62 to Dec 65 as a 1st Lieutenant with the 66th Air Police Squadron under Lt.Col. Christopher and Captain/Major Baker. Those were my glory days and I have thought of old friends made there constantly over the years. Since then I have gone on to serve 32 years as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (1966-1997). Since retiring, I have opened my own Private Investigating business in the Maryland-Washington, D.C. suburbs. Still my second and third career would not have been possible without the help given by countless airman and sergeants to a brand new 2nd Lieutenant who knew nothing. I owe my entire career to those glory days at Loan A.F.B. My best to all. Henry L. Gaidis, Olney, Maryland

4 July 2001
Ron Radliff

Great work. This brings back lots of memories. I even managed to find the house we lived in at GRH. Not bad, it's only been 42 years. Keep up the good work. It's good to see the old names and faces.

July 4,2001
Reinier "Dutch" Kemeling

Congratulations on a great website Tom. I served on Laon Air Base with pleasure from 1955 to 1958 in the 38th Air Police Squadron. Thanks for creating this site, it will serve a lot of people, young and old. Reinier "Dutch" Kemeling

david maddox

found your web page.Have fond memories of going to the swimming pool in the french countryside. I also jumped with the French Airborne .We trained at an old military area on the "hill".They had a mockup of an old aircraft that we jumped from into a sand pit. I was recently in touch with Mike Kaplan MD who still wears his old " beret rouge " around his hospital.This brought back many memories. Thanks

July 4, 2001
William M. (Bill) Poe

What a super way to have a "bang up" 4th of July. Tom has created a magnificent Web Site for anyone who was ever at or near Laon & Laon Air Base. I have many great & fond memories of Laon AB, Laon, Rheims, Couvron, Crepy, Paris, Brussels and all the other places us young GI's went. I was stationed there from the summer of 1959 until the late summer of 1961, in the 66th Air Police Squadron. And to let everyone know, we have just recently created a "66th Air Police Alumni Association" open to any/all former members of the 66th APSq, their widow(s), & anyone connected to the 66th. You can obtain information about this new Association from me, at: William M. (Bill) Poe, CMSgt (Ret), 220 Dominica Circle E., Niceville, FL 32578-4085, Ph: 850-897-4163, Fax: 850-897-2606, or email: We will be having our 3rd annual reunion, in San Antonio, TX, next year (2002) with the date to be determined soon. Thanks again for a wonderful Web Site & hope to see & correspond with many old buddies here.



July 4, 2001
(225th Celebration of Independence Day) Jeff Maddox

Tom, After two years of e-mails and recent phone conversations with you, your web site is a reality (Congratulations!)--you have done well! All of us "Laon Survivors" are indebted to you for putting this together--OUR place on the web. And although this site is off and running in superb fashion, I can only envision what it will look like as the years go by and the flood of information and visuals continuously build and improve it. I have many items to contribute, and will do so in the near term...especially after my dad, brother and sister and I visit Laon in September, 2001. The MANY fond memories of everyone that was at Loan at one time or another will culminate and be posted here to be share and enjoyed by all--an amazing accomplishment, no less. I am looking forward to hearing from former classmates and teachers, and sharing our Laon experiences. Nice job, Tom...

July 4, 2001
Chuck & Kathy Cole

Fantastic work! Again, congratulations! We see that lots of folks are already taking a look. Thanks for all your hard work.

July 4, 2001
Chuck & Kathy Cole

Fantastic work! Again, congratulations! We see that lots of folks are already taking a look. Thanks for all your hard work.

4 July 2001
Robert J. Norris

I was stationed at Laon with the 66th Air Police from July 58 to Aug 61.s What a nice place and good time to be in France. See lots of you in Las Vegas I attended the get-to-gether in Jacksonville and had a wonderful time. Hugh & Shirley Stanley, dwere the utmost in Hosts and Bill Poe was a good ringleader. I am so glad this is all happening now. It is so good to meet old friends and renew the relationships. See you all soon. Bob Norris 1612 Troy Road Washington, In 47501-4155 (812)254-6206

4 July 01
Nick Czifrik

Thanks for the hard work and dedication to getting this page on line. I was at Laon from Dec. 1965 to Sept 1966; worked in Personnel for Lt. Col. Deutch. Great memories...Then on to Upper Heyford, England. Still haven't cashed my "travel check" of 98 cents that we got for flying from Laon to Upper Heyford in the "Gooney Bird".

2 July 2001
Bill Harmon

Congratulations on the opening of your WEB site. I have this day place a Link from The Verdun American High School WEB site to yours. Good Luck! Bill Harmon WebMaster Verdun American High School

Hugh C. Stanley

July 4,2001
Genevieve Redfield

Bravo Tom, you did it, and I am # 166 today, this is very good. Again congratulation, happy 4 of July. Genevieve

July 4, 2001
Willie J. Preyer, MSgt/RET

Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th.

4 july 2001
Johnny Mack Rawls

Great idea! I can see that this can be very informative, a way of exchanging information, ideas, and contacting long lost freinds. I would like to mention that I'm having just a little trouble getting from one area of your site to another. Right now I don't see anyway to get back to your "Home Page" except to type in http:/ Thanks again for the great job that everyone is doing.

Debbie Mayfield Harbison

Thank you Tom for putting together this directory. It's wonderful "finding" these people again!

July 4th , 2001
Sandy Gafford Brown

WOW !! What a great site ...Congratulations Tom, all of your hard work and "Heart " paid off. Thanks for the memories

Julu 4, 2001
Charles Donald Summers

Served at Laon Air Base Sept. 1958 - Oct. 1961 with the 66th Communications Squadron. Thanks for the website. Don

July 4, 2001
Mary Tina Lindberg Morgan Tina Lindberg Morgan

Congratulations. The website is really a grand thing - I checked in as #11 last night, was thrilled to see the pics and all the names of Laon Survivors, knowing that there is much more out there to still be collected and shared via the internet. And, now it will be! You've done a wonderful job. So happy to see that many of the people who served at Laon so many years ago have already signed into the guestbook.

Allan Dennington

Served 66th APS, 66th Sentry Dog Section. Handled Conny, Lux and Axel.

July 5, 2001
Bob True

Great Job. Many fond memories. Served in the k-9 corp from January 1963 til January 1965. Play for the Laon Rangers football team in 1964. Best duty in the Air Force. I have been back twice since then. 1983 was the first time and 2000 was the second. Brought back a lot of memories. My wife was with me when I was stationed there. We lived off base in the lower section of Laon. Keep up the good work.

Cathy Mix Campbell

I got goosebumps when I found this site! Seems Laon had a magical effect on all of us stationed there. I was in 4th grade in 1967 before we had to leave abruptly & went to U. Heyford. My dad was Lt. Tom Mix (now deceased). Would love to hear from any of my classmates, esp. Anick Montcalm, or my dad's friends. Also, I want to recommend the services of Bernard Croza ( if anyone has travel plans to Laon area...he made my Nov. 2000 trip fantastic!

Robert L. Wallis Jr.

5 July 2001
George Garriott II

Thank you Tom for making this possible and patiently collecting the information to get us all together again. I still go back to Couvron once in a while where I own a house. I had the experience of remaining in Couvron after the Base closure. My Father was a responsible for the actual locking of the gate. Until recently, I held all the keys including the one to the main gate lock. I remained in Couvron until 1979 when I left to join the US Army. Since then, my parents are buried in the Couvron cemetery (1/4 mile form the side gate). I am very close to the Couvron population. Anyone that has any recollections of the Garriott's or would like to know more about the Couvron area, I will be happy to oblige any answers I may have. My e-mail address is Hope to hear from many of you.

Robert Stiefvater

Stationed in the 66th APRON from Apr 63 to Dec 66. Nice site, keep up the good work.

July 5,2001
John Kamstra

Congratualations, Tom. You did a fantastic job.