Laon AB
Guestbook II

July 5, 2002 - July 4, 2004

July 4, 2004
Barbara McDonald Burt

Dear Tom, Happy 4th birthday to It is wonderful so many of our old friends have found this site and left us messages. Keep up the good work. I sincerely hope some of those still lost to us find this site and let us know where they are now. Thanks so much for all you have done.

July 1, 2004
Donald Summers

Tom I almost forgot to wish "Happy Birthday".

July 1 2004

Did you know a Patrick (Pat Gillen) who taught at Laon AFB around 1965-67'ish?

I believe he taught in either the Elementary or High school. I was wondering if you knew him or knew any who did know him?

Sadly, my father passed away in 2001 aged 65 from cancer but I am urgently trying to trace the girl whom he dated. She was a teacher and I believe she taught at the same school. Her name was Rebecca (Becky) but I do not know her last name. I believe she was from Texas. Did you know her or think you know anyone who knew her?

If you think you can help or point me in the right direction I would be most grateful. I can best be contacted at Please feel free to forward this e-mail onto others who you think may be able to help.

Many thanks, Krissie

Gary P. (Chris) Christensen

My years at Laon AFB were very special and are often recalled. Laon, France was a world away experience for a young man from rural NY.

For much of my time at Laon, I worked on civilian cars along with Harold Wagoner from the motor pool. We both worked 2nd shift for much of our time there and days/weekends were spent keeping base personnel cars on the road. We worked at Harold's trailer on base and at the Hobby shop.

Harold's family was very important to me. He was married to Betty, whom he'd met while stationed in England. They had two boys, Max and Shaun. I last saw them in Florida in the early 80's. Harold had retired from the USAF and was working as a salesman at a Toyota dealer in New Port Richey. Harold was originally from Shoals, Indiana.

I still communicate with friends made in Belgium. The parents, Joseph and Odele have passed on, but we exchange call/cards with Mary Louise and Bertine. Joseph was a barber and had his show at the front of their home. They were wonderful folks.

I worked at the motor pool gas station and the vehicle maintenance shop. For a couple years, Chuck McPeak and I ran the 2nd shift maintenance operation.

I had several assorted vehicles while at Laon. I think the first was a motorized scooter. Then a '51 Ford that I bought from one of the Sgts. Then I bought a '53 Studebaker on base. It had a miss. Further investigation found that it only had 7 pistons in the V8. I sold it with a miss. Then I bought a '53 Ford convertible up in Brussels. Now that car I should have brought home. I did buy a new VW bug that I brought home in '64.

My wife, Elaine, and I just retired from Cummins Engine at their Jamestown, NY facility. I worked for Cummins for almost 37 years. Mostly in the service division. I retired as a Tech Advisor.

We have a daughter in Columbus, IN and a son in Wake Forest, NC. Each family has blessed up with granddaughters.

I hope to renew contact with friend from the time at Laon.

June 27, 2004
Gary P. (Chris) Christensen

I have lost contact with all Laon personnel. It would be great to renew contact with Harold Wagoner, Chuck McPeak, Louie Snead, Jackie Lackey, Sgt Hobbs, Sgt Graves, Elton Higginbotham, Cliff Browning, Wally Yasko and others that were in vehicle maintenance.

I was stationed at Laon AFB in the 66th Trans Squadron from mid-'61 to mid-'64. I had trained for CE equipment repair at Ft Beloit, but when I was assigned to Laon CE squadron, found out that all CE equipment repair was done by local French mechanics. I subsequently was reassigned to the vehicle maintenance shop.

June 24, 2004
Carol Carr Verzola

I was stationed with my family at Laon from 1961-1964. My father (age 89) is John Carr (Col, Ret.) for those who might remember him. My mother, Elizabeth, is deceased. I attended school (8th-10th grade) on base. I've been reunited with many fellow classmates at reunions in Las Vegas in 1995 and 2000. It was an overwhelming experience to find so many "kids" from the best years of my life! I currently live in Reno, NV, am divorced with two grown children ages 26 and 21. I teach high school English, but in another life was, among other things, an AF aircraft maintenance officer. Go figure! I would love to hear from anyone who I might have known or who might have known my father.

June 20, 2004
Richard G. Shemory

2735 Humboldt Ave, - B Oakland CA 94602-3652

Served as ground safety specialist in 38th Bomb Wing Headquarters, 1952 to 1955.

June 20, 2004
James P. O'Connell

Joined 126th Bomb. Wing at Bordeaux. Wing moved to Laon in April 1952. Renamed 38th Bomb. Wing Jan. 1, 1953. Served mostly in Wing Hq, but briefly in 126th Air Police Sq. in 1952. Live at 4 Number 6 Road, Leverett, MA 01054.Aircraft were B-26 (A-26). B-57s were expected after I left in 1955. Just visited Laon in May, 2004.

June 21, 2004
James O'Connell

Served at Laon Air Base from 1952 to 1955, mostly in Wing Hq.

Alain Berry

My mother and father were on Loan Air Force Base around 1960-1964. There names where Thomas A. Berry and Josiane J. Watté. If anyone remembers them please e-mail if you wish. Alain Berry

17 Jun 04
Jerry Curtright

I coached the Ranger football and baseball teams from '61 -'64. I'd love to hear from some of the players who played for me. I went on to coach at the AF Academy and then at Weisbaden AFB. I then got out of the AF and coached high school baseball, football, and golf in Dundee, IL.

June 16 2004
harold holtman

I was at laon air base with the 822nd sq work in the engine shop on the engines that where in the B-57 from July 1955 to July 1956 when i was transferred to Toul Rosieres air base

Jun 15, 2004
Charles J. Slifkoff

Member of 66th Air Police Squadron from 9/64 up until they closed the doors.

Kathy Adams Wenck

My father was wing commander at Laon AFB from 1963-1965. He is Nate Adams and is alive and well in Valdosta, Georgia. I was in 7th and 8th grade while at Laon. My family and I live in Batavia, IL, a suburb of Chicago. This is a great site and look forward to hearing from old friends from the past. My sister Betty and brother Nate are trying our best to get to the reunion in Atlanta. Hope to see some of you there!

luigi digiacobbe

pete backman told me about this web site. this is great.

Carl Wiltsey

I was stationed at Laon AB Feb 60 - Feb 62 with the 66th communications Sq. I worked in the base communications section and switchboard (291X0). What a surprise to find this site. Hi to any of my buddies still out there somewhere.. What a place to send a young man of eighteen on his first duty assignment. I guess I grew up in those two years. How many people do you think hocked their watch at that Couvron bar to drink a few Sedan beers? Pigalle, Brussells, and Laon all good places for higher learning. Hope to get back there. Sitting in Tyler, Tx, sipping on beer.

June 3 2004
ted tedesco

stationed at laon from 1953 to 1955. we flew B 26s

June 3 2004
ted tedesco

stationed at laon from 1953 to 1955. we flew B 26s

02 Jun 2004 
John Hatfield

Hi, This is a great page outstanding, Just found it cruising on Sunday afternoon, Never Station there, Pity visited passing thru from RAF Upper Heyford to Monte Carlo went to hosp for some calamine lotion and the club

KEEP UP THE Good WORK John Hatfield

1 June 2004
David Tirman

Some of my fondest childhood memories were at Laon AB where my father, Lt. Col Robert Tirman, was the commander of the 66th Hospital from 1961-64. My eldest brother, Claude was in high school at the air base. My twin sisters, Michele and Christine were in junior high and I was in the elementary school (grades 1-3). My mother, Odette, was busy with two younger children at home; Phillip and Geoffrey, who was born in Couvron. We were one of the few families on the block in GRH with a telephone. My father being the base doc was one of the reasons. What a great website! Thanks.

Dan Vezzetti

Hard to believe that this month it has been 39 years since I left Laon AFB and the 66 Supply Squadron. Had a the time of my life from May 62-65. How many 18-19-20 years olds can look back at memories of weekends in Paris( remember the Blue Train Bar in Pigalle? Great chile not to mention the company). Weekends in Brussels(Charleston Bar-dancing and partying with all those good looking Belgique women), Beep Hoffman from St. Louis, and myself played a pretty mean game of foosball there as well. Can't forget those quick trips into Couvron, Simille(sp),Coucy, eating those jambons with Dijon Mutard and also drinking those weak "pop top" French beers. How about that Cinderella Supply softball team(Base champs in 64) Still have the article on our big championship. Sooooooooo many great memories. Thanks for all of them Laon AFB and to all those I worked and partied with. It was a "Great Ride". Dan Vezzetti 62-65.

Jeff Brooks

I am the youngest son of Capt. Wesley Brooks 66th Tac Recon. If you have info on him please contact me. He died while practicing for Royal Flush in April 1963. Jeff

May 14, 2004
Vincent R. Graver

Please update my personal information in the Laon AB Alumni roster- Name: Vincent R. Graver Spouse: Monique Address: 1 Dunkery Circle, Bella Vista, AR 72714 Phone: 479-876-1652 E-Mail: Stationed at Laon: 1963-1966

13 05 04
Alva C 'Butch' Kincaid                                                       ll'


13 05 04
Alva C 'Butch' Kincaid                                                       ll'


4 May 2004
Sam (POGO) Hannibal

This is a great website. I was stationed at Laon from 1958-1961. I played football, baseball and base softball. I also had a job: I started out at the sheep ranch in the 18th sqdn with the RF-84F and later to CAMs in the phase dock on RF-101's. I wish to attend a reunion because it would be very to see some old faces.

Jim Franck

What a surprise when I found this web site after 40 years and seeing a few names I remember I was there from 1961 to 1964 in the ENG shop I still have a couple VOODOO MEDICINE MAN patches. I married a girl from BRUYERE we just had our 40th last Dec we go back every few years. I had a lot of good times at the hotel in Bruyeres they had a dance there every Sunday afternoon, A few names I remember Fox, Danner, Newell ,Conner, Hollingsworth just to name a few



Delphine Hallman Kell

Looking to get in touch with Francis or Jacque, or Gerard or were civilian young men who sorta mentored under my father SMSgt (Ret) D.C. Hallman back in the late 50's and early 60's. These young men used to come to our home (Chateau De Texas) which was located in Septvaux, across from a huge beet farm. They used to ride their motorbikes out and visit us on the weekends to learn Ham Radio from my dad. After we left to go back stateside, they frequented the home of Mac and Mary Jo McManus and their two son's, Steve and Dennis. If anyone knows their whereabouts please email me and let me know. I am Dee Hallman and Wanda Hallmans Middle Daughter, Delphine. My sisters were Christine and Madeline.

Larry Piliavin

I was stationed at Laon AB from early 1960 thru late 1964 (I was having such a good time I extended) and think about my time there often. I was a control tower operator assigned to the 1994th AACS squadron.

Recently, I discovered this web site and spent time going over the photos. I've been back to France only once and didn't have the chance to Laon and see the base. I wonder if the old control tower is still standing.

April 27, 2004
Kevin L. Waddell

Greetings, My name is Kevin L Waddell, age 47, My father Floyd H. Waddell, SSGT, was stationed there from 1959? to 1965. My earliest memories are of being first living in a "chateau" at Bucy Les Cerny? (any pictures out there of this small village?) and then the base housing for families - the trailers. I always dreamed about going back there to retrace steps and memories, there just was a specialness about the place that is very difficult to articulate. My parents and myself currently reside in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Regards, Kevin L. Waddell

Jerry Paul

I was assigned to the 66th TRW from 1961 to 1963. I was part of the team that went to Nellis AFB, Las Vegas NV for the "William Tell" competition and took the trophy back to Laon. Enjoyed my complete tour.

Donald Summers

Tom your site has once more found those lost for 40 + years. It help me find Delphine and the Sgt Hallman family. See Delphine's comments of 04/22/04. Delphine called me this morning. We are both excited!!!! "HI Delphine". Thank you Tom, Don

Delphine (Hallman) Kell

My father, Dora C. Hallman (at that time MSgt) and his wife Wanda (who was president of the NCO Wives Club at the same time that we were stationed there. My father was with the 66th Comm Sq. We were stationed in France from 1957 to (I believe 1960). We lived in the little town of Sepvieux (just outside the St. Gobain forest). We rented a huge Chateau from a French landlord. Anyone at that time that knew my parents were probably at one time or another invited to visit at "Chateaux De Texas" which was the name of the place. It was awesome. I am trying to find anyone that might have known my parents or had some contact at least with one or the other on a "professional" basis either thru military work, NCO Club or association with my mom thru the wives club. The three daughters that they had when they arrived in France, we lived in the Transient Barracks with a lot of other families who had no where else to go when they arrived. We spent our first Christmas in France there, cooking on a hot plate, tree in "center room" playing with community toys and having a ball. My dad was known to all as either Dee or D.C.. His three daughters names were Christine, Delphine (myself) and Madeline. We used to go to the NCO club and Bob Gafford would be there and we would get Shirley Temples from the "bar". My father is now just turned 78 and has been diagnosed two years ago with Alzheimer's (that is now in moderate stage and my mom was diagnosed two years ago with Leukemia, but they are both still doing pretty well and in Sept 03, we moved them from San Antonio TX to live with us just outside Jacksonville, FL. Anyone that knew them or us, please email me at or call me at (904) 27604949. PLEASE, THIS IS AN URGENT REQUEST AS MY DAD AND MOM NEED TO SEE (TALK) TO OLD FRIENDS. Wonderful site, Thanks for the memories. Delphine

Diane Umbour

Aloha from Hawaii, I was so happy to find your website. my Father was stationed there in 1957-1959 & has since passed on from cancer. I went to Kindergarten & part of my 1st grade there. My Sister was born there in 1958 so she will be checking your website out in the next couple of days. I came home speaking fluent French yet lost it in a couple of years. Hope to come back someday. Thank You for your work, it has helped me see a part of my past. Diane

Robert and Barbara Watson

Was stationed at Laon AFB from 1958-1961. Loved every minute of it. Lived in the small town of Cheret. Many memories. Had a lot of friends there. Hope to hear from some of them. I was in the Lab at the hospital. My wife Barbara was NCO Pres. of the wives club. This is a wonderful site.


I was really young. I remember the base gym and playing in Little league. The French were so friendly then. We loved the F101 Voodoos that flew overhead. We were there in 1960 give or take a few years. Loved the Castles in France and Germany. The war relics and buildings bullet holes and all, kept us in awe. We used to drive by the house that the tank went thru. That's what we called it. And Rommels Headquarters. Love all Mark.

The 66th Supply Squadron Web Page Guest book has been lost. We now have a new guest book working and we invite everyone to come back by and sign the guest book. Here is the link to the web site. We have a lot of pictures and we are always looking for more. Thanks Terry Parnell 66th Supply Squadron (POL) April 1959 to October 1961

March 29, 2004
June Anderson Stevens

Hi! I just found this site! I am a "Laon baby", having been born there on October 31, 1960. My father was Jesse L. Anderson Jr. and he passed away in 1996. He managed the Officers Club and was great friends with Bob Gafford, who managed the NCO club. I have heard stories of how those two made more money for the PTA in their "Casino Night" than anyone in the Atlantic Theatre more times than I can count! They must have had great times then!

I was lucky enough to visit the town of my birth about 10 years ago and found it to be a charming wonderful place.

Thanks for a great site!


04 29 2004
marvin magnus

just looking for some guys. was station there from 1960 to 1963

March 27, 2004
Mark Pritchard -
mp @

My father John Pritchard was stationed at Laon 60 - 62 and worked on Jet engines. I know he has tried to find a few friends who he had there but after so many years it can be difficult. If you knew my Dad and would like to get in touch please use the email address below. My dad was especially interested in contacting Gary Cloud and Paul Wright who have both signed the guest book but whose email addresses do not seem to be active.

I am John's eldest son Mark (born in France in 1962) too young to have any memories of my time there. It's a nice site and I hope it continues to grow with more photos and stories.

Arnold D. Schapiro

Two and a half years in a six man tent in a wheat field was not exactly high living. When British jets buzzed our tents at 5AM and shook us out of our cots I had reservations about NATO war games.

18 mars 2004
Jean-Luc van Campenhout

Survol de la base de Laon à 2.000 pieds, les pistes sont toujours présentes... La mémoire aussi !

Fred Boehmke

Great site. I enjoyed finding it. Was in the 66th Supply Sq. from 61-64 Warehouse spec. Have some fond memories, spent time in Paris and Brussels, and of course Laon. John Wright are you out there.

March 2004
Tom Dixon

I was assigned to the communication squadron in December of 1965 and stayed until late in 1966. I was 19 and had never left Buffalo NY. Many great memories of going into town or to Paris for long weekends. Worked both the Communication Center (teletype Operations) and the switchboard. I also had a part time job in the NCO club to pay for the Paris trips. This is where I learned about wine - BAD wine and Great wine. I had a motor scooter and toured the area. We found the W. W. I fort just south of the town.

Went to Wustorf Germany (on a German Air Force Base) for the next two years until returning to civilian life.

Herbert M. Reeves III

I was stationed at Laon from 61' to 64' as an air traffic controller with the 1994th AACS. At that time we had the RF-101's and Misc other aircraft. I can't say I enjoyed my tour of duty there, but it was definitely an experience. I enjoyed your website and am glad that somebody still cares.

Donald R. Summers or

I was attached to 38th Bomb Wing Field Maint. (Aero Repair) section from 1956 to 1958. Nickname was (summertime). Used to go to Antwerp, Belgium almost every payday.



David & Judi Nelson

We got this site from an old friend, Lois McGinnis. We will be curious to see who else has signed the guest book.

Tony Desmond

Trying to locate the following who were stationed at Laon from ' 61 thru ' 66 SSgt Robert A Kennedy and A/2c Daniel Lange. Both were in the Fire Dept. Also Frederick Neilson, a helicopter pilot with Air Rescue. If anyone has any info pls email me.


Tony Desmond '62 to '65

March 6, 2004
Jerry E. Andersen

I was in the 168th Light Bomb Sq. with the Illinois Air national Guard stationed at Laon AFB in 1951 and 1952. Previously stationed at La Palaice AFB near Bordeaux. Six months in each place. Was 21 years old at the time. Hated it at the time, but have fond memories now - - that is what I can remember - - have quite a few pictures. I was an aircraft & engine mechanic

March, 5, 2004
Lloyd G. Lewis Jr

I was station at Laon AFB from July 58 to Feb. 1960. I worked in unit supply in several squadrons and also in Recreational Supply. I was a member of both the base football and basketball team during that period. Although time has faded my memory I can remember names such as Jim Bobbett, J. Smith, Oris Philpot, Curt Jensen to mention a few names. I met my wife In Saint Quentin, France and we are still together. I was very young when I got to France and it was a good experience for me. I stayed in the Air Force for sixteen years and retired for medical reason. I would like to get in touch with old friends. I now live in Tucson, Arizona near our children and grandchildren Lloyd.

March 2,2004
Lloyd G. Lewis Jr.

I came to Laon AFB around July 1958 from Sembach AFB, Germany. I met many wonderful people while I was station there. I worked in supply in several of the units. I played on the Laon Rangers football and basketball teams from the 1958- 1960(Jan). I would like to hear from some of the old group.

March 2, 2004
Barry Jablon

From 1962 to 1966, I was stationed at RAF Chicksands in the U.K. I had a very good friend whose name was Bill Leone. I have tried to reach Bill for a long time, but am still not able. I just remembered that Bill had a brother, I believe his name was Michael, who visited him in England in the mid 1960's. Michael was stationed at Laon AFB. Does anyone remember Mike and has anyone heard from him in the last forty years?

Judy Gafford Horner

Signing on for bob & Ginny Gafford,  we were all stationed at laon from '59-'61. daddy ran the nco club and dave Childress was his asst. both now live in Stuart, Fla. and both would love to here from any and all who remember them. daddy's address is 6041 Martinique se #102 Stuart, fl 34997 ph. 772-219-9078. daddy is in the hospital now and would especially love to hear from all those teen-agers who worked for him. Ed LEMAY, Fax Koontz, Jim Wheat, Bob Wheat, Bob Anderson. Write or call him or e-mail me & I will pass on to him. it would really make his day thanks so much, Judy

21 February 04
Jim Beck

Hello, what a great site. I was transferred to Laon with the 18th TRS from Shaw AFB in April of 1959. At the time I was an apprentice Acft. Mechanic on the Voodoos. I remember the great squadron rivalry we had with the 17th. A large group of us were sent TDY to Toul AFB in March of 1960. In August of that year all the mechanics were consolidated into the 66th CONSOLAFTMAINTSQ. This kind of messed up the team attachment with the 18th and the rivalry was missed. In May of 61 I was sent back to Toul for the rest of my duty in France. I was eventually made a crew chief on Voodoo 56-215 ( found out it was shot down over Vietnam) and returned to the U.S. in March of 1962 for my discharge. I now live just outside of Columbus, OH. I will try to locate some pictures to forward. I don't have many as my camera was stolen from my car (a 53 Chevy which I bought and sold there) while on a weekend trip to Paris. I would like to hear from anyone that was at either of these bases while I was there. I am now a Major with the Civil Air Patrol and command a squadron in Lancaster OH.

Jim Beck 740-881-4132 4257 Rutherford Rd. Powell, OH 43065

Ferrell Fletcher

Pol accounting 1962-1965

February 18, 2004
Peggy (McCurdy) Meeter

My late husband, Richard J. McCurdy, was stationed at Laon AFB from July 1964 to November 1966. He was in Power Production while stationed at Laon AFB. Richard died May 21, 1991.

I still keep in touch with the widow of Bill O'Leary, Mareda (O'Leary) Briggs and the widow of Kelly Caldwell, Nadine Caldwell.

My oldest son is in the Navy in Japan and sent me an email with the link to this. So neat!


February 9, 2004
Robert Ward

Stationed at Laon AFB 1957-1959. Worked at the service club. Remember all the great USO shows? 

dave paananen

Served at Laon from June 63 till July 65. Was in 66 A&E Sqdn with prior scribes Bolduc and Stonehouse. Stonehouse' s roomie, Dollar(Richard?) as the story goes re-upped for the "bonus" to buy a motorcycle....which he wrecked shortly there after....Hmmm,4 more years....Airborne Radar/Radio Nav Aids shared a shop with Airborne Comm...some of the folks there were Sgts Eade, Asher Williams, Paul Gentry, Harvey Porter, Harry Sheridan and Rudy Rivera and Airmen Manzaneras, Charuhas, Holden, Kalinowski, Skinner, Evans...we lived on the economy, lived in a duplex in the middle of a wheat field, Sgt Horace Riley/ Camera shop was next door...wife and I want to go back for a visit to see if we can still climb stairs from the train station to Cathedral....this has been a very interesting site.

Mike Renwick

I heard about this site. Pretty amazing! I got there in '63 . Still see Larry Bamrick.

Feb 5, 2004
Jim Reilly

I was born at Laon on Oct 25, 1959 and was wondering if there are any others that were there at the same time? I have been back to Laon once with my wife in 2002. We took the train to Couvron and walked the streets and saw the castle on the hill. If anyone was born there around the same time please let me know what experiences your parents had and if they were with the Training Command. My dad was an Air Force test pilot and was stationed there from late 1958 thru 1960. Thanks, Jim Reilly "Hobbit"

Feb. 4, 2004
BC Stafford (Bernie)

....Graduated with class of '66 from Orleans American High... (We had our Prom in none other than: "..Mai oui Paris, n'est ce pas...?") Spent many great memories there along side being apart of the "Poitier Panthers" in '65...really loved "dorm" life & unbelievably terror at times... Can't fail to mention good 'ol "Verdun High"...this is where it all started. Arrived there November 22nd, 1963...had dinner with whole family...& shortly there after "the world was startled to hear the US had a great loss: our country's youngest 'Commander & Chief' ...JFK...! " Needless to say it was a very quiet the whole evening there & almost anywhere you could see etc... I can remember this as it were just yesterday...! My thoughts from this part of my life are special to me...both good & not so good makes no difference. I am happy that I was fortunate enough that many young people (not so young now) touched my life while there in all these places of "La France".(that's another story)... Mostly I'm thankful to my parents for the way I was raised & loved by them both...(both living today) I owe so much to them...! Well, this little note turned out more than I I'll stop here... and leave you all with this last most imp[ortant thought: I really love FRANCE & all the good "She" gave me...I would proudly given my blood for "Her"...if needed (and feel the same now)... You see She gave me my mother (born...&raised ) and I too came to "life" in this world in my mother's home town: "La Ville De Reims" en France, n'est ce pas...?! -God Bless You All- Thanx for letting me touch some of your lives...!

-BC Stafford- (Class of '66)

Ron Suarez

Just found your site. Was blown away by the pics. Many memories. Always remembered the triangle and gravelpit as being much larger. Came to Laon in 56. Was in the first group to move into the new housing area. Also had the distinction of being among the 1st group of students into the new school. Have many fond memories, but remember no names except the Wallin(?) brothers. Left in 60 enroute to Texas Thanks for your efforts

January 4, 2004
Martin J. Folan

Several familiar names on the 'alumni' list...except a lot of the guys are listed as 166 BS and they should be 168 Bomb Sq.

Mike Riley

Just looking! I was there 1958-1960


je me souviens d'une Francaise qui travaillait comme secrétaire à la base de Couvron, elle était mariée à un américain. Son nom de fille étaitMonique Pajot et je crois que son nom de femme était Griffith elle serait maintenant dans le Wisconsin. Quand la base a fermé elle est partie en Angleterre, elle avait aussi été je crois à Châtauroux. et également en Allemagne.Je vous demande cela car nos pères travaillaient dans la mêmeentreprise Merci

Dec. 24th 2003
David Temples

Hello and Merry Christmas to all from Laon AB. Tom, I cannot put into words my heart felt thanks for your creation of this site and to others for the pictures and memories into such a distant past that now seems like just yesterday! My father Dent Temples is with us in memory, he passed away in 1995. My father was stationed at the 66th TRG Hospital Lab from 1964 until the end of 1966 when we all had to leave France. We live for a short while in the St. Gobain forest at Charle Fontaine (knew Lt. Mary McBride) then we moved into GRH (lots of great memories here too) then we spent the last few months of 1966 in the trailer court on base before leaving about the 3rd week of December. The house in GRH that we lived in is the one right behind "our" rock that is being hugged in the "Triangle" picture, the first half of the duplex at this entrance. Wow, what a blast into the past of memories! Are there anymore aerial photos of the base or GRH available? We have one of Charle Fontaine. I'll be back later. Thanks,



Robert K. hoppes akaHoppy

What a great time to be growing up. was in pol arrived in 64 left in 66, had the pleasure of meeting many fine people, French and fellow troops, would not change a thing. to all the people i had the good fortune to met, God Bless, and Take care.

Nancy Hanaford

Sept 1959 to June of 1962 Captain William B Hanaford MD stationed at Loan AFB - Lived on the economy, GRH , and on base last 6 months prior to returning to Chicago, Illinois.

Wonderful site! An experience never to be forgotten.

marion d jones

Michael Stevens

Lived at Laon from 1963 - 1966 and attended 5th - 7th grades. Lived on the economy for first year and then in the base housing last two years. 3 of the best years of my life. Great friends that I have been looking for a long time including Chris Van der meulen, Mike Treciak, Dennie Kennedy and Damon Runyan. My dad, John, took us everywhere in Europe those 3 years and I know he and my mom still miss all their friends and the excitement of traveling through Europe. Been back to France several times but have never gotten back to Loan but still expect to. Would love to show my kids. Great school trips including the ski trip to Morzine in 65, Brussels and Luxembourg. Love to hear from anyone that remembers me or the names up above.

Bill McManus

I was at Laon AFB France 58 Thru 61. I am a musician Piano Player had a Music Group On Base. Played most of the time In the Service Club and Officers Club. Was in competition with 15 Music Groups in Germany and took 1st Place. I was in my early twenty's Red Hair very thin. Worked in Administration. I drove a green 54 Chevy. I used to take the guys to Paris almost every week.. Hope to hear from anybody on the Base Good Luck to all my friends and looking forward to hearing from you Bill McManus A/2C

William E Poole Jr.

My father William (Gene) Poole was stationed at Laon AFB from 1963-1966 I was born there. My father died in 1985. My mom (Darlene) has a few pictures from there but I do not remember it at all. I would love to visit sometime to see where I was born. Great website. Thank you.

Bill Poole ( Darlene Poole (

23 October 2003
Ray & Marcia Thibeault

Stationed at Loan '59 to 62. Lived in Travecy for two years. Then on to the trailers for the last year. Daughter Marie was born on base. Also had two sons Mike and Ricky. Ray worked at the parachute shop and fab shop. Would love to hear from anyone we were stationed with. Thanks to Chuck and Sally for telling us about this site.

Phil Cobb

I serviced at the 66th TRG Hospital from 64-67. This is a great web site. I found a friend I have been looking for since 67.

October 12. 2003
James Fridd, Capt. Ret.

I was stationed at Depot 511 while in the Laon Area. It was an Engineer Depot, with all kinds of facilities and equipment. We had 5,000 POW's and had Officer clubs etc. We had guests for our dances, young women from Laon. I met a beautiful young women there named Antoinette Boulet. We were later married in Michigan USA and had 4 children. I see no mention of Depot E-511 in any of your information or letters of guests. I am wondering why? In any case we did enjoy viewing all of the things you have provided and have returned to Laon several times during our lifetime.

Walter L. Fousel

My address is: 1547 Laurel Hill Dr., Drain OR 97435, and phone is: 541-836-2992. I was part of the 66th Support Group from 1959-61, working maintenance on the RF-101. Love to hear from anyone else there at the time! Particularly, Ernie Oates, and a fellow called "Bones!

kathy & Phil Drwila

A beautiful town send a beautiful lady (Annie Fridd) the U.S. and we very lucky to have her.

Carl M. Stultz

I'm an alumnus of Laon American School -- '59-61. (My registered name at the time was Fousel.) I was astounded to see that this site existed -- what a great idea! I'll contact the association and add my name & info to the "Students" list. And btw, does anyone know how to contact three other alumni I don't see here: Lee, Dennis, or Melody Oates? I'd love to hear from them sometime; I could share photos & stories of my 1999 visit to Coucy-le-Chateau, where we lived off-base. Any help would be appreciated!

28 September 2003
Bill Mickey & Roger Peacock

Bill and Roger introduced me to this site, will get back to a longer email. later. M/Sgt Louis T. Caron (ret) motorcycle rider specializing in illegal speeds and long distant riding. Hang in there. Steve McQueen and Adriana Huffington are my favorites.ddddd


J'ai été un ami du Ct STIRLING, dans les années' 65, du temps qu'il venait voler sur nos planeurs sur notre aerodrome à Roupy (St.Quentin 02) Je serais heureux de savoir ce qu'il est devenu après le Vietnam. Probablement qu'il ne se souviendrait plus de moi, mais c'est un homme que j'ai beaucoup apprécié. Je lui rends hommage par ce mail.

Tony Desmond

Trying to locate Archie B Holloway who was a Ssgt in Air Rescue at Laon from '62 to 66? Believe he married a young lady who was a school teacher at the base school. If anyone has any info or remembers him pls email me


Tony Desmond

Jerry Kuhl

Served as an Air Traffic Controller (GCA & VFR/IFR Tower) from May '61 through May '64. This site a real visit down nostalgia lane -- thanks to D. MacGregor for tip, and Tom for putting the pages together.

September 2, 2003
Linda Morrison (Kearns Maiden Name)

Enjoyed the site! Really excited at the prospect of having new email buds from all over who attended Laon AFB. My father's name was: Chester E. Kearns (Chet) - he was in the 66th with the Vehicle Maintenance. I am particularly interested in finding out what happened to an old friend: Linda Myers (Meyers?) - father's name: George. I fondly remember BBQs at GRH, trading comic books, and teen club on base. We were stationed at Laon from 60-64 (approx. dates). Would welcome any and all emails (I am still an Air Force brat! lol). I went to school at Laon AFB from the 2nd to 5th grade........... Any pictures out there???? Did we have class pics????

Linda Kearns (Morrison)

August 30, 2003
Roger Peacock, CMSgt(Ret)

Just thought I would check in again. Was stationed in 66th Civil Engr Squadron as SSgt in Admin in 61 to 64. Anyone remember First Sgt Caron or TSgt Winslow Douglas?

Michael H. Fox

Hello. I was born at Laon on Dec. 8, 1960. My father was William "Bill" Fox. I'm looking for information about him, as I never knew him. I'm especially interested in stories on how he died. Thank you for putting together this web site.

Aug 25 2002
James Moore Ret Msgt

My first assignment out of firefighting school at Greenville Mississippi. 64 to 67 really enjoyed the area. Most exciting moment was when a VOODOO made a belly landing on its external tanks and I put out the fire. HATED THOSE RUNWAY BARRIER CHANGES IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER. Enjoyed the trout pond off base and the Rod and Gun Club.

8 22 2003
pete bachmann

was stationed at 38 ab group maintenance as instrument tech from 1956 to 1959 ,any one remembers those times give me a call email what has happened to all you guys????? PETE BACHMANN 706 885 1272

Aug 16 2003
Chuck Bristol

1960-1963 Laon Ranger football Weather Equip Repair Time of my life Returned 3 years ago to many changes

dave huff

Station at laon from 1955 to 1958. Any old friends out their.


Hello! We are searching Charles) John Johnson who belongs to the Tactical Reconnaissance Wing from 1961 to 08/1963 as sergeant by the military police. Can somebody help us to find some information's? Thanks a lot! Denis

July 28,  2003
Charley Duschen

I served at Laon 1960/63 in 66 CAMRON as an Aero Repair Mechanic.

13th of July

I just discovered your site and I like the aircraft pictures. I am an airline pilot I fly 737 as an Air France Captain and our approaches over flew Laon quite often. Did USAF have others bases in France in the fifties. I know already Chateauroux. Regards

Russ Hood

Thanks to Tom Laseter and Denise Perigo we were introduced to Bernard Croza who recently showed us all around the base as well as the city of Laon. I was on the base as a dependent from '59-'61, while my father, Col. Hood (deceased) was Hospital Commander. We were able to visit the base and see most of the remaining structures due to Bernard's help. Even though I didn't live there for very long, the memories I have of Laon are quite clear, and the experience of living in France made a lasting impression on me. Our trip this June only reinforced those pleasant thoughts. If you haven't revisited the area, you should--the medieval city of Laon is breathtaking.

July 4th, 2003

Happy Birthday America and to Laon AB website. May you live long and be prosperous.

July 4, 2003
Donald Summers

*** HAPPY BIRTHDAY *** to ""

Thanks Tom and all Visitors,

Don #20449

July 2, 2003
Donald Summers

Do any of you former dependents assigned to Laon AB in the years of 1958 - 1962 know the whereabouts of the following former dependents? Bobby Vachon, Jo Ann Richert, Jenny Johnson, Tammy Christensen, Beth Grooms and Barbara Kayworth or Hayworth. These are maiden names of course. Any information will be appreciated via e-mail would be appreciated. Donald Summers - Laon AB 1958-1961

Huyghe Eddy

My father was a private pilot at St Quentin-Roupy flying club. He's coming someday at Laon AB and he had some photo of RF101 voodoo's. He wasn't to meet Mr. J STIRLING who served at laon AB in 60's. If everyone knows the e-mail address, please send it. Me and my father search some photography of RF101C's principally of 66 th TRW. Thanks in advance.

Jun 23 "03
John Warsinski

I was with the 126th and the 38th. I arrived in Bordeaux in February 52 and was assigned to the 168th, I was a Turret Mech/Gunner. I drove our bombsight shop, mounted on a 6x6, to Laon when we made the move. I was with the 405th when we made the change, and later transferred to the 71st. My big thing was off base fun. I learned French (Univ, of Maryland 3 courses) and was really fluent by the time I left. I had a bicycle then a motorcycle and finally a car. I left in November of 54. Those are truly some of the best years of my life. At the time we all said "I hate this f---ing place", but deep down inside we all loved it. I went back as a civilian in '56 and worked at the American Express, the BX Gas Station, and sold cars for Jacques LeLu.

Terry Broyles

I was born at the base hospital in March, of 1959. My father was an AP, I don't know what unit, but will ask him soon. His name is Donald W Broyles. My mother, now deceased, was Joann Broyles. They lived at or near the base from about 1956 until shortly after I was born in 1959. I had an older brother, now deceased, that was born on base in 1957. I remember being told of my mother being pregnant with my brother during a severe flu outbreak, and having problems with the pregnancy from it. My first memories are of Bergstrom AFB, outside of Austin, Texas.

16 June 03
Jacqueline Martin & Ed Szupel

Jacqueline Martin, I was a LWR at Laon AB, from 61 to 66. I worked with Base Supply (IBM cards) I then worked at Civil Engineer, Admin Section was then transferred to Manpower & Organization Div. until it was transferred to USAFE. My last position was with the General Auditor office. Some of the names I still remember are: Base Supply CWO Byron Bilton In CE: Sgt Douglas In Manpower: Sgt Paul B Crosby, Sgt Sullivan In GAO: Mr. Lee Williams, Capts Roy Kelly, Larry Schatt, Gus Campana and Sgt Croyle, sp? Lt Neil Reyer, Sgt Camfield. I used to baby-sit Capt Paul Nelson' daughter. We've kept in touch all these years. I married Ed Szupel who was with the OSI Det. on base in 1965. We have 2 daughters, 4 grandkids and enjoy retirement in Newport News, Virginia (near Langley AFB). We travel to France yearly and visit Laon as some of you have mentioned, the town has grown a lot, but the upper Laon is struggling to stay alive, as the businesses move to the lower part, which is more customer friendly. Traffic is still a nightmare in the old part of town, even though the big American cars are not there anymore? How could they manage the rue Chatelaine, without crushing a few feet???. We were told about this site by Alain Bruneteau., who owns the bookstore, rue St Jean. He is very interested by the History of the base, and still keeps in touch with a few "old employees" I keep in touch with Monique Ovise, who worked with Tac/Stand/Eval for many years. Monique lives in Paris, and we will see her next week, as we are leaving for France on the 18th. We are taking the whole family to a family reunion, which will take place at the Hotel de la Bannière

A few names on the Guess Book "rang bells" i.e. Hollis, Austin, Bilancio, Stavast, Pell.... Let me hear from you. Jacqueline Martin Szupel

13 June 2003
Peri Eaton

I'm here for the first time and am just finding out about this site. I'm an American living in the Aisne for about 10 years now, so am greatly interested in all I can learn about other Americans who live, and who lived, in the area.

Dennis LaFollette

Stationed at Laon Sept 65 to Oct 66. Worked in the Manpower Office in the same building the OSI and Post Office was in. Spent a lot of time in the NCO Club when I wasn't working part-time at the Service Club. Especially remember Raymonde, the cashier at the NCO Club! Some lady!!

Very nice site!!

June 9, 2003
Donald Summers

Hi again to all the Laon Ranger's out there. I need your help, time is running out. Does anyone know the whereabouts of M/Sgt Dora Hallman and his wife Wanda? I cannot find them on leads I've gotten to date. Dee was my NCO at Laon. Would appreciate any information anyone may have. Thanks, Charles Donald (Don) Summers - 66th Communications Squadron - MARS Station - AFSC 30452 - Ground Communications Repairman - Sept 1958 till Oct 1961. E-mail: - Phone: 704.872.3312

Mary Ryle

I was born at Laon AFB on Dec. 25, 1955. My father was S/sgt Eugene Till. He died in 1957 enroute back to the US. My understanding is that most expectant mothers went to Weisbaden, Germany to have their babies but for some reason my mother didn't get there on that Christmas day so I was delivered by flight surgeon Robert K. Baum and was the only baby in the hospital. Would like to hear from anyone who knew my father or mother (Elsie Till).

Gary Powell

My Father-in-Law, Al Henson was stationed with the 416th Bombardment Group, 670th Squadron in Laon in 1944 and 1945. He flew 22 missions as the pilot of an A-26. He just passed away, and in researching his life, I discovered much of his accomplishments. He was a quiet man, and did not talk much about the War. Would appreciate any information from anyone who knew him.

great page...I'm sure I'll come regards. John. <!--

May. 24, 2003
Rich Stonehouse

I was stationed at Load, AB from 1965 to 1966 when France wanted us out and I was transferred to Ramstein, AFB, Germany. I have many, many fond memories of Laon, AB, France. I would like to get back there just to see what I remember from days long ago. I was with the 66th A&E squadron, working with airborne navigation repair. I can't say I remember all the names from so long ago and as I age my memory does go bad. I remember a roommate with the last name of Dollar. I remember playing for the squadron basketball team. I remember Terrel, Massot (SP?) who I always called him in what I thought was the proper French name..... I remember having to be back on base by midnight or we'd get an article 15!!!! I do wish to go back and see some of those older times where I wish I had more smarts to understand what was there to see and friends to spend time with...

Send me a note if you remember me~!!!!

Rich (Stoney)

Nick Hood

Served in 66th Air Police Squadron 1962-64

Don Dobbins

Just found this website on a whim, and I'm glad I did. My parents were stationed at Laon. My dad was in air traffic control. I was born in Chateauroux as there was no Air Force hospital at Laon at that time. Always wanted to see the place so I appreciate all the great pictures. My parents enjoyed the tour in Laon, although one of the saddest Air Force memories for my Dad occurred there. He was on duty in the tower when one of his best friends was killed shooting simulated one engine touch and goes in a B-57. I believe the asymmetrical thrust caused the aircraft to roll over and into the ground. Not uncommon on B-57's I've heard. Thanks for the taking the time to create this page!

May 16 , 2003
Robert Bastian

Was in POL at Laon AB from 1960 to 1963 .

12 May 2003
Stephen Franklin

I happened to find your listing of those who were stationed at Laon AB, and saw my name there, without my email address. Please add it to the page. Tnx, Steve

APRIL 21,2003


Maggie Mahoney

We were stationed here from September 1961 until May 1965, Patricia, Denise and Michael all went to school here. We lived in Laon.

Harold R Addington

Hello, I am signing in for my dad, Harold R. Addington, in Laon 56,57,58, This site is great, thanks Robert Stegner for the lead.

David Kneece

Was assigned to POL section l958-l962.Always enjoyed going to Brussels on weekends and usually had a carload. Now living at Gilbert,SC

Jim Fuller (CMS Ret)

Arrived at Laon in Apr. 64 from RAF Brize Norton and moved into barracks at the "Sheep Ranch" (66th A&E Photo Maintenance). Worked on the flight line for the on the camera systems for about a year and then moved to Maintenance Control until I left for Luke AFB in May of 66. Laon was an experience as was France. Never went back and still have mixed feelings about my tour in La Belle France

March 16, 2003
Bob Archibald

I was based at Laon AB from Jan 1959 to Jul 1961. At first I instructed in the T-33 and L-20 in the 66th ABG base flight. Then checked out in the RF-101 Voodoo with the 18th TRS. Lived with several other bachelor officers at the Chateau du Bois Roger in Laniscourt. Still involved with the Voodoo as historian for the RF-101 Voodoo Pilots Association. Looking for Voodoo pilot stories. Have visited this website several times and find familiar names and places each time. Good job.

Now live in Santa Rosa, CA, and own a flight school.



March 9, 2003
Dallas Dumas

Great to see the site. I was introduced to it by my friend Robert Stegner. who I stationed with at Laon in 1958-1959 working in Fire Department. Have fond memories of Laon, Brussels, and Paris. Would love to hear from anyone in the Fire Dept during that time. Good luck to all

03 march 2003
William YERKES

Just found this great site. I was at Laon 4 years, April 62 to April66.Was inFld. Maint. Phase inspection entire time. Many names here but i don't recall any i know. I returned to Offit AFB then to Thailand where some troops their were from Laon. William Yerkes retired in 1972

Jim Socia

I was stationed at Laon AB in 1957-1958, in the 38th Air Police Sqdn. K-9 Section. My dogs name was Lux, Was with T. Greene, Wally Q, Immel. Pete Etc. I live in Lompoc CA, retired from Air Force 1973.

Feb. 14, 2003

I was stationed at Laon AFB from Aug., 1957 through Feb., 1959 assigned to 822nd Bomb Sq.(B-57's), Comm Shop, and 66th Tac Recon Sq.(RF84-F's) Comm Shop. TDY to Morocco in Dec. '58. Rotated to Pope AFB March, 1959. Would love to hear from old acquaintances and friends. A/2c

Robert (Bob) Stegner

At the age of 17 I was sent to Laon AB, and served from 1956 - 1959. I worked in the Fire Department. I went on to retire after 28 years in 1984. I would like to hear from past associates, who remember me.

Patsy O'Grady Bryan Wolf

I have really enjoyed reading all the wonderful notes posted since I was here last time. (7/01) You people have gotten me thinking about good ole Loan and the wonderful, happy, carefree life we had there. I am sure that there were people with problems but not many a I recall.

Since I am thinking does anyone know Kenneth G Helwig? Would just love to know what happened to that cutie!

I have found several friends who I had been looking for during the last 30 years. Glad to find them well. Here are some more I would love to find if anyone knows of them.

Joann Rhicker (note sure of spelling) A Beautiful girl 1959-60 Liz Rommanoff 1959-60

If anyone knows anything about these girls or any other dependants who were in the 9th grade at the base school I would love to hear from you!

Patsy O'Grady Wolf

Michael Stanfield

My father, Maj. James K. Stanfield was stationed at Laon from 1962 - 1965. We lived off-base in Laon for those three years. My mother is gone now, and my father has Alzheimer's, but the fond memories and great stories of our time at Laon were a big part of my life growing-up. We still maintain contact with some of the French natives we met and made friends with while we were there.

Phil Myers  (Ltc USAF, Ret)

I arrived at Laon a 2Lt in August 1963 and departed in August 1966. My wife (Shirley) and kids (Dave, Mike, Shelly) arrived a month later and we resided in Chauny for 1 year before moving to GRH. I worked in the finance office.

The tour at Laon was the highlight of my AF career, providing fond memories that are vivid to this day. A return trip in 1987 revealed some things that hadn't changed a lot. The base, however, was hardly recognizable due to all the trees. The Cathedral had, sadly, descended into a state of neglect and disrepair. The Hotel Angleterre still provided comfortable quarters at 1/3 the cost of a similar facility in Paris.




John Perchik

Served at Det. 7, 31Weather Sq. from 2/61 to 7/63. Fondly remember the pinochle games at the service club, trips to Paris and Brussels, base sports teams, and just going into Laon.

January 12, 2003
Richard Bolduc

I was stationed at Laon AB from April 1962 until May 1964, assigned to the 66 CAMRON (C&E). I would like to hear from anyone assigned to C&E from 62 till 64.

January 3, 2003
Kim Goodman

Happy New Year LaonAB Survivors!


Tom Laseter

Happy New Year to all Laon Survivors, wherever you may be at this moment.

31 Dec 2002

Arthur J. Jones

Please add my information to the military data base:

Jones, Arthur J. 834 Combat Support Group 7313 Forest Stream, San Antonio, Tx 78233 210 637-6868 1958 - 1962

I worked in the Personal Affairs Office handling passport/visa applications, including children born overseas on their mother's passport, obtaining a passport for children born of a military member and a foreign national and processing applications for marriage by military personnel. 

31 Dec 2002
Arthur J. Jones

It is a pleasure to find that a website has been established for those who had the privilege of having served at Laon AFB, France.

For me that time was a memorable period in my life. I was stationed there from Oct 1958 to Oct 1962.

Keep up the good work. I look forward to attending a reunion.,

Charles Casey

I was at Laon as well as Heyford. I was in the 66FMS as a machinist. My address is 3721 William Scarbrough, Schertz Texas, 78154

Richard T Heyart

I was assigned to the 66th Tac Hospital Aug, 1959 to Sep, 1963 as the Medical Supply Officer, and temporarily as the Hospital Executive Officer. The Hospital Commander at first was Lt Col Oliver C. Hood, a very effective person, having served in the Korean War, he meant to make his unit the most effective it could be. His leadership brought the hospital up to the highest level of tactical hospital efficiency, just in time for the Berlin Wall and Cuban crises. I was a 2Lt then, and learned my trade under him.

Msgt(retired)Ken Fox 

66th CAMRON Engine Shop June 1962-May 1966,still have shop pictures and a aerial photo of the base. I Remember names, Snook, January, Pope, Marinelli, Derouen, Carothers, Gonzales,etc.

Bob Maiden 

I served with the 38th as a Pilot in the 822nd from Oct 54 thru the summer of 1958. Had a great time, married Nelly ( a French girl), the rest is history. We are Hosting the next 38th reunion in Huntsville, AL You'll come. Bob

Nov 23rd 2002 
Jonathan Sayers 

I have just posted a series of very rare photos on my Greenham Common site of the bomb storage base of RAF Welford, Berkshire. Some date back to 1944, many were taken in 1968-1969. I also have some of the US Delivery terminal at Barry, South Wales
featured. Find my site at:

Del Johnston 

I was stationed at Laon AFB from December 1961-1964 and assigned to Det. 7 31st Weather Sq. I stumbled onto this web site by accident and am very impressed. I arrived in Paris to await transportation to Laon just before Christmas in 1961. What a thrill it
was to be 18yrs old and in France. I thought for sure, since I was the only American waiting, that I was lost for sure. But, transportation finally came and so began a very big adventure in my life. I regret that I did not take more advantage of being in Europe, but what young person did. My wife and I now travel to Paris and France once a year if we can. We traveled thru northern France and stayed at Laon for three days in 2001. What a great county and people. 

Robert Arizona GWIN SR. 

HI ALL: I was at "Laon AFB" France in May-Aug l963. I was on TDY, "Operation Short Spurt" I worked at the Hospital, Front Desk, Handing out Medical Records, setting appointments, etc. I also taught Prot. Sunday School, Attended TWO Baptist Services &
two LDS Services, in addition to the two Prot. Services every Sunday. I got to see, "Rev. Billy Graham" there in Paris, & see a lot of France. I was USAF, Regular, AUG 59, Flight 60-2, Lackland AFB, TEXAS, Then Gunter AFB, Ala (Jan-May 60) Then Ladd AFB, Alaska, June 60-Aug 62, it became Ft. Wainwright Army Post, and then I was at Dover AFB, DEL, Hospital, from Sep 62 to Jul 65, except for the 4 months I was in FRANCE, then RAF Chicksands, 50 miles N of London, England, then out. Lived in Marion, Ohio, Jan 67-Oct 68. Then Phoenix, AZ Oct 68-May 71, then San Antonio, TEX, to Sep 73, Then Tulsa OK Area, in Jan 91 I lived in tupelo Miss for a month working, then returned to Tulsa, here since. I'm soon to be 62, Born ll-l8-l940, Johns Ala, Been in 37 states, lived in l0, 7 countries lived in 3, Enjoy visiting with others. I Invite Everyone to my web site:
Http://, to save money on Gasoline & be paid to promote it, email me in case you have questions, to my new site:, on from "contact me" on app site, "RobertGwin@WebTv.Net, " also, I have many ways for
folks to Earn Extra money from home, data entry, emails, word processing, etc. ask about that in your emails. Also, I'd like to hear from anyone who was at Laon, & Especially those who also served in England. My Older Brother Andrew GWIN was Ala National Guard & Stationed at Evreux or Dreux (Not sure of Spelling) in l960-62, when the Ala National Guard were there. The French announced a New Language", "FRENCH, with a "southern Drawl", any one remembering that, please email me as well. I now live in OKLA., BOB GWIN, 4337 S 102 E Ave, TULSA, OK 74146-3707 (918) 665-8120


Former member of the 168th Bomb Sq. at Bordeaux and Laon 1951-53. Great living in those tents. I'm listed in the 1st Guest Book, but have since changed my e-mail address. Anyone who was at Bordeaux & Laon in the same time frame as myself, write and let me know who you are and where you live. Would be great to hear from someone who was fortunate enough to live in " Tent City " with the heating system that was known as a "Ding Bat," No matter what time you would fill the " Jerry Can " with fuel oil, it would always be empty by 0500 hours. Can still hear the famous cry of: " Whose turn is it to get the oil.?" Does anyone
remember? From the 9 men in tent 255 at Bordeaux. only 5 are still alive. Still can't find Kenneth H. Kasper who was a sheet metal man with the 168th. If anyone has any info about him, please e-mail me. Thank you.

Denise Humble 

Attended school there for a very brief time before the base closure, moving to Upper Heyford, have made contact with a few classmates and look forward to finding more. So glad to find this is here to help in the quest.. Thank You...

Jeff McLaughlin 


I lived at Laon AB and attended school there from 1954 to 1958 between the age of 9 and 13 while my father, Jean W. McLaughlin (then a Captain in the USAF), was stationed there. My father was the Franco-American Liaison Officer for the base, he spoke French fluently because he grew up in France and his mother was French. My mother was Anne McLaughlin, and I have memories of her accompanying my father to so my parties and both official and unofficial social events with local French political leaders. Both are now deceased. 

My name is Jeff McLaughlin, address is 237 Dorland St, San Francisco, CA 94114. E-mail address is, home telephone number is 415-626-3482. 

My father passed away in 1999, my mother in 1992, but both left me many photographs and other wonderful memorabilia of life at Laon AB. Since my father was the Franco-American Liaison Officer we spent most of our years at Laon living off-base in the town of Laon (12 Rue Paul Vivien and 1 Rue Paul Vivien). Our first 6 months in France in 1954, a very cold winter, we spent in an old chateau subdivided into 4 apartments for American families at the Base. It was located in the small farming town of Autremoncourt. I recently visited it and was amazed to see it exactly as I remembered it from childhood! What I mostly remember of then is the long bus rides from Autremoncourt to the school at the Base. We left at 7am and did not usually get home from school until after 4:30pm. 

I have nothing but wonderful memories of growing up in Laon, as did my parents. If by any chance there are other students who attended school at Laon AB when I did, please let me hear from you. I would also be interested in hearing from anyone stationed at Laon AB from 1954 to 1958 who might have known or remember my parents. 


Jeff McLaughlin


Sure miss the good time spent there. Have been back a few times during the 80 to visit with a Mr. Raymond Mory who was the translator for the Security Police Section (Air Police at the time). Mr. Mory lives in Belgium now and still has contact with individuals who worked at the base If you would like to contact me. You have me e-mail. address. 

Regards Don Moylan USAF Retired

28 Oct 2002 
walter gallop 

Maureen Casey (Dunn) 

I have many fond memories of the years spent in Laon. I spent sixth, seventh, and (part of) eighth grades in the hallowed halls of the school next to the runway! (1962-1965). My sixth grade teacher, Ms. Espinoza, was somehow able to have narcolepsy, despite the blasts from the Voodoos. I'd be interested in hearing from some former schoolmates.



20 October 2002 
Paul Garrett 

I arrived in Bordeaux, France in January 1952. I helped set up the Headquarters for the 7480th Supply Squadron (Exchange Service), AFEX in Bordeaux at 125 Qua De Chartron. It was an old office building near the waterfront and a few miles from the Ford plant which was a bombed out mess at that time. I lived in a hotel a few miles from the headquarters and lived the life of Riley for a few months but we did work a lot of hours getting things started. I shipped north to Laon Air Base in May 1952 to help start a new Base Exchange at Laon. I was still assigned to the 7480th Supply Squadron, at Bordeaux but was attached to the
126th Bomb Wing, APO 17, Laon, France for Admin and Logistical Support. It was later the 38th Air Base Group, 38th Bombardment Wing (L) The 7480th Supply Squadron. Exchange Service was not well know on any of the bases in France but it’s present was felt in all the Base Exchanges in France, North Africa and parts of Italy. Usually there was an officer and /or and enlisted man from this outfit at every exchange but they were all assigned to the 7480th Supply Squadron Exchange Service, which had it’s Headquarters at APO 16, Bordeaux, France. This lasted until about 1954 when the operations were turned over to
civilians. I was an A2C at the time and along with an American civilian started the Base Exchange at Laon. When I arrived, he and his wife had just completed setting up wooden shelves in one of the tents. They were selling items out of the back of a truck up to this point. A new small building was being constructed to house the BX but was not completed. We stocked the shelves in the tent, and I stayed in the tent day and night with a carbine and ammo for about a month until we could move into the new BX building. Someone had to guard it and I was the only GI. I had a field phone and the Air Police would relive me to go to the
chow hall, latrine and wash up. When we moved the BX to the building, about 2 months later, I moved into one of the other luxury suites (a tent) with the postal service personnel. Remember those great living conditions. Pot bellied stoves with a pipe out the roof and slack coal that helped start a few fires on the tent roofs. Floors in the tents made of a fine cement that you could sweep a hole in if you work too long in one place and the cloud of dust stirred up when you sweep. The latrines and shower were great but about a block away and we walked on PSP for sidewalks with mud pushing up thru. The ice covered tents in the winter
when you sometimes had to kick the door open to break the ice loose. The base theater was located in a butler building with PSP floors and folding chairs. Most of the people were single or did not have their families there when I arrived but that soon changed and we started adding family items in the BX. Then came the tailor made suites from Alexander of Oxford St., London. I had two made. We had not moved into the new barracks when I left Laon. But we were all young and dumb and having a good time anyway. I will never forget it and I loved it all. I really enjoyed my time in France. Learned some French, chased the girls, and spent a lot of weekends in Paris. I thought the French people were great then. I have not been back to Laon since I departed there in Feb 1954 but I may do it yet. I would like to try finding some of the French people who worked at the BX. They are probably all dead by now. I was only 20 when I left France. I would love to hear from some of the GIs who were there in the old days. People like Moe and Goldberg my tent mates who worked in the post office and Lee Dunn who was assigned to help work at the BX warehouse for a while and others who’s names I can’t remember right now. I was a good friend with the base Red Cross representative and I cannot recall his name. Anybody remember him? He was in the Navy during the war and had a bad arm because he got caught in an aircraft attack on a carrier. 

18 Oct 2002 
James R. Steindl Jr. 

I've heard my father tell many stories about Laon. It's good to see he's not the only one with fond memories of his time there. 



manuel c ledesma 

I was station in Laon in 1955 thru 1958, assigned to wing headquarters personnel office. I remember three particular guys in my section at that time; and there were: A/1c Potter, Rudy Hernandez, Sgt Bill Hudller. I often wonder what happen to them. If anyone knows are remember please write me at my e-mail. Thanks, Manuel Ledesma

OCT. 9, 2002 
Alice Fling 

We were at Laon AFB from 1959 till 1962. Bob was in the 18th TAc Recon, Tech. Sgt., crew chief, and flight chief. We lived in base housing. Our children were Robert,Jr, Alexa and Julie. The girls went to French ecole maternal. We live here in Oxford,PA We are still in touch with George Walter Smith, and his wife Alice. They are in Arkansas. We see Rick Lucas and his German wife Karin down in Atlanta. They and we attended the Reunion in June. Would have liked to have seen more of you there. Maybe you will come to Alanta in 2004. 

Bob would love to hear from anyone who remembers him. 

Alice Fling 

5 October 2002 
walter gallop 

Today, I discovered the Laon AB website. It was great to read comments from memories of years gone by. I was a chaplain assigned to the HQ SQ, 66TRWg from Oct 1962-Oct 1965. Penny and I were married just before coming to Laon AB. Our son was born at the Hospital and I remember that Jack Ashmore was the delivering doctor. We lived in the village of Travecy[near La Fere]. The daily rides thru the countryside were great. I read the pages of people who have posted messages on the site. I do remember some of the names. At least, all my memory was not 'over the hill'. I visited Laon several times during the 1990's. After I retired from the Air Force, I worked for the Fed. Civil Service several years. From 1993-98 I worked at Mons, Belgium[SHAPE HQ], and several times I visited Laon. Would enjoy hearing from any former Laon AB member. email:

3 Oct 02 
Ronald D. Gray 

I was stationed at the 66th Tac Hospital from Oct 60-Jul 65. Would love to hear from anyone who may have been there during this time frame.

September 30, 2002 
Roger Peacock, CMSgt, USAF(Ret) 

Was stationed at 66th Civil Engineering Squadron from 61 to 64 (in admin). Daughter was born in 62 at base hospital. Lived off-base for awhile, then moved into the trailers. Remember Sgts Smith and Forrester of the Fire Dept and SgtsCatlett and 'Pappy' Dunham of CE. Saw Catlett and Dunham in Vietnam in 68.

gary woolsey 

What a great site. It sure brings back a lot of fond memories. 

Gary Woolsey

22 Sep 2002 
Nancy Z. Gleaton 

Just stumbled across this site. My dad (Al Ziemba) was stationed at Laon in the early 60s and my oldest sister and I went to the base school. Just thought I'd say hi!

Cyndy Little 

My father was Arnold A. Little (Bud). He passed away in 1994. I was in 1st and 2nd grade. We were there in 64,65,66 before we were shipped to Upper Heyford. My mom is Bettie Little. My sister and brother were 5 and 6 years older than I was, Steve and Sharon Little. My sister Sharon went on the 6th grade Ski trip that was mentioned previously. My mother has been wondering what happened to Jerry/Edna Faucett, Humbles, Humsingers, Donavans, Millers. God Bless you all

Ben Spencer 

My Dad was stationed in France from 1963-1965. We lived at Laon (from '64-'65) in the trailers. He was a pilot and worked with communications there at Laon. My mother talks about the times he would have to "Go up the Link". I was in 6th grade then and went to school on base.


My name is Nathalie Renversez, I am 38 years old and I am financial in a bank. I am living in Laon a little city in France and I need your help to find my grandfather. My grandfather was an American officer during the World War II in France. He was in the base of Couvron near Laon in 1944/1945 (probably in the 366th Fighter Group or in the 409th Bomb Group). He was fair-haired, had blue eyes, his first name or nickname was Patrick, he came from a city near the Michigan’s Lake. I don’t know a lot of things about him. He met my grandmother Bernadette Mabilotte nicknamed Dedette in a ball in Remies – a little village near the base
of Couvron. At the end of the war, he wanted to marry her but she refused and I don’t know why ! He came back in USA in spring or summer 1945. He was still in France in march 1945 because my mother was born the 27th of December 1945. When he leaved France, he didn’t know that my grandmother was pregnant. My grandmother died in 1988 and she always refused to tell us more about him. So, if he is still alive, he don’t know that he have a daughter in France. My mother is now 56 years old and he is dreaming to find her father soon. It’s terrible for a woman, mother of 5 children to ignore all about her real father. I am hopeful for
the future because I saw this summer on French television “Band of Brothers” and the WWII’s veterans seem to be very well and cool. That’s why I make this quest only now and because I am only on the net since a few months. With the web it’s easier. Since the beginning of my quest, I receive a lot of mail of supports from the WWII’s veterans. There are all praying for my family and me, and it’s very important for us. I hope can you can help me to find him ! Thank you very much by advance. Best regards.


Paul T Wright 

I was stationed at Laon AFB from June 1957 to June 1961 I was first In the 38th Bomb wing In Maint. SQ. My NCOIC was MSGT KIZZIRE

al walters 


28 aout 2002 
tim roop 

Just dropped in. I've been to France several times, but not to Laon AFB. My 3 uncles landed at Omaha Beach with the 29th Division. See my website: 

Tom Myers 

Was stationed at Laon from June 62 thru June 65 as a firefighter with the 66th CES. Was on line standby waiting for a over due Voodoo and heard on my portable radio that it went down in the channel and the pilot had been picked up by the off shore radio station that I was listening to. A rather awarkward situation as we weren't suppose to take personal radios with us when were on this assignment, and we were the only ones that knew what had happened. Was also there when the POL truck overturned on the perimeter road and burned and when one of the Voodoos crashed after takeoff with the pilot ejecting safely. Was there with the
likes of Oponico, Kashata, Kohara, Penny, Kunzel, Jewell, Parsons, Cooper, and Tony Desmond who put me onto this site. It was a great tour and I felt like I took advantage of it as Bill Parsons and I did and 30 day road trip taking in all of the sights that we could in France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Swisse, and Germany. Would like to go back and revisit the area someday.

August 23, 2002 
Wayne R. Pierce 

My father, Sargent Oliver H. Pierce, was stationed at LAB from 1958 thru 1961. I believe those dates are correct. We lived off and on the base housing during those times. My sister married an airman during that time, Airman Buddy L. Sherrill. Brothers, Gary O., Larry B., Roland E., all were there and a special note is my youngest was born there May 1, 1960. The year and day Col.Powers was shot down. Dad lives in Sapulpa, OK and I live in Murrells Inlet, SC. 




18 Aug 2002 
Jarrett C Bigbee 

I was stationed in Laon AB from 1964 to just before its closure in 1967. I left Laon in Dec of 1966. Would love hearing from anyone who might remember me during that time. 

August 17 2002 
Ed(Fast Eddie) Davis 

Spent some time in the rain and fog 61-63Was in Supply Unit, with Snow, Garner, Riggs, Catalino, Kentucky, Strong, Beep &  Hoffman

Koontz, Steve 
twopaws@gorge. net 

I was stationed at 66th tac hospital at Laon from 5/65 to 1/67. Would like to hear from anyone who was there at that time. Great web page and thanks for putting this site together. 

August 17, 2002 
Ray Beery 

What a nice website, and congratulations on the time put in on it. I have sent Tom an e-mail correcting the spelling of our name, from BERRY to BEERY. 

Ray Beery Colonel, USAF-Retired

August 14, 2002 
Ray Sherman 

I was stationed at Laon AB from May 1955 thru May 1958. My squadron was the 38th FMS. My shop was "Typewriter Repair". We (3 of us) were located in a corner of the Instrument Shop. There were no electric T/W's on the base in my time. All manual.
Electric adding machines, calculators, thermofax & ditto copiers but no electric T/W's. We also were responsible for the one and only A.B.Dick Mimeograph Machine on Laon located at Headquarters which ran off all the orders for the Wing and when it broke down, we had to hustle. Would enjoy comments from any other Laonites. 

August 14, 2002 
Harold "Beetle" Bailey 

From 1955 till 1959 was some of the best times of my life, at Laon. I have been back several times and plan to go back soon...............

AUGUST 9 2002 
George Gary Cloud 

I was station at Laon AB 58 59 60 I was a Photographer in the Base Photo Lab. My wife and I lived in Cesseires and Ribemont and I drove a old VW and a vespa car. perhaps I can get on someone to mail list or AIM as GCLOUD1 retired now living in Duncanville TX.

aug 9.02 
john oneil 

I WAS IN THE 71 SQDN. B-57. 1956THRU 1958. 38 BOMB WING.

Robert " Bob " Gafford 

Was stationed at Laon from ' 59 - ' 61 I ran the N.C.O. and Airmen's club. My wife Ginny and I are now living in Stuart, Fl and would love to hear from anybody that was there. Dave Childress was the assistant club manager and is also living in Stuart. My phone number is 772-219-9078 ( daughter Sandy's email ).

July 29, 2002 
Bill McCord 

My parents were stationed in Laon Air Force Base in the fifties and I was born there. My mother is still living in the dark ages and does not own a computer and would like me to get on the list so here we are. PS - I cycled all over Europe a couple times on my bicycle and I have a great story about my visit to the Laon Air Base, which is now a French Army base. I ended up in the General's office and they thought I was a spy. I would be more than happy to share the whole story with you all. Thanks, Bill
McCord (III)

July 23, 2002 
Ralph Dale Skinner 

Went to elementary school on Base 1962 thru 1966. My Dad is Carl B. Skinner

24 JUL 2002 
Stephen P. Mock, MSGt(ret) 

Former members of DET2 ARRC contact me. I am in contact with many of your friends and we would like you to join us.

Earl E. Johnson 

Was never Stationed At Laon, but spent some wonderful tdys there with acft from the 38th TRS that were going through periodic Maint.

July 20 2002 
philip townsend 

I would like to hear from any one stationed at laon afb between 1955 and 57 38th transport squadron.

July 18, 2002 
Francoise Wynne 

Hello, I don't who you are, but I'm happy to see this Website. Originally, I am from Saint Quentin, Aisne....was married at the Basilique de Laon, and lived at Laon AB from 1963-1964. I was married to John W. Jones. SSgt from Comm. SQ. 
I am now in Spokane WA. My daughter was born at the AB hospital. She introduced me to this Website, as she is researching out her birthplace. 

Ms. Francoise Wynne (formerly Jones).

Wayne "Tex" Rogers 

I am signing in for my Dad, Wayne Rogers but I think most knew him as Tex. He was a supply sergeant during the Korean War. His  e-mail address is: : )

Hi, my dad, Capt. Lester A. Erikson (mom Kathryn) was stationed at Laon 1963-65 and I attended and graduated from Verdun '62-63. Went on to night college classes on base and 2 semesters at U of Maryland, Munich. We lived in the lovely village of Premontre and have nothing but great memories of the area and people. 

Congratulations on a great site. Pam

Tony Desmond 

I was in the fire department at Laon from June 62 to May 65. It was a real honor to serve there. Most of my friends were never in the military not to mention that they never got to travel in Europe. I am still fighting fires and try to tell the younger people (that's all of them) what a great time we had in France. I think about how Laon shaped my life and I am thankful I could be apart of it. 

Good luck to all

5 July 2002 
Bud(Gilbert Jr.) Ory 

Lived in Laon 55-58 father was TSgt at jet engine shop I believe with the 405 BW ( I remember thinking the B-57's were on fire when they started up) Father was Gilbert F. and my mother was Charle'. We live at Crepy-en Laonnois. My sister and I have nothing but the best of memories of the time we were there 

July 5, 2002 
Jo (Tiny) Ory Kaufman