Laon AB
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July 5, 2004 - Today

4 July 2014
Donald Summers 
Statesville, NC

Happy Birthday to
July 4th, 2014
Charles D. Summers
66th Communications Squadron
Sept. 1958 - Oct. 1961
Laon Air Base, France

28 May 2014
Peter Bye 
Afton, MN

I am trying to find out information about my Uncle. His name is Roger James Bye
I think he was stationed at RAF Woodbridge in England with the 78th TAC and flew F-101 Voodoo's.
From the attached application for headstone, he was killed/died April 21, 1961 "Near Laon AB France" ???
For some reason he has two service numbers ???
After looking up all the serial number for the F-101's I came across this one which the date and the place match.
F-101A-25-MC s/n 54-1450
*USAF 81st TFW.
*4/21/1961: Written off at Laon AB, France.
Prior to the fatal incident, he ditched at least one other Voodoo in the ocean -- North Sea I was told.  I cannot find any ditched there, however one off of the Isle of Man, and one off of the Azores would fit the description and time frame.
This is about all I know.  Any help finding out more detailed information of what actually happened would be great.
Best regards;

5 March 2014
Genevieve Redfield
Sundance, WY

Have been with this site from day one,yrs ago, was in Laon from 52-55

16 February 2014
Donald Mahony
Mukwonago, WI

My father, Captain Thomas J Mahony had served as a Provost Marshall during the years 1951-1953 approx.  at the Laon Air Base.  I'm wondering how I get his name on the roll call page?  Also, another soldier, Major Harry Marshall, an Air Wing Inspector, would also like to be added to the roll call.  Jack Siebart, dad's interpreter, should also be mentioned.  How do we do this?

I lived in off base housing in the village of Couvron and Laon around that time with my brother and sister when I was about nine years old.  I'd like to know how to find out if there's anyone in that area that I could contact to come for a visit.  I played with Candice Marshall and Mike Monahan.   Have you heard from any of them?

Hope to hear from you soon! Thank you for dedicating this to all who served!

Don Mahony
(webmaster) Roll Call updated, Don.

4 January 2014
Ed Bailey
Oakhurst, CA
Hi again all.  I'm hoping to see some of you in Cleveland in September. I was in the 180th/822nd Bomb Squadron from 1952 until 1955.  I worked in Air Operations, Personal Equipment, and the Orderly Room.  Everyone who knew me, knew me as "Beetle."
I enjoyed visiting Soissons, Paris, and Brussels, and spent two winters on TDY in Tripoli, Lybia.
Wow!  It has been a while!  I hope you are all doing well.
Take care,
Ed "Beetle" Bailey

21 November 2013
Lawrence E. Sande
Sola, Norway
I was stationed at Laon Air.Base fro Nov 1955 till April 1958 working at the base photolab. I had a wonderful time and made a lot friends. If any of you see this please contact me.

14 November 2013
Paul Brett
I was detached to Laon in 1965 or '66 with #2 Squadron RAF Hunters from RAF Gutersloh, Germany. Your hospitality was magnificent, although my hangovers were not!

11 November 2013
Philippe E. Silvis
Haddonfield, NJ
My father was stationed at Laon from 1961 to 1965. I was trying to locate a Steven Sandoval who worked in the hospital during 1965. Do you have any information and/or contact information for this individual? I believe he may have been from New Mexico.

14 October 2013
Christopher Murphy
Elk Grove, CA

Hey all you people from Laon AFB!!!! This is Chris Murphy.

My father was stationed @ Laon in the 60's.I played baseball and ran around with Donald Hopper, Gary Underwood etc. Lived in trailer on base near the teen club! My late brother Frank W Murphy was there also. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers!

Cheers to you all! Chris Murphy

8 August 2013
Bruce Bianchini  
Big Bear City, CA
Hello, today I sat down to do a little reminiscing by looking up Laon AFB and was pleasantly surprised to find this site.  I served for 3 yrs as an airman in civil engineering in the early 60s.  Thank you for your site, it was a pleasant journey into my past from where I still have many memories.....

31 July 2013
Russ Clubb 
Metairie, LA

I was stationed there from 1962 - 1965 and have maintained contact with 2 good friends, John Campo and Lenny Breseman and their French wives who I also knew back then.  I would be delighted to communicate with any of the guys who were friends or acquaintances - I recently connected with Dan Vezzetti and am still trying to connect with Dick Burd who was a friend of all mentioned here.  Just in case it might trigger a memory, Lenny and I were the Sax and Lead Guitar of the Thunderbirds Band that played off base most weekends for a couple of years - fun times for a lot of us!

9 July 2013
Keith Denny Olmsted
Weatherford, TX

Great to see so many comments about our shared pass, recognizing some names from my days/years at Loan AFB.

I look forward to seeing some of my former friends in the future.

When is the next reunion in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?

4 July 2013
Tom Laseter
Greetings from Nepal;
We extend Birthday wishes to Laon AB website and members. Today makes 11 years that the website has been in existence and 14 years since Laon Survivors Alumni Association was formed in 1999. We congratulate Bernard in keeping this website alive and promoting the city of Laon, as well as the former base.
Tom Laseter

20 June 2013
Robert Thacker
Urbanna, VA   

I was stationed at Laon from 1955-58. Worked in the base communications center. Would like to hear from anyone from the squadron.

18 June 2013
Lysiane Prault - Collyer
Longueville, France   

Looking for information about my father Roy Stewart (or Steward) AKA "Stout Pilot" stationed at Laon-Couvron AB around 1953. Thanks.

5 June 2013
Kathy Riley
Highlands Ranch, CO   

My dad, Colonel Fred W. Dyer died 2/12/2000 and my mom, Dorothy Anne Dyer died 9/30/2012.  We were at Loan from 62-65.

12 May 2013
Donna Terry  

I am looking for anyone one who served with the late Walter E Sego Jnr between 1961 and 1998 that can help me find out about my father who I never had the fortune of knowing. Walter served in Laon between 1961 and 1965 and later served in the Vietnam War where he was injured. He returned to Sacremento medical unit in Ohio where he subsequently passed away.

If you do remember him and can tell me about my father, maybe have some photos I would like to hear from you

9 May 2013
Gordon Clark
Chandler, AZ 

2 May 2013
Anna Scarborough - Pablo Jaramillo

I'm writing on behalf of my father, Pablo R. Jaramillo. He was stationed in Laon from 1961-1964. He was in the 66th Civil Engineering Squadron. He is interested in any plans for a reunion (returning to Laon), but more importantly connecting with old buddies. He doesn't have an email, but will soon. We just found out about this website!

Please let me know how he can find out more.

Anna J. Scarborough

27 April 2013
Robert Taylo
Michigan City, IN
I was stationed at Laon AFB, 66th APS from '59-'62....
I have a short question, does anyone know if our Vodoo 101's ever left our base and flew over Vietam and back again?  (We were able to refuel in air)
I really would like to know....thanks

10 April 2013
Michael Pearson
Enfield, ME

I am Michael Pearson  58 camp road Enfield Maine..04493   207 732 4800  I was stationed in Laon 1961 –64  17th squadron . I was intel operation specalist working in the hanger on the flight line.   I remember so many great guys  Dennis Hearne, John Crowder, Lt. Paul Isreal Bruce Moses..  

26 March 2013
Carol Sue Woolsey-Ratcliff
Bellevue, NE

Maiden name Woolsey - dependent of Clyde Woolsey stationed at Laon AFB, 1958-61. I can't believe I waited so long to google Laon AFB. I was talking to a former teacher and we talked about France and the fact I lived there for three years. First year and half on the economy Chauny the last year and a half in off-base housing near the City of Laon. Been to France twice since but never traveled to Laon. I did get ahold of Davilla Riddle Harding through Facebook. I do have some memorabilia I could contribute to the website - Laon Sentential Newspapper. I sent one copy of the paper to Davilla because our names were in it and I had extra copies. Clyde passed 4/15/10 - would have been 90 10/10/10. Mom is still alive and will be 91 this year. I had one sister, Sheryl that graduated in 1964. Davilla and I were best friends at Laon - along with, Stephen Page, Diane Holland and others. I think Tom Lasterer was my age also. Please keep me posted and let me know what I can do. Thank you. Carol

7 March 2013
Kenneth N. Helton
Cornelia, GA

 I am A1C Kenneth N. Helton, 66th Air Police Squadron, arrived July 1961 and left March 1963.  Worked at Air Police Headquarters, Main Gate for Major/LtCol Christopher and SMSgt Richardson most of my tour.  Lived off base in Bucy-les-Cerny. Thanks for your efforts to keep the web site going.

21 January 2013
Carl Gallegos  

My father, Amadeo Gallegos, was stationed at Laon AFB in the early 60's. I was born there as well as twin sisters Annette and Janette.  I also have a sister who was born and died there. She is buried there.  I recently found your website and am happy to find additional information on my birth site.  I've been wanting to visit Laon and view my sister's gravesite for many years now.  Thanks for the information.
Carl Gallegos

4 January 2013
Donald Hopper 

Lived in Laon from 1962 thru 1966 with my family.  Dad was Bill Hopper and we lived next door to the Casey family in GRH.  Went on many trips with the Treichak and Mcfarld family's.  Knew the Marchetti family there dad worked with my dad in the hospital.  Grew up and played with Gary Underwood Chris Murphy and John Delozier.  Remember the teen club and going to the movies every Saturday.  Played and dug tunnels in the gravel pit and roamed that whole area.  Dad was a member of the rod and gun club and we went on many hunting trips over there.  Played in the base gym all the time with the Casey boys and even played a little baseball.  My dad has tons of pictures of all theses families and the base , town and area.  Would love to hear from any of you.  Don

22 December 2012
Msgt Robert Bell

Lived off base in Bruyeres with wife and 6 kids, 3 of whom were at DOD school on base.

 Alive and well in sunny Florida.

 Have stayed in touch with a number of friends from those "good old days"

2 November 2012
Dan Phelps
Cape Girardeau, MO  
A bit of humor: I was once being driven around the base in a pickup truck which would take us out to work on the aircraft. Seated in the center was a Frenchman. He was saying something and looked at me. I said "Speak English." He said "I am speaking English!" I prided myself on being able to understand a heavy accent but I was embarrassed! Good memories!

28 September 2012
"Duke" Duquette
Based at Laon AB from May 59-July62.  Flew an RF-101 from Shaw AFB to Laon with deployment of 17TRS to Laon in spring of '59.  Flew with 17/18 TRS for 2 years at Laon and Toul Air Bases, then established Recon Ops Center (ROC) in Laon Base theatre building for 66TRW.  Worked as Chief of ROC for Colonel Muldoon.  Assigned AFIT at University of Pittsburgh for Engineering Degree, then to Flight Test Division at Rome Air Development Center, Griffiss AFB, NY flying RB57s, then to Hq PACAF Plans where Col Muldoon was then PACAF DO.  Retired Lt Col from PACAF '70.  Now living KC Kansas with Wife of 65 years, Louise.  3 of our 9 Children live close by in KC.  Two sons are Retired Army Colonels.  3 children, Jay, Jan, and John are on your site guest list.  Saw many familiar names on your guest list.  Great site.  We would like to get back to Laon for a visit some day.  I am 86 now and Louise is 85, so we'll have to get to it soon.
Norman "Duke" Duquette/Louise/Family

24 August 2012
Charles Pefley 
I was on the base from June 1963 to October 1965 in the 66th Field Maintenance SQ.
Charles Pefley

16 August 2012
Mark D. Royce
Apple Valley    
Hi, My father was stationed at Laon AFB from late 1961 - to early 1963 - I was born in the hospital there 10-23-62.  My father was Tsgt Albert E. Royce.
I am Mark Royce.  I am hoping to return to the area where i was born someday...
anyone wishes to contact me - please do.

13 August 2012
Harvey Porter   
I was stationed at Laon from 1962-1965
Harvey Porter and family we had housing in GRH.   

13 July 2012
Herb Moore  

Found the Laon AFB website surfing the internet.  Great site, brings back many memories.
I was stationed at Laon AFB from July 1958 thru December 1959.  I was an  airborne radio/radar tech in the radio shack and on the flight line.  While there I worked on RF84’s and RFD 101’s
In my off time, other than weekends in Paris and Brussels, I practiced Judo on base.  In addition, I belonged to the French “Aero Club de I’ Aisne”   located at the airdrome of Roupy in Saint-Quentin that provided both glider and parachute training.
Airman Ronald Springer, Ken Murphy and I completed parachute training and did multiple jumps.  We even had to take our written test in French! There was an article in the November 12th 1959 issue of the “Laon Sentinel”.  At the same time MSgt James E Dempsey had soloed in gliders.   His photo is in the same issue of the “Laon Sentinel”.
While stationed there I got to go on leave to the 1958 Worlds Fair!
Herb Moore

19 May 2012
Robert Thacker 
I was stationed at Laon AFB from 1955-1958. Served with the 38th Bomb Wing 12th AF.Duty: Ground comminications. What a treat to see this site!

29 April 2012
Kerrie B. Wrye
My name is Kerrie Wrye, I am hoping to connect with anyone who is maintaining this site, & might put me in contact with other former "brats" who also were also in Laon & perhaps lived like we did, in the surrounding vicinity, during the 1960-1962/3 period my family was in France.
My father's name was Blair C. Wrye, he was a Sr. Pilot with the 66th TAC Recon Wing, their squadron emblem is the "Voodoo/One-O-Wonder" badge.
I will be grateful to have my father's name listed on this site, and to hear back from those connected to the site.
Though I have not returned to the village in which we lived the entire 3 years we were stationed in France, I am very close to finally coming back after years of French language & culture study here in the U.S.A.
Our house & village location was in Sincerny, (Aisne) Fr., on Rue Simon Lambacq
Most Sincerely,
Kerrie B. Wrye

23 April 2012
Denny Whalen   
Terrific website---was hunting info on Capt. Bill Griffin who was there in the late 50s early 60s--RF Voodoo jock who became a primary test "engineer" on camera systems for the 4416th test sqdn at Shaw in 1963-64. I was the sr airman in the camera section of the 4416th and interfaced daily and nightly as we tested new cameras, films and tactics.

15 March 2012
Doug Gordon
Langourla, FRANCE   
Good Morning.
I'm doing some research into USAFE aerobatic teams and would like to hear from anyone who remembers the 'Black Knights' and their RB-57s performing at Laon. I would like some first hand accounts of displays and some photos if possible. Thanks for your time.

25 February 2012
Karen Stratford  
My name is Karen , my father was stationed here from 1955 - 1959 approx.  My mother and older brother  have very fond memories of our time stationed in Laon.  My mother has a clear memory of her life during this time. When we first arrived in Laon we had to live in a chateau in the village for about a month until military housing was available.  Please add me to any dependent list on your website.  I would like to keep in contact with former dependents. One of my sisters was born on the military base.  Thank you for your website.

14 February 2012
Ricky Dale Morris
Henryetta, OK 
My father Frank M. Morris was stationed in Laon AB from 1960-1964.  I was born in Laon AB, France on June 24th, 1961.  I've always had the desire to visit and hope to soon.

10 January 2012
Rex Barnes
St Charles, MO   
At Laon AB from 10/65 thru Aug 66 - 1st Sgt 66 CE Sq, & 66 Trans Sq, moved to Upper Heyford in Sep 66 with Trans Sq - Back to Tinkler AFB, OK in Oct 68, Retired Sep 69

16 December 2011
Doug Scott  
I was in the camera section of the 66 A&E squadron at Laon from May till September 1966.  We were all relocated to Upper Heyford late in September.  I am looking for old friends from A&E and would like to listed on roster so that someone could make contact if they chose to.
Doug Scott
66 A&E, Camera

29 November 2011
Roger Zippler 

Dear Fellow Laoners,
I recently found my 8th grade yearbook for the school year 1964-65 at Laon Dependent. It's filled with memories. If anyone wants PDF copies of it, I'd be glad to share them with you.
Go Rangers!
Roger Zippler

27 November 2011
Kay Gardner Riffe
Gloucester, VA 
I was born here November of 1958; John C Gardner is my father.  He was an aerial photographer, I have fabulous photos of Europe during his days of active duty.  We now reside in eastern Virginia, he winters in Arizona.  Would love to make contact with folks that were at Laon with him. Several names I recall . . . Carpenter, Yohn, Jim Nesbitt also photographer died several years ago.  I believe dad was in contact with Carpenter not too long ago; Yohn lives in Grandview area of Hampton, VA.  Welcome any contact.

25 September 2011
Charles F. Cowell, Jr
Washington, NC 
Bernard, Sorry to report LAST FLIGHTS of:(Capt) William Conrad Richardson, 405th BS, Sqdn Navigator, in Feb 2008;(Lt.) Charles W. Povelites, 180th and 822d Navigator, on 26FEB11. BLUE SKIES to both! /s/ Charlie, ole A26 Navigator, 180th and 822d. Thanks for your efforts on the Guestbook!

19 September 2011
Susie Parker-Purdy 
I was a "brat" from Nov 62 to Oct 65.  SSgt Jim Lawrence, Crew Chief was my step dad, mom was Jo Lawrence worked data entry.  My friends included Anita Taliaferro, Jim Deese, Bruce??, knew Pam Mayo and dated a young GI name Skip Charette from Leominster, MA.  Sister's name was Cathie Parker, now Harris.
Do you have any school year books from 62-66?
Susie Parker-Purdy

19 September 2011
Jim Deese
Bellevue, NE 
I attended Laon High School (freshman and sophomore years) from 1964-1966. Looking for fellow classmates.

7 September 2011
Everett Kimball
Camarillo, CA
Bernard: Keep up the good work with the website. I tell my grandkids of you, when they will visit Europe.  I was there 1955, 56, and 57.  We lived in P-et-T  ??, Charmes and Couvron.  My wife and I and kids enjoyed our time in France very much. Hello to you and your wife.   Ev Kimball, Camarillo, California.

5 September 2011
Bill Whitten

My dad, Winston Whitten was stationed at Laon from '59 to '61. Hw worked in supply at the base HQ. We lived in the town of Cessieres. I attended 6th to 8th grade at the base school.
I was active in little league and boy scouts. I remember a few people, ie Russ Hood and Howard Rael (who have posted to the guestbook); the Cory sisters, Janine and Paula; Brian Lindberg, the Pruitt brothers; the Moak brothers and "Bootsie" Coryell. Sorry to all those who I have not named.
My dad turns 89 on 10/1 and lives about 25 miles from my home. I have very fond memories of Laon, France and Europe. I followed in his footsteps by joining the AF in 1970 and serving a year at Korat AFB from '71 to '72. I also served 22 yewars with the NH Army NG and served a year in iraq from '04 to '05.
I hope to retire in 2013, from the practice of law. Would love to hear from any other "brats." Bill

27 August 2011
Howard Rael
Howard, Eugene, Karen, and Carmen Rael were part of Loan's dependents from 57-61.  My father (Eugene) was a T/SGT in field maintenance.

25 August 2011
David Heeney
Hello from England.
Any information regarding Percy Perry Brown or Robert Lee Smith, both based at Laon Couvron airbase in the fifties would be greatly appreciated.
Thanking you in anticipation.
D Heeney.

18 August 2011
Christine Lofthouse
I would like to get intouch with Ron Eidson who was working at the Hospital, the American Hospital roundabout 1963, it would be very exciting if I could get in touch with after all this time.
I met him in Ostende in 1963 there abouts.

5 August 2011
Jean S. Nelson
Hi there,
My name is jean scott nelson. I was born in France on June 16th, 1963. My dad was Lt. Col Roland A. Scott. My mother was Iris D Scott.
Daddy was stationed there until I was somewhere between 6 months and 1 year old. I do not know when he began his assignment.
My dad passed away in May of 1999 and my mom, in Feb of 2008. 
 I scanned the names on the website and did recognize 2 names. I know that I met them several years ago (John and Maggie Mahoney - but I think he went by Jack).
 2 sisters: Violet Scott (now Klein) - she is 65. My middle sister was Rolanda ("Roland" + "A" = Rolanda) I Scott. She passed away last summer (she was 59). 
 I don't know much more than that. I have a ton of old photos that I can scan at some point in the future (we've been remodeling our house and i'm very busy with
that project, my husband, and twin 11 yr olds). 
Daddy retired when I was 2 or 3 and we settled in Anderson, SC, my mom's home town (Daddy was from Biddeford, Maine - he was fluent in French)
As to what Daddy did - He graduated from Clemson University (Clemson A&M back then). He was in Korea and WWII. He was in the AF for 23 years. i know that he flew Gooney Birds (he was in the Berlin Airlift). He was also a meteorologist. He was stationed a number of places in the US, including Missouri, Florida, Texas, New Hampshire, and California. Additionally, Korea, Iceland, France, and Germany. I am sure there were others. After he retired and moved to Anderson, he ran the local Holiday Inn for a short time. He then taught at Fairplay Middle School (in Fairplay, SC) and later at Lakeside Jr High, in Anderson, SC.
Just wanted to share some of Dad's info.
Thank you,
Jean Scott Nelson

27 July 2011
Fred Ferguson

25 July 2011
Laetitia Lobjeois
Laon, France
For very long I've been trying to locate an American who was statoned at Laon in the 50's. This man is my grand-father, my mother's father, and my mother never knew him.
By my grand-mother, we have some information (birth date, birth place, and even activity when he went back to the US) but we never could find him.
His name is Larry Coza, born on april 4th 1932 in Cleveland, OH.
Did you know him? Have you photos or memories to send me? stories?
I saw that former people of the base are still in touch and come back to the area ; then I'm hoping to get some in formation, even if we won't have a chance to meet him in person. That would be a great joy.
I'll visit this site often ; I'm from Laon and I love the American culture and the memories!
Many thanks in advance.

24 July 2011
Julie-Ann Archung MacDonald
Hi.  I just found your website while searching for an online archive of the Laon Sentinel.  My Dad, S/Sgt. David Archung was the subject of an article regarding his actions in the control tower in March 1957.  Do you  have any idea where I might find a reprint of that article?
I'll appreciate any suggestions you have.
Julie-Ann Archung MacDonald

9 July 2011
Roger Peacock, CMSgt USAF (ret.)
Canal Winchester, OH
Happy 4th of July!  Was stationed at Laon in 66th CE Sqdn from 1961 to 64.  Still have contact with French friends we made while there. Daughter was born in base hospital in Nov 62.  We lived in Bertaucourt for a while in a chateau until we moved into the trailers on base.

4 July 2011
Al Hardison
Castle Hayne, NC
Happy 10th birthday for your web page

4 July 2011
Donald Summers
Satesville, NC
July 4th again! HAPPY BIRTHDAY . . . Thank you Bernard for maintaining this web site for Tom and all the Laon AB dependent children that have now grown up to be great citizens.  Love to attend another 'Brat Reunion' and socialize with them once again.  Love you Brats!  Donald

28 June 2011
Richard Hosman
I  was stationed at Laon from  May 1956 to Sept.1958 first in the 822 B Sq. then  the 38 FMS .My first and
only overseas tour. Found A Redhead French Girl  in Crecy and married her. We had 6 kids together.
 Richard Hosman  Now live In Illinois

27 June 2011
Al Hardison
Castle Hayne, NC 
Many memories

21 June 2011
Kent Goldsmith
Conway, AR

served in the 822nd from June of 1956 thru June of 1957.  I was an electronic technician (SSgt) at the time. Later conned my way into OCS, became commissioned, and got my pilot wings, then back to France at Evreux.  Retired from USAF in June of 1974.
Many memories of Laon : first living in barracks, frequent side trips to Brussels and Paris, then married a French girl and we lived in Crepy-en-Laonnois and Crecy-sur-Serre. She was from Paris.
Currently retired and living in Conway AR 

20 June 2011
Mike Stevens

John Stevens in the military section passed away in July, 2008.  He loved living at Laon.  Thanks, Mike Stevens

16 June 2011
Jon McMurtry
Tampa, FL
I arrived in Laon AB in Jan 1965 and my family arrived in March.  We lived in  Faucacourt about 15 miles south of the base. I started flying in Flight Ops in the T-33 then the T-39 as an IP/FE.  A high light in my career was being selected to locally upgrade to the RF-101 with the 18th TRS. I completed this reaching combat ready status with the move to Upper Heyford. Our oldest daughter completed first and second grade at Laon.  The school was excellent in spite of the one and a half hour bus ride each way. The tour was interesting with the old coal furnace and hauling drinking water to the "Villa".  Our daughters learned to speak some French from our house keeper and helping the local dairyman and his kids drive the cows to his house in town for milking. The medical care was good but could be limited.  I remember flying two emergency flights in the T-39 to Everue (sp), no flight plan, just to check the French radar! Ha! All-in-all we learned a lot and were Ok and the move on to Upper Heyford was even better.

13 April 2011
Maryse Twohy-Springstead

My Dad was stationed at Laon AB in the 1960's. He met my Mom there (she lived in Vivaise). I was born in Laon. I visit my grandfather every year (he lives on Rue des Marais, Vivaise; same house for over 50 yrs).

Is there anyone who remembers/friends of my Mom & Dad. My Dad worked on the Flt Line (66th Sq), his name is Dennis Twohy.

10 April 2011
Michael E. Gillivan
I was on a TDY assignment at Laon AFB in 1963.
The program was called Operation Short Spurt, and I was only there for 4 months.  (March - June). My home base was Luke AFB. - Arizona and I was stationed there from January 1961 through June 1964.
Prior to my TDY duty at Laon, I was also called to perform TDY duty at MacDill AFB - Florida, during the Cuban crises in October 1963.
My career field was Warehouse Supply, and I was assigned to Warehouse #3 while at Laon.
Though I was only there 4 months, I considered Laon to be great duty.
Celebrated my 21 birthday at the airmans club.
A lot of good memories...that's for sure.

29 March 2011 & 25 April 2011
James Hinkley
Pittsboro, NC   
I was stationed at Laon Air Base from 1952 until 1955 in the 38th Field Mantenance Squadron. I was an Office Machine Repairman achieving the rank of Airman First Class. We lived in eight-man tents with potbelly stoves. The tents were gradually improved with frames and roofs. Eventually they were transformed into tar paper shacks. We supported three squadrons of B-26 Douglas Light Bombers (Flying Coffins). By 1955, our aircraft were changed to B-57 English Electric Canberras. By late 1954 we moved into barracks built by the French. We spent passes in Couvron and Laon and went to Paris, Reims, Saint Quentin and Brussels for three day passes and weekends.

Additional Info: I went on TDY to Whellus AFB in Tripoli, Libya to work in the aircraft tire shop for two months in 1954 in support of our bomb squadrons' bombing practice in the desert. We were in tents there also, but we did have an Airmens club to go to.
During 1959, I played on the 38th Field Maint Sqdn volleyball team. We won the base championship and went on to win the All France Sports Conference Championship and the all Europe championship in Frankfort. We finally lost at Eglin AFB in Florida. I was just a sub sitting on the bench most of the time. Our coach was Lt. Papavasilio.
In evenings during 1957, I worked at the base radio station (WLAB) for about nine months spinning records of popular music we received from AFN. I was "Slim Jim, Fleeing NOT Flying Away from Loan Air Base."
I served beer in the Squadron Day Tent in 1958. The best beer came from Germany loaded in B-26 bomb bays returning from Rhein Main and Frankfort.
The three years at Laon AFB was a long time to be away from the States and home, so I tried to make the best of it.

27 March 2011
Michael Parente
Fishers, IN   
I have really enjoyed your website.  It has brought back many memories.  I was stationed at Laon AB from March 1964 until December 1964 after being stationed at Cigli AB, Izmir, Turkey from January 1963 until March 1964.  Too many a/c electricians in Turkey not enough planes.  Even though I was only at Laon for 10 months it has remained one of the fondest memories of my short four year Air Force career.  I was assigned to the 66th CONSLD ACFT MAINT SQ in the electric shop at Laon, I think SMSgt Hawkins was the NCOIC.  I was able to find one of the airman I serviced with during my short stay at the base through your web site, thanks.

27 March 2011
Hélène Landry
Quebec, CANADA   
Je suis à la recherche de Ronald Smith, né en avril 1942 en Ohio et stationné sur la base aérienne de Laon de 1960 à 1963. J'aimerais le mettre en contact avec Maryvonne qu'il a bien connue là-bas.
Looking for Ronald Smith, born in April 1942 in Ohio, stationed in Laon, France, from 1960 to 1963 in Air Force, probably with 66th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing. I would like to get him in touch with Maryvonne whom he knew well there.

18 March 2011
Mark Royce
Shoreview, MN  
Hi, I was born at the base hospital 10/23/1962 - my father was  Sgt. Albert E. Royce.
He was a 20 year veteran in the Army Air core then switched Air Force.

mothers name Anne R. Royce - both are deceased

anyone out there knows anyone who served with him.

would love any info and or comments! 


16 February 2011
Francois Goulette 
Hi! I'm trying to get informations about two 1st class airmen of the 38th Bomb Wing who were stationed on Laon AB between 1954 and 1956 : Carl Bion Grassman and Robert Earl Brown.
These two men are relatives of the French pilot Marcel Goulette (1st flight France-Madagascar- Ile Bourbon in 1929).
Many thanks in advance for any information about them.

10 February 2011
Roger Lagrange
Woodinville, WA

18 January 2011
Mike Zeitner
Gig Harbor, WA
Due to this wonderful website I just heard from an old friend, Paul Gajeski, who was stationed with me at Laon AB in 63 - 65. He let me know that he had read my post back in August and that was how he was able to connect with me. Sadly, he also let me know of another friend's passing - Rich Hora - who was stationed with us at Laon. I'm looking forward to continuing our correspondence now that the connection has been made.

14 January 2011
Dennis Defosie

Spent 3 years at Laon AB from July 2, 1963 to Sept. 26, 1966
In 17th TAC Recon. Stayed at the Sheep Ranch as it was called.
Lot of good times there.
Everyone called me Dee

13 January 2011
Arnaud Moulin
My name is Arnaud Moulin and my Dad (Jean-Claude Moulin, son of Denise and Robert Moulin) lived from 1956 to 1968 in Alaincourt. During that time, one of his neighbours, Johnny Hardwick was an American stationed on Laon AB. I would like to find this man or one of his children.
I don't know much about them and have only a few photos (one of his wife and one of his three children). They are African-Americans All the three children were probhably born in France. 2 boys (I don't know the names) and a girl named Penny.
He was probably in the photo unit with Voodoos. He was a basketball fan, very tall and muscular.
Many thanks in advance for any information you could get for me.
Moulin Arnaud

31 December 2010
Bill Pouch
Hello. My name is Bill Pouch. Iwas stationed at Laon in 1966 (June -Sept). I was with the 66th A & E squadron.
After Laon I went to RAF Upper Heyford in Oxfordshire England. If you so desire you can add my name to the Roll Cal listing. Additionally if you want you can add Thomas Brookshire who was stationed at Laon the same time and was also in the 66th A & E.
Bill Pouch

28 December 2010
Eric Roth
My Dad got station there in 1957 ,, we lived in off base houseing. 200 cite Maruette sous Laon..( I think I spelled it right ).. I was 7 and my brother was 8 .. It was the best Time in my Life i can remember..Hope to go back and viste someday...

22 December 2010
Thomas (Tom) G. Harrison
Denton, TX
Just now came across your website after  following up on a WWII research project I'm doing. My step-dad Richard C. Harrison was a bombardier-navigator flying the Canberra from 1956-58 with the 822nd. I was a senior attending Paris American H.S.(PAHS) with Gary Baber and graduated from same in May '57. We were the weekly bus-trippers !

14 December 2010
Edward Bailey
Oakhurst, CA             
I was in the 822nd Bomb Squadron from 1952 until 1955.  I understand you can e-mail it to me.  My e-mail address is  I am interested in finding Mert Caldwell, who was in the newsletter from the convention in Sacramento.  I can verify the stories he told.  Those were fun times.  When I arrived at Loan we were in the process of converting from an activated National Guard  unit, and those guys were a little less formal than the regulars who gradually replaced them.  The National Guard 180th Bomb Squadron rotated to St. Joseph MO, and was replaced with the 822nd.
Thanks for all your work keeping up this site.

19 October 2010
Lynne Ehre
New Castle, PA            
updating my address and email-- moved this year!!
Lived on LAB  1957-1961
I was living in Laon AFB 1957-1961  my Step Dad  was Capt.Donald Felltham ( he passed away this year in a Vets home in Georgia) we will miss him!!!and I went to the base grammar school. We lived in the trailer park on the same street as the play ground. My name at that time was--Ida (Lynne) Stewart. I used to go to the sub teen club -- It was so much fan there and I would love to connect with some of the people that I knew at that time. Col.- Dr. Fletcher White lived behind us at the Trailer park and the Solberg's lived next door to us - he was a helicopter pilot. I knew Barbara  Corell (Bootsie).... if you remember me  let me know. We left in 61 and were sent to Madison Wisconsin air base- Trux field where I finished High school.
Would love to hear from someone who was there at the smae time...It was such a good life there and we traveled all over Europe the entire time we were there... on the go every week end....
Regards to all. Lynne Ehre

18 October 2010
Yvette Finkele            
Hello---My name is Yvette Finkele-- nee Gresillon...My husband Bill and I are delighted to have found this wonderful tool to try to reconnect with people we have known and worked with.
I am from Crecy-sur-Serre, Aisne, France....My parents owned the Hardware store Rue du Grand Four....I worked at Laon Air Force Base first as a typist at the Air Installation Office (AIO) for Mr. Lefevre under Major Downing....then was the secretary to Msg Garland and Warrant Officer Gerald Porter under Major Perigo, in the vehicle maintenance office located near the rear gate... My husband of 50 yrs was airman 2nd class William Finkele, stationed there from Nov 56-Nov 60...We were married in the Hotel de Ville in Laon first, then at the catholic chapel on the Base...We have two married daughters Caroline and Suzanne, also military wives....Air Force noneless, whose husbands retired as Lt Colonel and Major.
We now live in Wellsboro, PA in the Summer and Naples, FL in the winter.
I saw that Suzanne Garland asked if someone remembered her dad and had info about her home in La-Fere.....we were there last year and I made a point to take a picture of the house she lived in back then....Bill and I visited her Mom and Dad (my boss) as newlyweds and ate with them....If Suzanne reads this please give me your address so I can send you the picture....
Our email is: and we hope some of you will remember us and contact us.
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Jim Toland, McDade, David Z Caissie, John Mott, Charlie Plum, Skinner...all airmen at the time in the 66th Transportation Squadron.....Also, Jacques Lesage, Vassaux, Leveque, Mr.Balitou....all civilians working in the Vehicle Maintenance shop.
We will be looking forward to any reply....thanks....Yvette and Bill Finkele.

15 October 2010
John Mazella            
Has anyone seen or heard from Doc Gordon, Glen MacFarlane or Joe Russel?
John Mazella

9 October 2010
Judith Jackson             
I know this unlikely but I am hoping to get some contacts near Laon to help me. My dad was a B-17 pilot in the 388th in WWII.
My dad and his crew bailed out over Laon after one of the engines caught fire. All of the crew lived. We want to visit that area next year. I am trying to find out if there are any people who remember the crash. A farmer and a family took my dad in and gave him a drink and bandaged his head. He was told one bomb landed in the bedroom of a house near Laon. The girl whose room it was was in Paris that day, noone was hurt.
I am hoping to find a local historian who may have heard of this crash. Any thoughts? My dad was brought to an American outpost nearby.
If you have any recommendations I would appreciate them.

27 September 2010
Robert Bourgetel
Laon, France           
Hi ! I am Robert Bourgetel and I live in Laon. I worked on the base in 1965 as storeroom man in the Mess 1 & 3, then in the transportation office in 1966.
I am trying to find David Cushman who was sergeant in the transportation office in 1966 and sergeant Carpenter whose I forgot the first name.
Can you help me getting back in touch with them, please?
Many thanks in advance.
R Bourgetel

25 September 2010
Yvonne Griffin            
My Father Verdain Griffin ( known as Billy ) was stationed at Laon USAF base in the 1960s. He was in the 66th Squadron.
Unfortunately he was killed out there in a car crash in May 1966, before we could join him, as we were in England.
I would like to get in touch with anyone who knew him.
Im sure he had lots of friends out there as he was a fun, friendly guy.
He was also African American.
Thank you so much.

23 September 2010
Thomas E. Clinton
Cassatt, SC           
Great job Tom, I just found this web page. I was station at Loan AB from 1963 to 1966 assigned to the 66th FMS/CAMRON, AGE/Ground Power shop. Me and my family lived at GRH Unit #22, until we returned to the states. Retired USAF April 30, 1979. Pope AFB NC. My Wife, Ollia, sons Vaughn and James, daughter Cynthia was borned 1965 in France.

7 September 2010
Tami Smith
Newport Beach, CA          
I'm searching for USAF Pilot Neal Thomas (first name could be spelled differently)
July 1961, on the USAF base - Chateauroux - Deols, France - USAF Lieutenant Pilot Neil Thomas was temporarily staying at the Officer's base barracks because he was waiting for aircraft parts to be shipped from the US for his F101 Voodoo jet. It's believed he was stationed at Laon AB France. 
One other fact, July 1961, Neil Thomas had an eight year old son living in Poteau, OK with his wife.  It's not confirmed Officer Thomas was from Poteau, OK.
It would be so amazing to met this brilliant man ~
Standing by,

10 August 2010
James T. Myrtle         
My first assignment was with the 32nd TRS at Phalsbourg from Dec 1959 until Oct 1960. We moved to Toul Rosieres along with the 38th TRS in Oct 1960 and stayed there until Mar 1962. Then the 38th TRS was sent to Germany and the 32nd TRS to Laon in Mar 1962. I remained at Laon until my discharge in Dec 1962. I served with Robert Bernier, Gene Botelho, John Robert Drackett, Rodney Fralick, Paul Kolb and Bill Parker and others and we still get together every two years for a reunion.

10 August 2010
Edwin Merrit         
Arrived in Bremmerhaven, Ger. aboard the U  S S Alexander Patch (a MATS transport at that time - now scrapped), then trained down to Laon.  This was in March of 1954, and was welcomed with a cold, wet rain, and soupy earth.  The tent was not exactly water tight either.  In all, the years 1954 to May of 1957 went quickly and have many fond memories of my buddies with whom I was stationed.  On Arrival at Loan, was assigned as an administrative assistant to the 7422nd USAF Hospital Group, commanded at that time by Maj. John Troxell (who was also the flight surgeon).  That assignment lasted throughout my tour at the base.  While there, played on the baseball team, (also the rangers) and enjoyed the travel to various bases, which provided much opportunity for good time.    Softball was also a big activity on the base, and the 7422nd was no exception.  We had good teams and were always in the running.   Can still remember quite a few of the guys.  T/Sgt Tex Haleford, our pitcher extraordinare, Charles Partridge, Manny Diaz, Joe Galloni, Grady West, Tom Butler, Hank Roysden to name a few.  Haven't heard from any of them, since May of 1958, when Many Diaz & Hank Roysden showed up at my wedding.  Many was quite the entertainer and performed for us.  Am sorry that I knew nothing about this site till 8/9/10 when I accidentaly came accross it.  Thought I would try it and see if any old contacts may pop up.  Worth a try  anyway.  Knew many of the Doctors as, well, including the base Vet -  Dr. Dan McCutcheon, The chief surgeon,  Dr. Bisharat, Dr. Robt. K. Baum,, the french liason medico, Dr. Pierre Benemou to name a few.  Will remain hopeful that I may hear from an alumni.  Thanks for the site.

10 August 2010
Billy L. Parker
I came to Laon from Toul Rosieres with the 32nd TRS. I was only there about six months (Mar-Aug) 1962. Played on the base softball team and was at Chateauroux playing in a tournament when my time came to go home. I have some info on James T Myrtle which he asked me to post. I will post it shortly.

9 August 2010
Mike Zeitner
Gig Harbour, WA
Love the site, although it took me ten years to find it. We were in Laon AFB from 63-65 in the 17th RTS. Google earth shows the parking pads and apron where we worked and enjoyed life. We competed in Royal Flush IX (still have the book and picture! I would enjoy connecting with other phototechies. Mick Bachi, Paul Gajeski, Ralph Hora, and my best friend Gordy Lehr who was with the Base Photo Lab at Ramstein. Both Gord and I worked at Eastman Kodak after we got out in '65 but I've not been able to contact him since. Hoo Rah for the One-O-Wonders!

8 August 2010
Ames, IA         
I was the Base Veterinarian at Laon AB from 1961 to 1963 and was assigned to the 66th TAC Hospital. We moved there from Phalsbourg AB when it closed and lived in a trailer on base. I have many fond memories of the Hospital personnel, Air Police (I took veterinary care of the sentry dogs), and small animal clinic clients. Our two oldest boys, Jeff and Greg, were born during our Laon assignment. I retired from Iowa State University (2001) and from the Iowa Air National Guard (1991). My wife Kay and I live in Ames, Iowa.

8 August 2010
Harvey Garson
Virginia, MN         
Hi again, I would to correct tne time i was  at Laon AFB.I was there from feb 1956- aug 1958. I was i HGTRS SQ 38th ABGP. I was in the photo lab. Just before I left there in 58 a person was assinged to the lab. His name was Amed Kalane. I would like to hear from anyone from that period. M commander during that was Maj Mel Fisher.

6 August 2010
Mike Zeitner
Gig Harbour, WA
Hi there!
Great site! Didn’t know this existed, but found a link on the UH site which I was visiting. I was stationed at Laon from November ‘63 to September ‘65. Assigned to 66th TRW as photographic technician working at the 17th & 18th hangar area. Have many ground and aerial photos of Royal Flush IX which we participated in.
This was my first hitch overseas after working out of 15th RTS at March AFB, Riverside CA during the Cuban Crisis. Lots of TDY activity in Del Rio, TX with recon activity in early ‘63. Then was transferred to Laon & had to leave my bride of 6 months behind to have our first child alone. She joined me in April of 64 and we lived in Monceau-Les-Leups for almost 1 ½ years. Went through Couvron every day to access the back gate and then a circuit out to the 17th / 18th hangar.
Can I search the guestbook database by name? I am looking for a few troops that served with me at Laon. Burley, Hopper, Gajeski, Hora, Bachi are a few.
Thanks for what you’re doing! It was an honor to serve our nation during the period from the rise of the Berlin wall through the Cuban crisis and then out before my squadron was frozen in preparation for Veitnam.
Blessings To All Men, Women and their dependents who served in France!
A1C Mike Zeitner  AF19719254

5 August 2010
Joanne Ziemba Fineberg
Columbia, SC         
My dad, Alvin F Ziemba, was stationed at Laon 1962-65, pilot with the 17th TRS - with 5 kids, base housing was out - we lived in a farm house in Merlieux - went to base school. 

29 July 2010
John Hall
Ypsilanti, MI         
My last entry to the website was in December and I am continuing on from there.
The first thing I noticed upon approaching the gate during my cab ride (I have been recently informed that Gus my cab driver was killed in an auto accident) to the base was the large sign that read something like "Laon AFB USAFE William Tell Champs". Also, the picture of an apple with an arrow through it.  I never knew if that had to do with some archery contest or what.
For the benefit of my old AP buddies , the first AP that I met at the gate was Frank Guiterrez who had the best spit shinned shoes of anyone on base.
My first Flight Sgts were Dunn (deceased) and Davidson (now living in CA) .Guard duty wasn't too bad.  I spent most of my time as a "ramp rat" guarding those 101's day and night in all types of weather.  The winters in Northern France were not too bad but it sure did stay cloudy a lot.  The only good weather was around June through Sept. 
Our relief during the shift consisted of riding around in the area patrol vehicle called SATs 1 and 2 if my memory serves me right.  There were times while walking guard duty I would get so sleepy and the only thing that would bring me around was when I would bump into one of those Voodoo landing struts.  Heaven help the poor soul who got  caught asleep on duty. That was an automatic Article 15 punishment or even a court martial.
I carried a little portable transistor radio tuned into the BBC stations that were playing all of the good up and coming American artist and  tunes and some of the Brits stuff that was just beginning to become big in the states (or the "World" as we nicknamed it).  What was funny about this was that some of these stations operated off of small boats anchored out in the English Channel and were called Pirate stations because they did not have permits to broadcast.  Every now and then the police would raid one of these stations and you could here it.
Speaking of radios, does anyone remember those large Motorola walkie talkies that we had to carry slung over the shoulder along with your AR15?
Occasionally, I got to work base patrol which consisted of putting on my dress blues and white hat, gloves and take station at the Main Gate or the Couvron back gate.  I was on duty at the back gate and listening to the BBC when they announced that Kennedy had been shot.  Some of this stuff is still so vivid in my mind.
On a particular date in June 1964 I along with a few others were chosen to perform honor guard duty at an American Cemetery commemorating the D-Day landing. We were in dress blues and wearing those chrome plated helmets. At the time I was 20 yrs old and took this as being just another ceremony.  To this day I don't know if it was Normandy where we went.  But I now regret not knowing and realizing the significance of that ceremony.
There was a base telephone operator who was French working the night shift named Jose and also married to a GI.  Every now and then she would patch me through to my mother here in the states. I wish her well.
How about those base alerts, especially the ORI?  The folks who lived off base will remember the "Paul Revere Run".  Whenever there was an alert some poor soul from the base had to drive out and notify everyone to report in.
We lived cheaper on base than the French on their economy.  Some examples are: Cigs on base at the BX went for 2.00 a cartouche while the French paid around 8.00 or so.  Premium booze sold for 4.00 but I think went for twice as much on the economy.  Gas at the base Esso service station was less than a dollar ( I think) while it went for 3.00 off base.  As some of you will remember these price variations caused some of our folks to get involved in a little black marketing activity. Anyone that got caught lost their car and later a stripe.
I bought my first new car, a VW square back, from American car salesman who had a trailer just outside the main gate.  I'm sure some of you will remember him. I shipped that car home from Antwerp upon rotation back to the States.
In closing,I was glad to get back home after being away overseas for 3 yrs 9 months and 28 days.  By the way I got married over there to a local lady and 2 of my daughters were born there. Now that I am older I often wish that I could go back in time for just a little while and relieve some of those wonderful times and experiences I had at the base and France.  Quite a few of those memories will remain with me for the rest of my days.
John A. Hall   AF16742897

18 July 2010
Phil Davidson
Rochester NY
I was an Army 1st Lt. serving at Laon AFB as the Air Recon Liaison Officer (ARLO), first for the 32nd and then the 17th TRS, between 1964 and 1966. We now live in Rochester NY but are soon moving to Hilton Head, SC. I would love to hear from former Laon folks. My e-mail address is

Phil Davidson

7 July 2010
Bob Hutchins        
My family was living at Laon AFB from 1964 to 1966.
My father was Sgt. LeRoy Hutchins  PMEL (Precision Measurement Electronics Lab)- Still alive
My mother Mary Hutchins -still alive
My sister Shari Hutchins Cho -still alive
Myself Robert Hutchins (57 years old)
We lived in Tergnier and GRH
I am completely blown away that there is a website and that there are reunions. Please write back on how to add info on my family. We have pictures if any are wanted.
 Robert Hutchins 

6 July 2010
Eliane Creter
Je m' appelle Eliane Creter née Dupuy, j' habite en Allemagne près de Francfort.
J' ai travaillé sur la base, en particulier au club des officiers, Azur net, Base Laundry and pick-up Point et finalement Motor Pool, j'ai pour ainsi dire fermé le 31 mars 1967. Je suis ensuite partie en Allemagne avec une amie travailler à Rhein-Main AB.
J' ai habité Couvron et Crépy.
 Bien Amicalement
 Eliane Creter

6 July 2010
Elizabeth Krohn
Nice Web Page.  I was in Laon in 1962-1963, 2nd and 3rd grade.  We lived at GRH.  I don't remember my dad's rank at the time, but I think he was tSgt and his name is Walter Barr.  I remember the triangle well, digging lots of tunnels, the red phone booth, gypsies and their tapestries, and the little town.  Hope all is well with everyone from the past.

5 July 2010
Donald Summers
Statesville NC      
Happy 9th Birthday to "" as of July 4th, 2010

2 July 2010
Tom Laseter  
On July 4th, 2010, celebrates another birthday, 9 years old and still going strong. I thank my Texas brother Bernard for carrying the torch another year and keeping in touch with any and all who knock at it's door......
Tom Laseter (2001) Creator

25 June 2010
Harvey Garson        

17 May 2010
Raymond K. Lane       
Not sure how to contact the Laon Survivors Roll, but I was stationed with the 1994 AACS Squadron, ATC, GCA Controller from January 1956 to December 1959.
8 May 2010
Charley Penrose
Atascadero, CA        
I just found your web site, enjoyed reading the notes from so many people, and hope you can include the following information:
 My name is Charley Penrose and I live on the Central Coast of CA, USA.
 I was trained as a radar mechanic and sent to Merignac, Bordeaux in January of 1952 as one of the first replacements for the Chicago, IL and St. Joe, MO National Guard Squadrons.  I was surprised to find that the B26's had no radar.  So, I was sent to Laon to assist in opening the base.  I was then trained there to be a Turret Systems Mechanic and Gunner in the 71st Bomb Sqdn.,  38th Bomb Wing.  I served there until October 1954.  I would like to contact other crew members who were there at the same time.  I remember the tents we lived in for those many years.  I wonder if any of my tent mates and other comrades are still around.  I really enjoyed my stay in Laon and particularly the many good times spent in Paris.  My e-mail is
Charley Penrose
6205 Toro Creek Road
Atascadero, CA  93422-1006
Phone: 805-235-1904
Fax: 805-466-6742
PS.    There is a 38th Bomb Wing Reunion taking place  June 11, 12, and 13,  2010.  Being held in Rancho Cordova, CA.  Contact Don Lester 209-295-4525.

1 May 2010
Walter Barr       
We were stationed at Laon from 1962 to 1964. My dad worked on the flight line and PE on the F-101. In 1964 we returned to Conus to George AFB. He worked on F-4. In 1967 he retired from the Air force. If there is anyone that can remember my dad, we will be happy to hear from you.
22 April 2010
Donald Rickert
I am the son of Lt. Col. Donald N. Rickert [still living] and am helping him keep in touch of all out there. Dad's F101 is now a static display and even he was amazed it survived Vietnam. Dad was an AAC pilot in WWII, Korea. Stationed in Laon in the 50's.
17 April 2010
Barbara Skibo
Bernard , could you please put on the Laon site the news that Gloria Kinne , wife of Bob Kinne , 71st bomb squadron 1955-1958 passed away ? she was battling cancer for the last few years ...

28 March 2010
Jackie Brink
Hi there, just wondering if anyone remembers my dad "Walt" Walton. ~1959 to early Aug 1961. Radar tech rep., civil service.
24 March 2010
Jim Barker      

21 March 2010
Bob Grabowski
I was stationed at Laon AB from 1963-1966 with the 66th Air Police Sq. as a young airman right out of high school.(A1C). Used the GI bill to complete undergraduate and graduate school.
Still working at Thomson Reuters for nearly 35 years in the legal division. I remember serving under Lt. Henry Gaidis and Capt. Robin Cook.
Would enjoy hearing from anyone from the 66TH APRON.
13 March 2010
Hugh Stanley
Jacksonville, FL        
10 March 2010
Deloris Hosea       
I am the wisdow of James L. Hosea, my names is Deloris Hosea, my husban James Hosea play football for Laon and was a base police officer, I had 3 children he pass away in 1971 in Holland. I Deloris had a friend name Terry/Ontario Miller she worked at the BX, and was married to Chris Miller he was station their, and als played baseball for the base. If anyone out there wants to contact me write on lodge. Thanks Mrs. Deloris E. Hosea

21 February 2010
Patricia Mahoney - Protasio
Baldwin City, KS       
Hey, cool web-site....My name is Patricia Mahoney and my family was stationed at Laon in the 60's..I went  2nd-5th grade there...we lived in the town of Laon, my dad was an traffic controller there..(Jack and Maggie).I remember GRH housing area, the day JFK was assinated and my little brother going to French school...the great football games, Sonny Liston falling to some up and coming new guy....Good times...My name is now Patricia Protasio, I live -610 E 1714 Rd Baldwin City, Kansas 66006   email address :

18 February 2010
Jack Russell
Coppell, TX       
I was stationed at Chateauroux AFB April 1964 to March of 1967.  From there I went to Fresno CA to a detachment, discharged from Castle AFB and went to Tampa where my fiancé and family were.   Went back to Chateauroux in 2000 to visit.  We’ve had a number of reunions and some are going back in June I believe for a dedication.

10 February 2010
Leslie Gleason
California City, CA       
I was at Laon from 1960-1963 and my name at that time was Leslie Gleason.  I would really enjoy making contact with “kids” that were there;  I lived in Grandlupe, Molinchart and GRH and my father was Tsgt Bob Gleason and worked hydraulics on the 101’s.  I wish I had found this site earlier!  E-mail:, address: 8324 Hemlock Ave, California City CA, 93505, phone: 760-373-2122. 
Leslie Rideout

8 February 2010
Sam Kocherov
Cincinnati, OH      
I was stationed at Laon AB and was one of the first airmen as advanced party to come up from Bordeaux. I was in the 71st and stationed there from mid 1952 to late 1954 when I returned to Shaw AFB in South Carolina to complete my enlistment. I would like to hear from anyone who was there at that time. I was a camera repairman attached to the communications and armament sections and at that time we used the B-26's and sent TDY personnel to Korea.

23 January 2010
Jean-Pierre Mercier
Bordeaux-Merignac, France      
I am to preside(officiate) ( RC) of the air base 106 of Bordeaux Mérignac, author of the book "Camps américains en Aquitaine", and cousin of Patrice Belkowive Boulanger-Patissier " Bakery Napoleon " region Santa Monica California.
I indicate you that the Air base of Mérignac celebrates its 100 years in October, 2010!!! To you!!!!...
In a brotherly fashion
 Firts Lt Jean-Pierre MERCIER

20 January 2010
Anthony Gulluscio
Forest, VA      

10 January 2010
Errol Osteraa
Hi.  My family was stationed at Laon from the move of the 66th from Sembach in Germany due to the arrival of the new Voodoos, until 1962 when we were sent to Oxnard AFB in California (more Voodoos).  My father as a jet engine mechanic.  If anyone remembers Eric Osteraa, I would love to hear from you.  He is still alive but does not use a computer.

7 January 2010
Carole Bernard
My name is Carole, born in 1959. My dad is Daniel J PLUMMER. he was based in Laon Couvron (aircraft engineer) and left in 1958. He passed away a few years ago and I don't know much about his life in Couvron. we  had planned to visit the base together unfortunately we couldn't make it because he felt ill.  My dad was always talking about going back to Laon, I know it was important to him and I feel so sorry he didn't make it. Does somebody remember him ? I would be happy to receive your testimony
27 December 2009
C. M. (Mike) Tellas
Greensburg, IN    
Hi everyone,    I was stationed at Laon from Mar 61 till Mar64. I was in 66th Camron and worked in the electric shop at the PE hangar.  Lots of good memories.

22 December 2009
Michael Marchetti
Big Fork, MT   
This is great to see and read the stories.  I am looking forward to the day when I can return and visit some of the places of my childhood.
Thank You

21 December 2009
Stephen Crabtree
Panama C. A.  
My name is Stephen Crabtree and my sister Susan was born there in 1960 and I was a boy Scout while there. I hated the winters but summer was nice. My father Capt C.L. Crabtree ran  microwave relay stations up in the hills I now live in Panama C.A.

19 December 2009
John Hall
Ypsilanti, MI  
Thanks Bernard for providing us with this site.
I was just a young 19 year old fresh out of high school and AP basic training when I landed  at Orly Field France @Oct 25, 1962 at the height of the Cuban missle crisis. Almost ended up in Lyon ( located way down in southern France) instead of Laon when I was purchasing my train tickets at the Gare Du Nord in Paris.  Got of the train at Laon and was met by grease gun carrying soldiers.  Scared the hell out of me. This was during the time when France was involved in the Algerian war. During my cab ride to the base my driver was an ex WWII GI name Gus from somewhere in Florida who married a French lady and stayed there. I would see Gus off and on when I worked AP duty at the Main Gate. I'm going to stop here for now but plan on revisiting and posting to this site a few more times.  I went from being a child to a man at this base. I'm a much older person now and would enjoy having you remind me of the things that maybe I used to cherish but have long forgotten. Our Base  will forever be a part of me and in my heart. See you all later.

16 December 2009
Gary Christensen
Franklin, IN 
Best Christmas and New Year wishes for all.  God Bless our troops around the world.  I was at Laon from 1961 -1964.  I worked in the motor pool maintenance shop.  I recall being called out one very frigid night to work on the snow sweeper that quit running on the flight line.  Lots of pressure from MPs and Ops to get it running - I was fortunate to get it repaired and back in operation.  Best to all - Gary 'Chris' Christensen

14 December 2009
Donald N. Rickert
Atlanta, GA    
I live with my dad now who was based there in the 50's. He is Lt. Col. D. N. Rickert.
Thanks. Nice site.
18 November 2009
John B. Woodyard II
Baker, NV
I was a student at Laon AFB from 1953 to 1955.  My Dad was Lt.Col. John B. Woodyard, then chief of Maintenance and flew B-25's. 
The new school was opened on base in 1954 (I think........and I attended one year before our return to the States.  The first school I attended was in a French town close to the base ins some large compound with a stone wall around it.
I was at Laon when the first Jet fighters arrived........British Canberras .  Probably why I'm so deaf today!
We lived off base the whole tour of duty in 2 chateaus.  La Fere was the first town we lived near. I can't remember the last town we lived in. I don’t believe there were any other military families in the area. There was no base housing for families then;  only a few trailer pads.  Most of the enlisted men lived in tents! A new barracks was built around 1954.  As well as the 'new' officers club.
I would be interested if there are others survivors from that period out there.
I'm currently 65!  Haven't been back to France since.  What vivid memories I have, though!
I'll see if I can dig up some old pix.
 Please let me know if I can provide any info about that period.
John B. Woodyard II
110 Light Place
Baker, NV 89311

11 November 2009
Virginia Sontchi
Hillsboro, OR   
Just printed off a picture of "The Triangle".  Oh-Oh-Oh- OMG!  Gary Dean's and my favorite spot to MAKE OUT in his dad's white Corvair while waiting for the bus back to Verdun!  We also went to a lot of the Laon Teen Club dances.
I was a Junior at VAHS and Gary took me to the Junior Prom in I believe 1963.  I wore my sister's lime green tulle strapless dress.  I felt really grown up!
I remember French III at VAHS with the SIX books that we were required to bring to class EVERY day whether or not we were  going to use them all.  Also, the French III teacher who walked around the classroom with those squeaky crepe soled shoes.  Tell me I am not the only one.
I graduated from Laon Dependent School 9th grade class (9A) of '61-'62.  Spent sophomore year still at Laon.  Loved those skinny halls between classes, it was bedlam as I recall. I was a cheerleader for the Laon Rangers, whose colors were blue and white.
I talked with Dean Brown, our 10th grade biology teacher, a while back and he remembered me!  Go figure:) We talked about the parties he used to have for us at his house and how he got in trouble for them, heh.  Underage girls and all that kinda stuff.
I found out that he was living with my French teacher. Sacre Bleu!
Note new e-mail address - David got me my own.  What a garcon!  Je suis tres joyeux.
Happy Holidays to all of you out there.
I am going to the Brats reunion in Eugene, OR 2010.  Hope to connect with other Brats who were at Laon-Vahs.  I was there from Jan. 1960 to Sept. 1963.
If anybody knows where Gary Wayne Dean is, tell him I said "Hello" and boy did he miss out;)
Virginia (Diane) Sontchi
21 September 2009
Kathleen Richardson  
My name is Kathleen Richardson and I was at Laon Air Force Base with my family from 1957-1960.  My dads name was Tech Sergeant Nicholas M Bellucci; he worked at the transportation Department.  We lived at off base housing and I have seen the pictures and wow does it bring back memories.  I remember was it Friday or Saturday nights we went to the teen club on base. I remember church on Sundays and lunch either at the NCO club or some annex and then off to the Theater for a movie.  My brother played little league and in your picture titled Giants 1959 he is in the top row second from the far right and his name is David M Bellucci.  Since I lost my mom Christmas of 2003 these memories have a lot more meaning.  We were transferred to Sacramento Air Force Base in April of 1960 was there for one year then transferred to Niagara Falls Air Force Base in 1961 when dad suddenly passed away from cerebral hemorrhage.
I was in 7th grade when we left France. If any one wants to reach me for other info my email is
Kathleen Richardson

12 September 2009
Robert L. Uhrig
Pelican Rapids, MN     
I  replaced  Lee  C  JOHNSON   as  Principal  in  OCT 1966   and  CLOSED  the  SCHOOL .  There  were  only  5  students on  base  in  JAN 1967  so I  shipped  school supplies  out  an  left  for  FRANKFURT  Germany   on  16 JAN  1967.  Returned to the states  in  JULY  1967.
7 September 2009
John Presson
El Dorado Hills, CA    
My father was Major John E Presson.  We were stationed at Laon from December 1958 to June 1961.  I went to school on the base and was in the 3rd through 5th grades.  I was on the Little League team, Indians the first year and the Yankees the second.  I also belonged to the Rod and Gun club and the NRA on base.

5 September 2009
Lynne Ehre
East Amherst, NY    
I was living in Laon AFB 1957-1961  my Step Dad  was Capt.Donald Felltham and I went to the base grammar school. We lived in the trailer park on the same street as the play ground. My name at that time was--Ida (Lynne) Stewart. I used to go to the sub teen club -- It was so much fan there and I would love to connect with some of the people that I knew at that time. Col.- Dr. Fletcher White lived behind us at the Trailer park and the Solberg's lived next door to us - he was a helicopter pilot. I knew Barbara  Corell (Bootsie).... if you remember me  let me know. We left in 61 and were sent to Madison Wisconsin air base- Trux field where I finished High school.
Regards to all. Lynne Ehre
9 July 2009
Delosse Brazee    
Hello! I am looking a for Sgt Thomas and wife Mattie he married her at Laon. We were stationned there from 1964-1967 working in the motor pool for a while together. He was stationned again at Grand Forks AFB ND . He cross trained into club management. I would appreciate any help thank you. T/Sgt Brazee
6 July 2009
Carroll Thompson
Montgomery, AL    
Served at Laon Air Base from 1953-1954.  I was assigned to the 822nd Sq as a B26 gunner and had the additional duty as Form 5 Clerk in squadron operations office, working along side of Darrel Gilliland and Barney.  Our Ops Officer was Capt Kenneth Baumann who was also the pilot of my B26 crew.  We were involved in combat crew training in France, Germany, Libya, and Morocco.  While at Wheelus, a gunner we called Burly had a mishap after a mission and inadvertly sprayed the beach front with 50 Caliber bullets. It was not all work and no play.  Visiting in Reims,I met and later married my wife Helene.  We recently celebrated our 55 year of marriage.
4 July 2009
Charles D. "Donald" Summers
Statesville, NC    
Happy Birthday to July 4, 2009 (July 4, 2001 - July 4, 2009)
Thank you Bernard H. CROZA for maintaining this web site. I really appreciate your time and effort.  Donald
1 July 2009
Roland Bouret        
I remember Couvron and Americans were lodged by my parents. My father worked on the base and I'm seeking for a Powell. I am still in touch with American soldiers that I found back ! At that time, I was living in Crecy-sur-Serre.
15 June 2009
Charles Dewan
APO AE       
Would like to thank you all for setting up this website, keep up the good work and hope more of our friends can be found.
25 May 2009
Robert F. Taylo Jr
Michigan City, IN      
I was assigned to the 66th APS and have contacted Boyce Dean Henley, who resides in northern Michigan , what a thrill to talk to old friends that I was assigned with back in 1959-62, long time ago.  Since Laon France , I studied at Ball State Teachers College , Muncie , IN , and Police Lt. with the Michigan City , IN Police Dept., 19 years with the IN State Prison as a Correctional Counselor IV… my last official work day is this coming Friday, May 29th, 2009, first day of RETIREMENT will be June 1st, 2009.
My wife Betty , (46 years of marriage) mother of 3 daughters and 1 son, who have provided us with 10 grandchildren and we now are expecting a great grand child in about 7 months  will retire from teaching about one week after I retire, she still has a week of teaching left in her career.
This was just a quick update since viewing the Roll Call….again 
Robert F. Taylo, Jr.
7113 National Blvd. , Michigan City , IN 46360 
22 May 2009
Marvin Morrison
Orlando, FL      
I just came on the laon afb website. My name is marvin Morrison, I was a dep. at the time living at grh 191. I would like to get in contact with any of the “kids” at that time, mainly, the Moak’s, Jim or Darla Woosley, Paul Hodnick, Howard Rail. Thank you
24 April 2009
Andrew Dedula     
Looking for old Air Police friends 1961-1963 
11 April 2009
Bob Price
Houston, TX    
I was born at Laon AFB in 1956.  My father was then 1LT Bobby J. Price and my mother is Donna J. Price.  She would like to contact some old Laon friends.  Reach me at  Call me anytime... 832-721-0797.  Well, just remember the time zone diff..  :-)
5 April 2009
Louis J. Bonin
Boca Raton, FL    
I was a 1st Lt. and Weather Forecaster in the Weather Squadron from 1962 to 1965. We were one of the few weather stations open 7/24. It was an interesting and mostly enjoyable experience (except trying to sleep during the day while the RF101s were taking off.  I met a lot of nice people both on and off the base.  Trips to Paris were very enjoyable and getting to travel in Europe was educational as well.  The base still had the remnants of the German airfield of WWII.  The Rod & Gun Club was the old tower.  I look back on this as one of my most valuable experiences.
Lou Bonin.

26 March 2009
Lee Sherwood   
Dear Bernard and Laon American Friends,
I am sad to say that Robert Morrison passed away on March 18, 2009 from colon cancer.
My name is Lee Sherwood, his wife of many years.  We never did get to go to Laon together.
I do know that he has fond memories of those years and had much respect for his fellows.
Thank you for the connection.
24 March 2009
Roger Seidel 
My name is Rogter Seidel. My Wife, 4 daughters, and I lived at Liesse France from 1961 to late 1963, and in off base govt housing from late l963 to Jun 1965.
I was a Personnel Supervisor with 66 ABGp CBPO and worked with George Crossman and Major Robert D. White. Milt Mechura and I were very close friends as were Don Wagner, Garland Flowers, Lou Dominguez, and so many others. I knew Earnie Blding from base contacts. In your Blogs I found how to contact Garland Flowers after all these years. We had a great phone reunion. Hadn't seen  him since the early nineties.
Hope others can contact me at my e-mail address. Thanks again.
Roger Seidel
23 March 2009
Sterling Brown
Wilmington, NC          
22 March 2009
Edward Bailey
Oakhurst, CA         
I was assigned to the 180th Bomb Squadron, which became the 822nd, when the 180th rotated to St. Joseph, MO.  I was there from 1952 until 1955 and worked in Operations and the Orderly Room.  I am looking for information on the 38th Bomb Wing reunion in Sacramento in 2010.
I am now living in Oakhurst, CA.  I graduated from the University of San Francisco with a both a BS and MS.
I would like to hear from anyone connected with Laon AFB.
22 March 2009
M. Gillivan         
I was stationed at LOAN AFB, in 1963.
I was assigned to LOAN from March till June of 1963.
I was stationed at LUKE AFB, Arizona and was assigned to LOAN on a program called "OPERATION SHORT SPURT."
Although I was stationed there a very short time, I really enjoyed my stay there.
I was assigned to 66th Military Supply and I worked out of Warehouse #3.
I celebrated my 21st birthday on March 31 in the Airman's Club.
I also enjoyed my time in Paris and especially in Brussels at the Nebraska Bar on weekends.
As 'Bogie' would say, 'Here's Looking at You, Kid.

19 March 2009
Gordon D. Clark
Chandler, AZ        
After 43 years I still miss Laon AB.  Working in the A&E squadron was a joy and keeping the Voodoos flying is something that is still within me.  I could pick it up right now and enjoy it thoroughly.  I truly loved the French people I met.  I still read as much history about Laon and the area as I can find.  It is truly a wonderful rich location in France.  I would do it all over again.  If anyone remembers me please reach out to my e-mail address and lets re-connect.    Gordon Clark
12 March 2009
David Fyhrie
Wheaton, IL        
My father was a major for the 71st Bomb Sqdn from 1951-1953 with the Illinois National Guard.  Feel free to call me if you knew him.  Raymond Fyhrie "The Old Man" the squadron gave him a gold rolex when he left.  He organize his squadron to fly in formation the number 71 for when the general came for parade review. It was well received.  I have a photo of the B-26s in formation of the number 71.
1st March 2009
Gerry Simmons
Dawsonville, GA       
I was stationed here from April 1963 until April 1966. I was 18 Years old when I arrived and 21 when I left. I was a jet mechanic, and spent about half my tour on the flight line and half in periodic maintenance. I lived on the "sheep ranch" much of the time! Anyone remember that place?
I was one of those who spent weekends in Ostende, Belgium in the summertime, and ended up marrying an English girl (a marriage long ended). I feel that I grew up there, and have wonderful memories of the Air Force and of Europe.

27 February 2009
Al Weaver
Freeport, IL        
I have just run across your website and it brought back a lot of fond memories from the time I spent at Laon Air Base from 1961 to 1964.  I have lost contact with the friends I made there, both military and French civilians. I was in the Civil Engineering Squadron in POL Maint. and worked with the following Frenchmen, Stanislas Szewczyk, Raymond Lambot and M. Larzilliere. Would be interested to here from anyone who remembers me.

19 January 2009
Virgil Morse
Fort Walton Beach, FL      
Hello, I was stationed in Laon from 1963 until 1966. I was with the 66th Air base wing in food service. I now live in Fort 
Walton Beach Florida, I retired in 1974. I enjoyed my tour in Laon, I married a lady from Laon. We have been married 42 years. we have a son that just got married. We don't have any grand children. We have an apartment in the South of France and visit France every yea. We also visit Laon every year. Anyone that remembers me drop me a line. 
I enjoyed the site. I would like to hear from Mrs. Hodges Kinney since her dad worked in food service.
18 January 2009
Susan Nelson McDonald       
I happened upon your site from the Upper Heyford site and was so pleased to find it. My father, Lt. Col. Paul B. Nelson, was stationed at Laon in the mid-'60's and served there as a flight instructor. How he loved the RF-101!
I wanted to let you know that Col. Nelson passed away 6/13/2000. His wife, June Nelson, passed away 12/3/1998.
Thank you for your site. I was very young when my father was stationed there and am pleased to learn more about Laon.
Susan Nelson McDonald

18 January 2009
Lou Bonin
Boca Raton, FL        
I found your site by accident and was delighted.  I was a Lt. weather forecaster with Detachment 7, 31st Weather Squadron (MATS) from Sept. 1962 to May 1965.  This site was a great find.  I really enjoyed my time in France and the people I met both on and off the base.  My wife and I were in Paris in 1999, but didn’t get to Laon.  I hope to do that before too long.

12 January 2009
Dick Beach
Tallahassee, FL         
I was stationed at Laon AB from 1963 to 1965.  We lived in Crecy-Sur-Serre and I have very fond memories of that little town -- I assume it is much larger now.  I remember the friendliness of everyone living there and we were always welcomed with open arms.  I was assigned to the Personnel Division.  I have been back to Europe since then a couple of times, but not to Loan.  We plan on returning either next year or 2011.  I would love to hear from anyone assigned during my tour there.  Thanks for this site -- it brings back great memories.       Dick
28 November 2008
Ed Bailey
Oakhurst, CA 

Hi,  Thanks for keeping up the site.  I just found it.  I was in the 822nd Bomb Squadron from June 1952 until June 1955.  I did not find my name on the Roll Call.  I am living in Oakhurst, CA, about 20 minutes south of Yosemite National Park, and 45 minutes north of Fresno.  I hope to join the 38th Bomb Squadron Association and attend the next reunion in Sacramento.

7 September 2008
Gordon Dempsey
Vinton, VA      
My father was stationed at the base from 1960 to 1961. I was 4 years old at the time, but have fond memories of Laon. I remember the fields of red poppies in bloom, looking at the cathedral from my bedroom window. I learned to speak French before I even went to school. Singing Frere Jacques. I still have the old record that my parents bought me with that song on it.
My father was Jack Dempsey a staff sergeant at the base. I hope some of his buddies see this and contact me. He is now 85 years old and is suffering from dementia. My father today still brings France up to me, like when we use to go to Paris and went up in the Eiffel Tower. I want to return to France next summer and to visit Laon. I remember staying at a hotel in the downtown area of Laon when we first came there and then living on the base. We returned to the states in July , 1961.
If anyone remembers him, please contact me, I hope my father can still remember the buddies he had there. I do remember a child that I was a good friend with his name was Doug  and his father was nicknamed Frenchy. They were from Louisiana.
The childhood I had there is good memory for me and I think even in my father's present mental state a good one for him too. I hope some one remembers him
7 September 2008
Richard Sinclair
Lancaster, CA     
Laon AB Feb. 1955 to July 1958
 I was assigned to the 38th FMS  aero repair section & Base Flt. Maint. In Jul. 55 tdy to the 405th on gunnery as an assistant crew chief in Wheelus Field Libya. Married to a young lady from Crecy Sur Serre in Feb. 57 & still going strong. We are going to Guise in Oct. of this year & plan on visiting the Base. Had a wonderful time while stationed at Laon & still keep in touch with a couple of my old friends.
24 August 2008
Elise Vanderschelden     
I'm Elise Vanderschelden, my nickname was LISETTE I was illustrator at the recreation center in Laon air base in 1960.
If you remember me please give me a message at .

23 August 2008
Gary Woolsey
Petaluma, CA 94754,    
Looking for a past friend of mine by the name of Bonnie Tidwell. We were best friends at Laon AB in 59/60. She returned to Utah with family I believe in spring of 60. Please advise if you can help?
Gary Woolsey 707 921 9607
12 August 2008
Gary Fisk
Lomita, CA 90717, USA    
I was a radar technician working at Laon on the GCA (Ground Controlled Approach Radar) from Mar. 1962 till Oct. 1965.  I was a member of the 1994th Communications Squadron.  Here are a few things that should make you grin - does anyone remember nickel beer night once a week at the Rod & Gun Club?  They served Heineken!  Ah but it was a far simpler time - in 4 years in the Air Force I earned $6,000.
And does anyone remember the local band made up of airmen called "The Thunderbirds"?  They were quite popular both on base and off.  Does anyone remember the band members names?
Gee, it was ONLY 43 years ago!
Gary Fisk

13 July 2008
George "Ed" DeYoe
Rockwall, TX, USA    
Visited the Vietnam Wall site the other day.  Reminded me that
LTC Edwin Lee Atterberry was a rec pilot at Laon.  His children attended our schools in 1963-64.
He was beaten to death after escaping one of the Hanoi prisons.
We all remember him as a nice guy, who enjoyed a relaxed, fun time.
I have not seen his name in the roll call.
Keep up the good work on the site

4 July 2008
Charles Donald (Don) Summers
Statesville, NC, USA
Laon AFB Sept 1958 - Oct 1961    
Just wanted to wish Happy 7th Birthday (July 4, 2001 - July 4, 2008).  Thanks to Bernard for his time, cost and efforts maintaining the web site for us. Don
4 July 2008
Mike Stevens
Lake Arrowhead, CA    
Been visiting the site since Tom put it online.  Great place to find old friends.  My dad, John Stevens was stationed there from 1963 - 1966.  My mom, Dawn worked at the NCO club all 3 years that we were there.  Went to 5th - 7th grades there on base.  Remember quite a few of the guys from baseball and school, Jack Motzi, Vic Stuckey, Chris van der Meulen, Dennis Kennedy, the Casey Family, Mike Trechiak and still keep in contact with a few.  Been back to France a number of times but never to Laon.  Would love to get back there.  The base and base housing still look a lot like they did when viewing from Google Earth.  Great site and thanks to Tom for starting it.

30 June 2008
Gerald Holmes   
I was stationed at Laon from Jun 57 to Dec 58.  Assigned to the 38th APRON then the 66th APRON.
Thanks, great web site.
Gerald Holmes

1 June 2008
J. Morissey    
I was a wife at Laon 58-61 and lived in the trailer park.
My husband's name was Ely W. Poore.  I remain in contract with Darrel McNeese who was also stationed there during this period.
26 May 2008
Roger Peacock, CMSgt, USAF (Ret.)
Canal Winchester, OH    
Haven't checked in to this great site in a long time.  Decided to surf back in on this Memorial Day of 2008.   We still stay in contact with our French friends.   Was stationed at Laon from 61 to 64.   Was a SSgt in Orderly Room of the 66th Civil Engineering Squadron.
23 May 2008
SCMSGT Ronnie Alison, Retired
Shalimar, FL   
Lived in Coucy Le Chateau from 1959-1961
Lived in Tergnier from 1961-1964.
Rank: Tech Sergeant - Jet Engine Maintenance at The Laon Flightline all 4 years.
Best friend was: Smitty.
17 May 2008
Howard H. Martin
Erie, PA   
Great site .
I was stationed at LAON AB from Oct 62 to Oct 65 ,assigned at 66 Tac
07 May 2008
Pamela Mayo-Clark
Austin, Texas   
I just stumbled upon this website. I had no idea the Laon survivors were an organized group! Tom did a GREAT job developing this website.
Because of the base closure, my father, Col. Jesse L. Mayo, was stationed at Loan only one year. He was Commander of the MMS Squadron. During the school year of 1965-66, I was a freshman at Laon Jr. High School.  My older brother, John Mayo, was a junior at Dreux American School. My younger sister, Melissa Kim Mayo, was in Mr. Quinlin's 6th-grade class.
This website caused me to dig out my sole yearbook from Laon. (It's really helpful to have photos to go with the names!) Here are some of the classmates I can remember (with the help of the yearbook): Pat Massengale Caroom, Jim Deese, Steve Graham, Linda Moler, Kevin Owens, Mike Renwick, Nick Taliferro, Michael Earney, Eddie Handy, Larry LaGrone, Cathy Hope, Tina Simmons and Pat Malone.
30 April 2008
Phil Simpson
Molinicos, Albacete, SPAIN   
I was in  a group called the "San Antomes" that played in the NCO club as house band during the early part of 1966 (on two separate months" Does anyone remember us? Yes I know it is a long time ago, but we had a great time there, and remember with particular affection Ron and Donna Horton. Donna worked in the NCO club, and we spent many happy hours at their trailer having mexican food and barbecues. I would love to hear from anyone but especially them. Many thanks for letting me use your guest book, kind regards.
Phil Simpson
26 April 2008
George W. Cowgill
Northport, AL 35475   
This is a great web-site. I was in the 66th TRW from June 1960 until June 1963. First year at Laon, second at Toul and then back to Laon for my last year. Most of the time I was assigned to aircraft maintenance in a variety of jobs. Flightline maint. officer, scheduled maint. OIC, and a test pilot on both the T-33 and the RF-101. Many fond memories of the 66th TRW.
17 April 2008
David Sears     
Hello all.  My father was a corporal at Laon in the early 1950s.  He and I will be going there in a few weeks for his first visit since then.  Has anyone been there lately who could recommend a hotel or b&b in Laon where we could stay?  Thanks for any help.  David (
10 April 2008
Richard Gabaldon
San Diego, CA, USA    
Stationed at Laon Oct 61 to Oct 64
2 April 2008
Alan W. Klein
Interlachen, FL 32148    
I was stationed At Laon between Dec.1960 and Feb 1962.I am in the photo with Jim Figi and Beeb hoffman outside a supply warehouse.
27 March 2008
Samuel Catalino
Tampa, FL    
My father was stationed at Laon from November of 1962 through October 1965.  He worked as a jet mechanic on base, and I have a picture of what I suspect is the squadron in front of a plane.  He was also in a Country and Western Band which was quite popular called The Ranch Hands.  They won a few contests and played a number of venues in France. 
My sister was born there in 1963.  We lived in a small town called Bievres on top of a hill right next to church and the cemetery. 
I still have a number of pictures and from them vague memories of my time in France.
22 March 2008
Genevieve Redfield
Sundance, WY    
Happy Easter to all.
11 March 2008
John Santora
Brockton, MA   
Worked in Base Operations from 1953 to 1955 and then retired. Went from tents to barracks. Paris every night &Brussels on weekends.
8 March 2008
Richard Willie Williams
Fort Walton Beach, FL   
3 March 2008
Oreste A. Fazio
Staten Island, NY   
Hello to everyone I served with from 59 to 62 in the 66th Air Police Squadron.  I am the present President of the Laon Air Police Association.   We have reunions every two years.  Our next reunion, in 2009,is scheduled for Las Vegas, anyone interested to contact me.  Oreste A. Fazio

3 March 2008
Robert L. Shook
Hillsboro, OR 97124    
I haven't looked at this web site in a long time - what a surprise!  Thanks for all the great effort!  BS

25 February 2008
Mark L. Moore
Maxwell AFB, AL   
ARRW info for Laon and Etain : 
I am trying to find out the detachment number for Air Rescue/Recovery unit that was assigned to Laon in 1959-61.  Does anyone happen to know this info?  Also, if anyone knows the same info for the unit assigned to Etain AB 1958-9, it would be greatly appreciated.
24 February 2008
Genevieve Redfield
Sundance, WY    
Hello to every one who was  at Laon AFB from 52-55.
My husband was Paul Redfield, played volleyball.
Love to hear from anyone from that time.
Genevieve Redfield              Sundance, Wy.
23 February 2008
Tony Desmond
Sharon Springs, NY    
From Oct 10 thru 13 2008 Frank Jewell, Bill Parsons, Steve McGinnis and myself all AF Firefighters who left Greenville AFB, MS in May 1962 and went to Laon will be in Myrtle Beach, SC for a get together. Anyone who was at Laon during '62 to '65 and is in the area please feel free to stop in and say hello. Also any AF FF's are welcome to stop by. The more the merrier.
20 February 2008
Diana (Kinney) Hodges
Saint George, KS     
My father, MSgt. Robert W. Kinney, was stationed at Laon from Jan. 1966 until the summer of  '66.  We were there only six months.  I remember we lived in the village Crepy, in an old chateau that was converted into 3-4 apts.  I hate to say, I don't remember our neighbors except for an older girl named Phyllis who lived upstairs from us.  We rode the same school bus but she went to a different school.  I spent the last half of my 4th grade at the elementary school on the base.  I remember my teacher, Miss Regina Foster, who helped me with the transition into the new environment as painlessly as possible. 
I'm not sure what unit or squadron my father was with, but he was in food service most of his military career. 
From Laon we moved to Sembach AFB until we returned to the states in 1968.
What memories I do have are of the delicious french bread that cost a few centimes at the local bakery, the beautiful countryside and our roadtrips to some of the castles and the Palace of Versailles.
I wish my dad were alive to see this website and see if there's anyone's name he may recognize.  He retired in 1971 at McChord AFB and he passed in March of '93, in Tacoma WA.  He always seemed to love everyplace he was stationed at.
Thank you to whoever developed and dedicated this website to the dependents.  It was great to read about the experiences of others who was there also, and to think back to a time so long ago and a place that seems so far.

31 January 2008
Collins Viola
West Monroe, LA 71291     
Enjoy your e-mail. I have very fond memories of being at Laon. I still keep in touch with some of the men I served with.

31 January 2008
Alphy Bard
Moosup, CT     
Hope everybody had a good  new year. Would like to hear from anyone that was there from 1961 1965. We had some good years would like to find  Max Addison he was my best man at my wedding in Soissons.  Regards, Alphy Bard

23 January 2008
Steve McGinnis
Belchertown, MA
Firefighter 66 CES     
Was really tickled to stumble over this great has allowed me to find several old buddies already.  Thank you.

7 January 2008
Dick Reese     
32nd TRS, Phalsbourg AB, 1957-1959

28 December 2007
Francoise Adgnot-OKeefe
West Palm Beach, FL     
Je viens souhaiter une bonne annee a tous les laonnois laonnoise de la part d'une laonnoise et aux personnes qui editent ce site  bravo!

12 December 2007
John Hall
Ypsilanti, MI 48197    
I was stationed at Laon from Oct 1962 to Aug 1966 as an Air Policeman.  I am trying to locate some of my old buddies.

10 December 2007
Richard L. Gates, Jr
Alexandria, LA    
I read about your site in 409th Bomb Group Ass, Inc  newlsetter, called Ragtag control.  I was flying A-20's when we were stationed there.  It is a good website and I found it very interesting. this was the last place I was stationed before returning to the USA. I am 86 now, legally blind but still very active.

24 November 2007
Paul Garrett
Fairborn, OH    
Hi. Just checking in to let you know that my email address has changed. You can now reach me at Please update this on the list. Still looking for friends who were stationed at Loan 52 to 54. I was the store manager in the Base Exchange while I was there.

16 November 2007
George Gary Cloud
Keller, TX 76248   
On the member list, new info is 5217 Archer Dr. Keller Tx.76248 817-379-0079

15 November 2007
John Marchetti 

Great memories here for me.
My father was stationed in Laon in 63, 64, 65 and transferred back to Duluth in 66.
SSgt Roland E. Marchetti, Hospital Supply living in Oakdale Minnesota 6812 7th St.
Spouse Angela Marchetti
Dependent children there :
Daniel Marchetti, 2, 3, 4 grade
John Marchetti 2, 3, 4 grade
Geno Marchetti 1, 2, 3 grade
Michael Marchetti K, 1, 2 grade
James Marchetti.
We lived off base for 1st year in Gizy which I think was about 35 miles from the base. We were the only Americans in the village.
Moved to Base Housing later and lived across the street from officers row. Big field behind the house with the big rock.
The gravel pit was a blast to play at. We used to dig tunnels and climb the trees along the road. Even though we were never to cross the highways we did all the time.
Thank you for a nice website.
John Marchetti.

14 November 2007
Michael A. Marchetti
Big Fork, MT 

What a thrill to see these photos.  They bring back so many memories of great times and good friends.

14 November 2007
Paul R. Hagan
Live Oak, FL 

station at loan from 61 to 65 in age shop  looking for  harvey ball and rest crew in age

4 November 2007
Howard Don Martin
Pine Grove, West Virginia 
I was stationed at Laon from Sept 61 to sept 64 I was in the jet engine shop. I lived on base the whole time.

18 October 2007
R.E. (Bart) Bartosiewicz
P.O. Box 111, Clovis, NM 88101, USA    
Great reviewing the list of names that are on board. A lot of good stories came to mind when reading the names. Good job on keeping up the list. (Correct my e-mail address on the list, thanks). Keep up the good work. Remember freedom is not free............

7 October 2007
Virginia Sontchi
Hillsboro, OR, USA    
Reading David Sorensen's post of 15-Sep-2006 brought back memories.  My brother Larry had a MAJOR crush on Bootsie Coryell, as did many other young men...
Then there was Glen Blanton.  He was in 10th-grade biology class, taught by the illustrious Dean Brown.  Mr. Brown one day admonished Glen that if he wanted a better grade, he should stop dating Irene Whitesides and switch to me!  Fat chance :)
Virginia Sontchi
c/o fiance' David Wise

22 September 2007
John Northcut
Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
I have fond memories of my service at the LAON AB from 1964-1965.  I enjoyed my time so much there, I had applied to have my tour extended but the 'higher ups' in the USAF turned down my application.
A few years ago, I visited la Ville de Laon and much enjoyed seeing all the old places and some new ones.  The local residents were very helpful in pointing out things that I had forgotten.
If there is a reunion of LAON AB devotees, I would be much interested to attend.

7 September 2007
Gary P. Christensen
Franklin, IN 46131, USA    
I was with 66th Tac Rec - 66th Trans Sq - Vehicle maintenance shop from 6/61 through 6/64.  I'm now reading a book - 'U.S. Air Force in France 1950-1964'.  Great history read.  Written by Lt Col Jerome J. McAuliffe, USAF Retired.  Good chapters on all bases in France.  Regards to all - Chris

1 September 2007
Pete Helfrich
Springville, UT, USA    
Viewing some of the comments regarding Laon AB and a ref to Toul Rosieres AB. . . I was stationed in Toul AFB Oct 65-Oct 66 then went to Upperheyford (haystack to some) before I departed Toul 66.
I was asked to drive staff car to all the PMEL sites at various Bases to pick up equip so we didn't leave them for the French.  I did go to Laon and others. . . had a great time had no idea that I would be working with the 18th TRS and 17th TRS assigned to 66th A&E at Heyford. All the Laon folks arrived; Shultz, Jelch, Denny Robarr, Fred Wheatly, "Alvin"  so many crew chiefs i worked with while at Heyford and Spain, I worked the RF-101C camera systems and RF-4C while at Toul. . . went to Shaw 29th TRS, then to 432 TRW 11th TRS, 14th in Udorne Thi, then went to Alconbury with RF-4C again. . . now work with UAVs &SAT retired from US Gov CECOM as Avionics Systems Rep for AH-64A/D CH47D, OH-58D KW and others.  I have just returned from Germany again 2006 went to Toul AFB took some pics of the front gate as it is now DOB w/ french AF on it about three (3) people.
What a great web site for France and England former USAF and dependents to see !!!!!!!!  Thanks for preventing alsheimer to form.
With all these memories pics etc who can forget ?  May God bless you all and your families.

31 August 2007
Tony Desmond
Sharon Springs, NY, USA    
From 9/7 to 9/10 Bill Parsons, Frank Jewell and myself will be getting together in Virginia Beach for a little fishing and to watch the air show at Oceanna NAS. We were in the Fire Dept. at Laon from 1962 to 1965. If anybody remembers us send an email and we'll try to get back to you.

30 August 2007
George G. Cloud
Keller, TX, USA   
Station at Laon  58-61 served in the Base Photo Lab. My wife and I lived off base in Cessieres and Ribemont. Now married 50 yrs. Amed Kalane was NCOIC at the Photo Lab at that time.

27 August 2007
Robert B. Lasher (Bob)
Mt Dora, FL, USA  
Hi all,
Was stationed at the 66th Tac Hospital, Flight Surgeon's Office from July 61 to July 64.  Many fond memories of the time, place and great bunch of folks that I knew back then.  Long time ago!  Write to me if you remember me.  Would love to catch up. Bob (Flash) Lasher

19 August 2007
Lisa Philpot-Watson
Murfreesboro, TN, USA
Daughter of Orris E. Philpot  
Dear Laon Rangers,
On behalf of my father Colonel Orris E. Philpot thank you for all the notes and prayers my mother Sally has received since my father's passing on 7-7-07. We are greatful to Hugh and Shirley Stanley who put together a Laon Ranger Football Reunion last May 2006. It meant so much to my Dad and mother. He enjoy each Laon Ranger very much. I thank you for your kindness and friendship with my folks. May each of you smile a little brighter knowing "The Coach" has gone to heaven and know he is watching over each of you.

18 August 2007
Mitch Mannin
Greenacres, FL 33463, USA  
Fellow Laon Survivors,
I just got back from the Overseas Brats Homecoming held Aug. 1 - 5 in Dallas, TX.
There were 10 brats from Laon at this reunion.  Actually, 52 people from Verdun High School were there.  Most of the Laon "brats" lived at Laon from 1967-1962. A good time was had by all.  The older we get, the stories get better and longer.  The web site should have pictures, soon.
It was a good reunion.  I hope next year's reunion in Gettysburg is coming along.
Good time to see old friends.

29 July 2007
Gerald Holmes
San Antonio, TX, USA 
Was stationed at Laon from Jun 57 to late Dec 58.  Assigned to the 38th and 66th Air Police Squadron(s).
26 July 2007
Donald Irving Lawson
New Market, TN, USA 
I was stationed at Laon Air Base in the 66th Supply Squadron in 1960 and '61. Then I was relocated to Offuit Air Base in Lincoln, Neb. I have fond memories of my stay at Laon. This web site is great. Keep up the good work.
16 July 2007
Robert Stiefvater 
new email address, keep up the good work.
66thy Air Police Sq.  63-Dec66.
11 July 2007
Patricia Porter-Freeze 
The Nashville Tennessean newspaper reported the death of O. E. Philpot (Colonel, USAF Reservre Ret.) on July 7, 2007. O.E. was a 1st Lieutenant at Laon from about 1958-1961. He was the coach of the Laon Rangers football team at that time. He and his wife, Sally, would probably be remembered by several who visit this site.
Patricia Porter-Freeze
Laon 1958-1961

11 July 2007
Bud Edwards
Belton, TX, USA 
66CAMRON Orderly Room, 1961-1963.
Bud Edwards (CMSgt, Ret)
10 July 2007
John L. Zins
Nicollet, MN, USA
38th & 66th Transportation Squadron     
I was stationed at Laon, France from June 1956 to June 1959. Played 3 years of football with base team. We are planning to visit the base in August 07.
6 July 2007
Charles D. (Donald) Summers
Statesville, NC, USA
66 ComRon 1958-1961     
Wanted to wish a Happy 6th Birthday as of July 4th, 2007.
2 July 2007
Gene Harlon Smith
Leoma, TN, USA     
6 June 2007
Tom Moran
Cherry Hill, NJ, USA    
I first visited this incredible site 30 Mar 2005. I talked about a couple of friends from the 'good old days', JoAnn and Dick Rusciolelli. Since then, I visited them at their home in California. My brother John (a CA resident did the driving) enjoyed meeting
'Rush and his child bride', too. We had a great time and believe me, it seems we picked-up where our conversations had left off, 50 years ago. We agreed to keep in touch -we have - and that there be another visit down the line...the sooner the better.
I stop by every once in a while to re-read Guest Books I & II. It sure feels good.
Vive La France and God Bless America.
TOM MORAN [Det 7-31st WEARON, Laon AB France, 1954-57]
Cherry Hill, NJ
4 June 2007
John A. Faith
Shreveport, LA, USA    
Looking for anyone who might have known my Dad. His name was Andrew Martin Faith, was stationed at Laon Air Base 1956-1959. He was in the 71st Bomb Squadron. Any information or photos would be much appreciated. My dad died in 1970 when I was 10 years old.
John Faith
27 May 2007
Pat Welles
Marathon, NY, USA    
My dad was stationed at LAFB 58-61 (NCOIC of Commissary).  I found this site today and am proud to be an OSB and a Survivor.  Attended classes with Helen Barbour, O.C. Hood & Dennis Whitaker.  My older brother Bob (Robert L. Welles) attended VAHS from LAFB.  He passed away Jan 7, 2006 from pancreatic cancer.  As Bob & I were the only remaining members of our family, I feel as if I have reconnected with some old friends.  Thanks for this site.  Pat

18 May 2007
Jim Dyer
Centennial, CO, USA  
Wonderful site.  I was in school at Loan in '62-'63 then Dreux for my junior year.

9 May 2007
Rita A. Dello Stritto
Houston, TX, USA 
I am so thrilled to have found this site. My father, SSgt. Joseph Dello Stritto was stationed at Laon AFB from 1957-1960.  He was a medic with the 66th Tac Hospital.  I think he worked in the emergency room.  He was married to Caroline.  My sister Anita was born in Châteauroux in December 1957, I was born at Laon AFB in December 1958. We were transferred to Dover Delaware in 1960, where my brother John was born in 1961.  My parents spoke highly of their time in France.  My father retired from the Air Force, after 22 years, in 1968.  He moved back home to Auburn NY where he lived until my mother died in 1977.  My father eventually remarried and moved to Las Vegas NV where he lived for 24 years.  Joseph died in August of 2004, at the age of 74.  He was a very proud the United States Armed forces during WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.
I proudly served in the USAF from 1976 until 1981.  I was also a medic in the USAF stationed at FE Warren AFB 90th USAF Hospital.  My brother John spent 6 years in the USAF as a communication tech.  He was stationed at USAF Academy and Nebraska.
I followed in my father’s footsteps, as I am now an Emergency Nurse Practitioner… working in a rural emergency room.
My sister and I will be going to France in July of 2007. We plan to visit Laon and Châteauroux.  We have no memory of France, as we left when we were 3 and 2 years old. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where we should go and what we should see?

21 April 2007
Ed Morley
Tewksbury, MA, USA 
Hello folks, I'm trying to locate any of my brothers friends from Laon AB, His name is Paul B. Morley and was a S/SGT in the 822nd Bomb Sq. from 1955 to 1958. He loved France and the people he met. Paul passed away from cancer 2 years ago this sept. and I'm trying to gather some information for his wife who was stationed with him.

9 April 2007
Robert J. Norris
Washington, Indiana 47501-3476, USA 
I was stationed at Laon from July 58 to September 61. I was in the 66th Air Police Sentry dog Section. Me and my Dog Ciba guarded all three Aircraft Squadron areas as well as the Bomb Dump and the Maintenance Squadron.  I am presently a past president of the Laon Air Police Association (LAPA).  We meet every 2 years.  This year we are meeting at the Saddle Back Inn in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on September 6,7, and 8, 2007.  Keep up the good work you have a fine site. Bob Norris MSGT, Ret

29 March 2007
Larry E. Baxter
Dade City, FL, USA 
Hello, I was assigned to the 66th TAC Hospital in Laon during 1964 and 1965.  I worked in the Veterinary clinic under Maj. Del Buckhold. I would enjoy contact with anyone who was assigned to the 66th Tac Hospital, Vet Clinic or Dental Clinic during this period.
It was a great two years and I had a lot of good times.  Just found this site a couple of days ago and have already seen many names mentioned that I remember well. Would appreciate hearing from some of these folks.  Great job on the site.

29 March 2007
Ontario Colette Hosea 
I was born to James l. Hosea September 22, 1955. My parents were from Montgomery, Alabama. My father has passed away in Holland in 1971. If any one out there knows my father please email me.

29 March 2007
Bob Newby
Portland, OR, USA  
I was a dependent at Laon from Dec. 1961 to Aug. 1963.  My dad, Capt. Robert H. Newby, 17th TRS, was killed in a crash in March 1963.  After we returned to the States the Little League, or Babe Ruth, baseball field was dedicated in his honor and a plaque was placed at the field. Does anyone have any ideas about what might have happened to that plaque when the USAF left the base?  Thanks, and hello to anyone who might remember me from those times.

13 March 2007
Herbert (Tom) Morgan
Homosassa FL, USA  
To : All Laon, France, AFB folks.
If you were assigned or worked at Laon AFB please reply to the 405th Bomb Sqdn Blog . Thanks.
Tom Morgan

21 February 2007
Tony Desmond
Sharon Springs NY, USA 

A few old Firefighters who were at Laon from 1962 to 1965 are going to have a mini get together in Virginia Beach on Sept. 7,8 and 9,2007. Anybody from Laon who is in the Beach area at that time is welcome to drop by.

21 February 2007
Louis G. Olson
Portland OR, USA  
I worked at the 66 Tac Hospital from Sept 61 through May 65.  Those were some of the best years of my life.  I enjoyed being a Medic and being in France.  I was also in the parachute club on a dare from Art Castellanos.  Did a lot of traveling and also had some wild times in Paris (the Blue Train on Pigalle), Brussels and Oostende, Belgium.  I remember Koontz, Sandoval, Skehan, Eidson, Gomez, Nurse McBride, Dr, Kaplan, Phil Cobb, Lasher, Huggins, Petersen and Pat Clark to name a few.  We could never get Charlie Brown to leave the base and explore with us.  I found this site by accident and it has been quite a trip down a wonderful memory lane.

11 February 2007
Kerryann Spittle
Phoenix AZ, USA 
Just checking out the internet, I do not remember much about Laon AFB. I was born there in 63'

10 February 2007
Tommy Greene
18100 Sunrise St.
Athens, AL 35614, USA 
Laon 1956-1960 Air Police Sq.
I was with the 38-66th Air Police Sqdn. Spent most of my time with the K-9 Section as a handler.
I was at Laon from 1957-60. Lots of good friends-buddies, met some of you on the school bus run to Verdun on sat and sunday, the break at the small cafe between the base and Verdun. I would like to see you guys. Had lots of fun never will forget those trips. Tommy greene

8 February 2007
Wm Kitt Heuer
With the 32nd Sq., Base Photo Lab and  Photographer for the Base News Paper with the POI Office. 62-64. Retired USAFR and Civil Service Current age 65. Like to hear from any other 32nd Sq members.

1 February 2007
Gerry Simmons
Dawsonville, GA, USA 
I served here from April 12, 1963 until April, 1966 and thought I would just look around.

19 January 2007
Linda Pearson
Laurel, MS, USA 
We were at Laon from June '65 until August '66 when we went to UH.  My dad, Bill, was in personnel, my mother, Margaret, worked at the Deli, and I worked at the BX the summer of '66.

16 January 2007
William R. Stevens
Phoenix, AZ, USA 
Stationed at Laon 1963 thru 1966 in the 32nd and 18th TRS. Was crew chief on 223, OJT intructor for a while. Was in the barracks at the Sheep Ranch until I found a place to live. Think it was spelled Montigny Sur Crecy. Lived there until we could move into one of the trailers. Did not go to Upper Heyford, returned to the states.
Had lots of fun at the Rod and Gun Club, was a member of the Laon Parachute Club made eight jumps with the French, very interesting.  Complete your jump early in the morning, roll up your chute, walk back to the meeting site, have a fish sandwich and a beer. Talk about a tough stomach !  Thank you for the site, I was totally blown away when I found it. I still have lots of Special Orders etc from that period with a lot of names from that period.

16 January 2007 
Nelson Alan Moak
Springville, UT, USA      
Looking for members of the 9th grade class of 1959-1960

01 January 2007 
Lloyd Randall (Randy) Bishop
Pearland, TX, USA      

20 December 2006 
Lewis E. Nickerson
Sinclairville, NY, USA     
66th FMS
Served at Laon 65-66 in the parachute shop and was a member of the Laon Parachute Club. Like to hear from anyone else that was a member.

17 November 2006 
George Howard
Glen, NH    
17th Squadron 1964-1966. Then on to Upper Heyford with the 17th.

16 November 2006 
Paul E. Parish
Valley Lee, MD, USA   
I served at Laon from 1955 until 1958.  I worked on the old B26s. I was in the 405th Bomb Squadron.

15 November 2006 
Herbert (Tom) Morgan
Homosassa, FL   
I was with the 405th Bomb Sqdn Aircraft Line Maint . from 1955 until Feb 1957 . Was two great years , went to Pigalle every weekend . Hada yellow Olds Conv and thought I was cool . If anyone was in the 405th at that time send me an email .

23 October 2006 
Robert H. Walker Jr
Senoia, GA  
I was stationed at Laon afb in the 71st. bomb squadron during 1953 to 1954. I was an a/1c airborne radio mechanic.

21 October 2006 
Wilson Penn Roach Jr
Dallas, TX

I was at Laon and then at Toul more than 44 years ago in the K-9 Section 59-62. I was a handler for Farko then Pitt.
18 October 2006 
Connie Hart
Winston-Salem, NC  

My father, Staff Sergeant Arlie A Hart was stationed in Laon with the 66th Air Police Squadron sometime between 1956-1959. I have been trying to locate anyone who may have known him or my mother, Mary while they were in Laon. My birth mother was French, and I have very little information about her. Hopefully, someone will remember them and be able to provide some details of our life there.
10 October 2006 
James Young
Quimistan, Honduras 

Excellent website.


10 October 2006 
Raymond (Beetle) Bailey
Greenville, SC 29617
telephone (864) 246-7267 

I was stationed at Laon AB from 1961-1964 with the 66th Air Police Sq. I have had a difficult time contacting anyone from that time in my life. In 1964 I married a local girl named Olga Artaud. I would like to have information from anyone about the whereabouts of Frank Gutierrez also an Air policeman and was the best man at my wedding. Frank was from Harlingen, Texas and I've heard he became the police chief there after he returned. Also, our running mates, Mario Martinez (from San Antonio, Tx) and Sonny Foley (from Oklahoma). I have been back to Laon AB on 2 occasions, once in 1996 when I took a tour with the resident French military, to find it was very neglected. Then in September of this year, a tour was not possible because the French Army stationed there was preparing for a deployment to Lebanon as part of the UN peace keeping force. The town remains much as my wife and I remember it, except for modernization. I thank anyone who might have information to help contact Frank, Mario or Sonny. Thanks for making this site available.
15 September 2006 
David Sorensen
Pocatello, ID 

My father was stationed at Laon Air Base from May 1959 to August 1961. He was a civilian employee of the DOD. I have fond memories of the years at Laon. I attended the Laon Dependent School for 8th and 9th grade. I remember Barbara (Bootsie) Coryell, Jeri Brown, Hugh Brown and Nick O'Grady and others. I would like to hear from others from those years.
Dave Sorensen
11 September 2006 
Stevan S. Mowrey
Cedar Rapids, IA 

I served in the 66 TAC Hospital from may 59 to June 62.  My wife and I lived in a chateau close to Bruyeres, just south of Laon.  My oldest daughter was born at Chateauroux.   Those were the best of times and with the best of friends.  I continued in the reserves, Army Guard and Reserves retiring a Lt Col.
07 September 2006 
Kristine Stokes
Arlington, TX 

Hi, I just found this site after perusing the Upper Heyford site, where I graduated high school in 68. My Dad, Major Joe W. Stokes was in Laon from 65 until our re-deployment to Upper Heyford. I don't have any references for me to look at right now, but Dad was good friends with John McMurtry. He and his family lived in Arlington, TX years ago, where I now live. I lost touch with them a few years ago, and will see if they are still around.
If anyone was there during that time, I would love to hear from you.
24 August 2006 
Dan Phelps
Cape Girardeau, MO 
1964-1966. Aircraft Electrical Repairman. Anyone remember those awful beet gnats? I was supposed to go to Ramstein but was diverted to Laon when we landed at Rhein-Main. I'll never forget those 101's jettisoning their drop tanks when they had an emergency. I ran the battery shop for a while (low man on the totem pole). I was lucky to get restationed in Athens, Greece.

14 August 2006 
Richard Wendt
Palestine, TX 
Just happened onto this site.  How interesting.  I was stationed at the base from May 1962 until May 1965.  A long time ago but I remember it quite well.  If anyone recalls me I would be pleased to hear from you.  My thanks to the site administrator.

5 August 2006 
Gordon Lange
Ottertail, MN    
I was stationed at Laon from 4-55 to 4-61 in the AACS COM SQUADRON
Married to Yvonne Gyina from Antwerp in 58. We had two children : Dottie and Marc in 58 and 59. We now live in AZ in the winter (e-mail : ) and MN in the summer (e-mail )

26 July 2006 
James Stoner
Marysville, PA  
66-67 Dependent
'6-67 dependent, lived in Vorges, never imagined such a blast from the past would ever many memories, need to explore.  Aside from the occasional college student throwing stuff at the house, the people treated us extremely well, we participated in all the town's religious and cultural events, my dad coming home from alerts in his gas mask for fun, the bike races, the bakery, the town water pump, the laundry facility--cement steps down to the gravel bed stream where the women were doing the daily wash, few cars or trucks, mostly bikes and just a few scooters...sounds to my friends as remote as their grandparents depression stories...

16 July 2006 
Sid Wainman
So Glastonbury, CT 
Stationed at Laon AB from 1963 to 1966
My wife and I were in France from mid April to mid May 2006 and visited the Laon area from April 28 to May 1.  Through Bernard Croza we were to get onto the base.  It is not an active military post at this time and there is only a housekeeping force on base.  Most of the buildings that were there when I was are gone but some remain and some have been updated.  I think I spotted BOQ 1 where I lived for a number of months.  The gym still exist and has been updated.  I think the elementary school is there and the chapel is still there.  The parachute shop and base ops are also there.  The main gate is in its original position and the place where all the trailers were is easy to spot (the concrete slabs are mostly there) but of course the trailers themselves are long gone.  I'll try to post the photos to this site

15 July 2006 
Donna Kennedy-Johnston
Little Rock, AR  
Hi, I was at Laon AFB when I was in 4th and 5th grade (and part of 6th) 1965,66,  I had a wonderful 5th grade teacher who read so many great books to us and had a student scratch her back while she read.  I think her name was Miss Bowers.  I remember Chris Murphy and his brother Frank.  Also Fred Cassanova.  I lived in a little town called Brie and then in the trailers on base.  I remember the teen club and a really nice lady who ran the snack bar--can't remember her name.  My brother was Denny Kennedy and played on the baseball team.  I would love any information about Brie (Aisne) and especially any pictures.  I am planning a trip sometime in the next few years.  Thanks  Donna
7 July 2006 
Roger Peacock
Canal Winchester, OH 
CMSgt USAF (Ret)
Just surfing in again.  Was stationed in 66th CE in Orderly Room as SSgt from 1961 to 1964.

5 July 2006 
Donald Summers
Statesville, NC    
Laon Air Base 1958-1961 66th Communications Squadron

Almost forgot to say Happy Birthday to on July 4th!! Thanks again Tom.  Don

26 June 2006 
Ray and Blanche Hollis
Seminole, FL, USA    
Stationed at Laon 1959-1962

I just happened to run across the Laon Air Base web site today.  I was very interested as I was stationed at Laon Air Base from August 1959 to August 1962.  I was a brand new Second Lieutenant, just graduated from OCS, when I was assigned as Personnel Officer/Reenlistment Officer with the 66th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing.  My wife, Blanche,  joined me (after I found suitable housing in Guignicourt, France) in October 1959 and my youngest son (Lawrence S. Hollis) was born in the Laon Air Base Hospital on October 10, 1960. Later we moved into GRH housing (#91, I think).  My family and I all loved living in France.

23 June 2006 
Ray Hennebry
Inver Grove Heights, MN, USA      

Just found site, was in Bordeaux and sent to Laon in the 50s with the 126th out of Illinois.

12 June 2006 
Arthur Brosius
Milton, DE, USA    

Great to see the comments about Laon AB. I arrived in 64 until it was shut down and we moved to Chambley, outside of Metz.  Worked in the photo lab and recon. photo lab.  Haven't thought of that place in many years but remember some very nice people and happy memories.   We were all very young and had France as our playground.  Impossible to realize it actually happened and thanks, Laon, a place I shall never forget.

18 May 2006 
Larry Parsley    

What a thrill to find this site. I was with the 38th BG from 55 to 58.   Laon was my first assignment after Tech School. Little did I know it would be my best assignment in 21 years of service. Was quite an experience for a young man from southern Ohio. Drank many glasses of Vin Rouge at Susies on the corner up from the train station.  Many trips into Gare de Nord by train. If I could go back to relive any part of my live, it would be the 3 years at Laon

12 May 2006 
Tony Desmond   

On April 25, 26 and 27 Bill Parsons, Frank Jewell, Tom Myers and myself all firefighters at Laon from June 1962 to June 1965 along with our wives got together for the first time in 41 years at Hagerstown MD. It was a most rewarding and enjoyable experience. We hope to do it again in 2 years and have more old buddies there.

30 April 2006 
Claude Morin   

Great site,
I'm an aging French man who would like to renew with an old American friend of mine who was stationed at the Laon Couvron air base in the late fifties, his name is Raymond Self. He was in the air police.
He was in his early fourties at the time.
Any information on his whereabouts or even pictures you would agree to copy for me would be appreciated.

27 April 2006 
Tom Myers

Looking for contact information for William T. Penny, a former member of the Laon AFB Fire Dept. in the early 60's

23 April 2006

Franklin, MA
New E-Mail address: 
Station at Laon from Mar 58 - till Aug 59


17 April 2006

Rockville, MD 20853
Attended the 5th, 6th, & half of the  7 grade from '63-65. I remember Jack & Joe Motzi, Chuck Eade, John DeLozier, Ricky, Barry, and Kenny Lubrant, Lefty Robinson's perfect no-hit game against the Indians in which he struck out 17 out of the 18 batters he faced, the 6th grade ski trip, and I could go on, and on, and...  Cool Web Site, I'll be 53 this year and it would be interesting to hear from some of the people at Laon during that time period. 
Mike Casey

15 April 2006

Raymonde ROACH
Très bon souvenir de ce site. Bravo. A très bientôt.

6 April 2006

Dennis H. WILSON
522 S. 2200 W, Layton, UT 84041   
I was assigned to Loan AFB from 1955 to 1958 like James Harris. Trained for the F100 Fire Control System at Denver. For a little, worked the 50 cal. machine guns on the B26's, then later the Special Weapons Crew. I remember Harris & White, & Sargent Rudolph, the TDY's to Tripoli, the long hours, but good food while in Tripoli. I would really like to get a photograph of one of the times when they started up several B57s with those black powder starting cartridges. It was fun to watch the game birds fly across the line when hunting season was on while several hunters missed. I also remember the friendly people of France, and even took a few classes in French language on base. (lost most of that skill) Left Laon before De Gaulle sent us out. Remember some faces, but forgot many names. While there I had a motor scooter I used to tie a jerry can on the back and go to areas not too distant to see cathedrals S?, and had some church members take me with them when they visited several historical sites. There were some seasons when different insects would come out, like spider that would spin webs and let the wind carry them, or snails would come out so thick that when you were pulling guard duty as you walked it would go crunch squish, crunch squish, and the wheat bugs that could get thru the screens and my letters to home would invariably have a few mashed when I tried to brush them off. I don't think it got as cold there as it does in Utah. Our squadron usually had one of the best standings on base.
It was fun to go into town or Paris when they had celebrations and to go to the markets and try different foods. If my wife had better health it would be fun to visit there. I often wondered what happened to Msg Gwaltney, and was glad to see that Harris was still kicking. I spent quite a few years in the AF Reserves, and was glad I don't have to travel somewhere every year if I don't feel up to it.
my email is
Best of Luck to All
Dennis H. Wilson

5 April 2006

Carlton D. PEOPLES, CMSgt, USAF Retired
Peru, NE
Former Photo Interpreter, 18th TRS, 66th TRW, Apr 60 - Apr 63  
I am super glad this website exists.  I have often wondered what happened to the old place.  On subsequent tours in Europe, I had heard that Laon was taken over by the host nation and made into an artillery/supply base. 
I have many memories of Laon, the base, Sampigny, NR#2 to Brussels, etc.  Thanks for refreshing an old man's memories.

25 March 2006

Tucson, AZ
Hi, my name is Jack Jenkins and am so glad I found your website. I was stationed at LAB from Nov 59 through Jun of 62. I was stationed with the 66th Supply Sq most of that time. My address here is 37215 S. Terrace Park Dr. Tucson, AZ. Phone # 520-818-2385, with an e-mail of .
My wife and I are going to be in France in June and want to visit Laon and the AB. Anything you can tell me about getting on the Base would be very helpful.
Thank You, Jack.

23 March 2006

Lloyd G. LEWIS Jr
Tucson, AZ 
I was stationed at Laon AFB from 1958-1960. I was in the supply field. I played on both the football and basketball teams I was part of the group of airmen who came to Laon from Sembach AFB, Germany in 1958. I would like to get in touch with old friends.

23 March 2006

Birmingham, AL      
Orlando was a kid I played with on base housing in 1964-1967, he was black and my best friend. I was about 6-8 years old.

19 March 2006

Alphy BARD
Moosup, CT    
Stationed 1961 - 1965.
Are there any other airman staying in touch ?

12 March 2006

Sharon Springs, NY   
A few old Firefighters who were stationed at Laon from 1960 to 1966 are planning on having a very mini get together in Hagerstown, MD on April 25th, 26th and 27th, 2006. Any FF who was at Laon during that time and is in the area is welcome to stop by and say hello.
We will be happy to see you.

12 March 2006

Redlands, CA   
I was a K-9 Handler at Wheelus AB (Libya)hand, '66-'67, and Nam (TSN) '68-'69.  Now a very old high school history teacher and novel writer.  Laon is one of the sites (A70) that I'm writing into a semi-fictional novel on Douglas A26 crews (WWII, Korea, Vietnam). If anyone can help me with some "tech n' spec" for  1944-45 I'd be forever grateful.

11 March 2006

11911 66th st n #652, Largo, FL 33773  
In 1955to1958 I was at Laon afb in the 405th bomb sqd jet engine shop. Would like to hear from someone from there.

9 March 2006

Kings Mtn, NC  (probably an error in this e-mail address
Great thing what you are doing.
Ran the telephone sw from 1963 to 1965.
Drop me an e-mail.

7 March 2006

Richard FRANKE
226 Metz, San Antonio, TX 78223   
I was stationed at Laon AFB from 1962 - 1965 with the 66th Cameron, Crash Repair and Transient Alert. Would like to hear from any one attached to those sections

6 March 2006

Daytona Beach, FL, USA  
I am a survivor. I was stationed on Laon AB from Jan. 1961 to July 1964. Worked in the Intel shops of 17th, 18th, 32nd, and 363 Wing as young airman. Now retired (USAF) and working in Education. Contact information is listed below. Great website and wish I had found it earlier. Best wishes, Jim Gallogly.
Dr Jim Gallogly
Manager, Program Development
Center for Professional Education
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
386-226-6263 ph
386-323-8692 fax

26 February 2006

Salem, OR, USA 
How cool to find this site.  I was stationed here in the 18th Tac Recon Squadron attached to the 66th Combat Support Group from 1962-1963.  It is enjoyable to see the photos.  Thanks to those who support this site and set it up.

20 February 2006

Bastrop, TX, USA
Hi ya'll. We were stationed in Laon from Nov '63 to Apr '66 (8th grade to 10th grade). I have seen a few names on the guest book I recognize,; Kathy Adams, The Tirman twins ... Just wondering if any others out there from Laon are in Texas. I can't at this time access the student list even though I think I'm on it. My dad worked for MM Sq.

3 February 2006

Florida Keys, USA
Hi: Served 1957-61 as emergency room medic-(with Porter & Jordan) in 66th Tac Hosp. Spoke fluent French and drove Formula Junior Grand Prix race cars while in France. Served 1955-61. Now Captain owner of sportfishing boat.
Thanks, Capt. Bob

31 January 2006

Attended the Laon dependent elementary school 1962 and 1963.  Fond memories of Ms. Springers 5th grade class.  Lived in Couvron, Valois and GRH. I remember the song Paul and Paula being played in the base cafeteria, getting my first Barbie doll in the BX and slot machines at the club.  Other memories are the sugarbeet fields, impeccable landscaping on base and shopping in Laon.

29 January 2006

Michel DE COCK
Schotensesteenweg 497/6 -
2100 Deurne BELGIUM 
To keep it short I’m looking for information about someone who served or was stationed on Laon AB.
The only information I have is his name; FISET or FIZET DONALD. He was at Laon AB around 1964…
Can you please help me to get more information or give me tips about where and how to search?

27 January 2006

Hello, I was trying to find pictures of the Tent City from Laon France back in the 1950 to 1954 range. My Dad was there from 1952 to 1954 as an A26 mechanic 71st Squadron, 38th Bomb group... Can anyone help me ? Thanks. Bill Norton.

24 January 2006

Hi, To all Laon People. I too was at Laon AB. From 63-66. My father was stationed there. Attended school 7th-9th. My older sister graduated from Dreux (not sure for spelling) in 66. My father is now retired and is living in Ca. He's now 83. When I visit them this summer I will show him this site. He might want to add something. His name is Michael Treichak.. Any use to be kids that attended school those years e-mail me back.
I too had Cancer, but I beat it I'm a two year survivor.

21 January 2006

St Clair Shores, MI 48080 - USA 
I was stationed at Laon from Jan. 1963 thru Jan. 1966..assigned to 66th AP.. spent most of my tour working in the pass and I.D. office next to the main gate. I'm sure I processed I.D. cards, restricted area badges, and gas and tobacco coupons for many of the people here. Most memorable moment was the day JFK was assassinated...we were at the base gym where a game between the Laon Rangers and a local French team was just underway. The announcement was made that the president had been shot...we thought it was De Gaulle because someone was always taking a shot at him. I recognize a few names here and it certainly brings back some great memories

18 January 2006

Marysville, WA - USA    
Was with 66th A/P from 1964-1966.  I still cringe when I think of all the base alerts we went through.  One night when working the graveyard shift, two other guys and myself heard we were going to have one later that morning.  So when we got off of duty at 7 a.m. we went to the base canteen (which served the French civilians) and we downed a liter of beer each.  We knew that if you reported to the armory for a weapon with beer on your breath they would not give you one, then we could go to our barricks and go to bed.  Yeah right, they smelled the beer and told us to report to the officer on duty.  He knew what we were trying to pull, so he made his sit on the Air Police headquarters floor all day.  Last time we pulled that trick, being on post was better than that punishment.

17 January 2006

Raymonde ROACH
02270 Remies - FRANCE   
I am looking for Eddy BADGER. His parents ( colonel BADGER ) were living in VIVAISE from 1951 till 1953. I was his baby sitter. He had also a sister named Johanna. I worked at the commissary (1953), at the airmen 's club and at the NCO CLUB (1962 till 1966). Hello to everybody I've known.

17 January 2006

Saraland, Mobile, AL - USA   
Just scouting around on what may be on the web pages of the history of Operation Freloc 1966.
I was assigned to Base Supply as expeditor. We were reassigned to Upper Heyford RAF.
I only remember one close friend, Donald Sylvester from Mississipi. RF Voodoo was our aircraft, later RF 4.
Doug Withers

15 January 2006

Poulaines - FRANCE
I just happened to find your site by accident. I worked at the Base HQ with Col. Massengale. I was NCO at the French Liaison Office and I only have good memories of that time even though it was tough when one F 101 crashed at the end of the runway.
Well you may contact me at my address. Best regards
Michel Verdin

14 January 2006

Moreno Valley - CA - USA
Xferred from Sembach AB, Germany in August,1958. We had RF84-F's at the time. Received RF101-C's soon after.
Lived in "Cite Marquette" (Base Housing - GRH) after living on Rue de Borg and Rue de La Fere in Laon.
My son spent his first 3 school years on Base. After a one year extension we returned to CONUS in April, 1962.

11 January 2006

Jeanette ALFORD
Lincoln - CA - USA
My dad was stationed at Laon 65-67.  We left in early January 67 - being one of the last families there.  I remember school closed mid-December and did not re-open.  What a wonderful treat to stumble on this website today!!

10 January 2006

Aix-les-Bains - FRANCE 
Dear LSAA members,  I'm just reading at the website about LAON AB. It's a nice site. This reminds me also the time that we spent in the other base at CHAUMONT AB until 1967. We had many friends. My father was a civilian who served with airmen officers. I and my 3 brothers used to have a good time with Americans (we are French). All the best to the members and veterans from the sixties. Sincerely,   REMY NACCARO

30 December 2005

Françoise Adgnot
Palm Beach - USA

18 December 2005

Robert J. Norris
Washington,Indiana 47501-4155
What a great site. I just want to inform you all about the next reunion of the Laon Air Police Association (LAPA), to be held some time in 2007 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  I am the Past President of the Association.  The New President is Ernie Fazio of New York City. Keep up the good work.  Bob Norris Msgt Retired Past President of LAPA.

6 December 2005

(John) Mitchell Mannin
Greenacres, FL 

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving.
Unfortunately, I am reporting that my Dad passed away on October 27th, 2005.  He was T/Sgt. D.L. Mannin.  We were at Laon AFB from August, 1955 to August 1959.
My Dad retired in 1960 at Charleston AFB and we moved to Florida. He worked for several years for Pratt Whitney in West Palm Beach and in 1968 he moved to Oklhoma City/Norman area of Oklahoma.  He worked for several more years at Tinker AFB until his retirement in 1972.
My parents lived in Norman, OK.  My mother (Lois) passed away in February, 1997.  They were married for 55 years.
My Dad was active in his Masonic Lodge and Scottish Rite.  He also liked to grow his tomatoes; cucumbers and take care of his pear tree. He also built bird houses for dozens of people.
He entered the U.S. Army in 1938 (at Ft. Sill in Lawton, OK) and went into the Army Air Corps in August, 1941.  He served in North Africa and Italy during WW II; stationed in Panama Canal Zone (Albrook AFB); Nellis AFB (Las Vegas); Moody AFB (Valdosta, GA); Laon AFB and Charleston AFB.
He was 89 years old.  He truly loved the U.S. Air Force.  The detail that Tinker AFB sent for the funeral was excellent.  A team of 7 pall bearers/ honor guard; bugler and flag team with S/Sgt supervisor.  It was very impressive and reminds us that our military never forgets for those who serve. 
I am proud that this gentle and quiet man was my father.
Mitch Mannin

1 December 2005

Please update our addresses in the teacher's section (done)

Gleneva Allen DeYoe & Ed DeYoe
1593 North Hills Drive, Rockwall, TX

Also, sadly, Clarice Luhdorff, who taught at Laon Elementary School in 1963-64 passed away.

Your new format looks great

30 November 2005



30 November 2005

Arlington, TEXAS 

I love the new revised Laon website and the fact that it is still attracting former students and military from all over the world. I have no doubts my Texas brother will carry on the traditions that were started back in January 1999. Bless you, Bernard.

28 November 2005

905 Bruce Ave, Dumas, Texas 79029
(806) 935-3146 

My father, Hoyt Davis, was stationed at Laon, from 60-63, assigned to the 66th TRW.  I attended 1st grade (Ms LaGross?) and 2nd grade (Ms Swagermann?) while there.  Spent many an hour with my nose in the corner of Ms Lagross' class with my partner in crime, Tyson.  Had a crush on a little girl named "Jeri", who I believe was the base commanders daughter at the time (I could be wrong about that).  Anyone remembering my father, Hoyt or mother, Alene, please feel free to write or call.

17 November 2005

Donald W. L. Roddy
4107 Lexington Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32210

I was based at Loan from April, 1963, until about May, 1966.    I flew RF-101C's as a Recce pilot with the 32nd TRS until the Squadron was disbanded a few months before I was due for rotation at which time I was transfered to the 17th TRS.
I lived with my wife and three young children in the village of Crepy-en-Laonnois where my two eldest children attended the French Public School System.
I have attached two photographs taken from a Voodoo while I was based at Laon;  One is a vertical shot of Crepy-en-Laonnois with the building and yard my family and I lived in marked in red; the other is a flight of 4 Voodoos flying over the approach end of runway 21 at Laon. (photos posted on the "miscellaneous snapshots" page)
I was a captain during my tour at Laon.

26 August 2005

Interested in contacting all Laon Ranger Football Team members from the 58-59 teams coached by O. Philpot.

16 August 2005

Ken & Gloria Snook

We had a wonderful five years in France, Oct 1961 - Sept 1968

Happy Birthday to on July 4th, 2005

Donald Summers - laon 1958-1961 - 66th Comm. Sqdn    

Wed, 8 Jun 2005  
From: Ken and Gloria Snood

We spent 5 wonderful years at Laon AFB. From October 1961-September 1966.
I was with 66th FMS and my wife Gloria worked at the Base Service Station.
Went back to France in 1998 but did not get back to Laon.
Ken and Gloria

20 May 2005

I was at Laon from 1964 to 1966. I was Admin Officer for 66 FMS. I married Willie Pugh, 6th Grade teacher in 1966. I would like to hear from others at Laon at that time.

Terry Bilancio

13 May 2005

I am searching for anyone who might remember Sgt. Arlie A. Hart and his wife Mary S. Hart. My father was stationed at Laon Air Force Base around 1956 - 1958. I am trying to find my birth mother ( a French citizen) so anyone that may have known my parents may have information to help me.

My email is:  

02 May 2005

When my daughter E-mailed me about the web site. I was ecstatic. I found six (6) people who were there when I was. I was at Laon from 6/61 -12/63. I have fond memories of that time and thought that it would be nice if I could visit the base over forty years later. 

I contacted you and you connected me to Mr. Bernard Croza. He arranged the visit and met us at Laon when we arrived from Paris. He took us to the Base and I had my tour accompanied by Pamela, Kamal (our son), Jonnel (our daughter-in-law) and our wonderful grandson Micah. It was wonderful. After the lunch Bernard invited us to his home in Crepy for lunch. The lunch was prepared by his wife Suzanne. It was delicious and wonderful. We enjoyed it immensely. Words cannot express what wonderful and caring people the Croza's are. Their warmth and friendliness was from the heart.

While I was at Laon I obtained my GED and took college courses (which was the purpose of my joining in the first place). Now let me tell you a little about what I have been doing since I left Laon at the end of 1963. At Laon I was promoted to an E-4 within 2 years of my enlistment date. When I left in December, of 1963, I was transferred to Langley AFB, Langley Virginia. I was separated 1/31/65.
Immediately after my separation I was hired as an assistant manager for Kinney-Rent-A-Car in New York City. I rose to become Director of two departments (new car and termination). I left Kinney and became a supervisor for National Cleaning Corporation. From National Cleaning I became a Unit Manager for a mobile clinic operated out of Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, NYC. We had a mobile examination room the traveled to four areas in the Bronx to provide health care. During my tenure in this position I went back to college and got a BS in economics.

In 1973, I became an assistant Budget Director for the New York City Addictions Services Agency. In 1974, I left ADA to become a Contract Manager for the NYS Drug Abuse Control Commission. I was promoted to a Regional Supervisor for all NYC Residential Treatment Programs. I later was promoted to "Director of Capital Development"
state-wide. I was responsible for all construction (new and rehabilitation) on a statewide basis. 

I retired from the state January, 2003.

May 2005

My father was M/Sgt. P. D. Anglea, II, and was transferred from Webb AFB, Texas to Laon AFB in 1958. He was in the 66th Tac Recon Wing. He died at the age of 61 from strokes in May of 1980. He was living in Clearwater, FL. at that time. My mother Julia Anglea died at the age of 68 from serious heart disease in April of 1991 in Crossville, TN. 

My brothers, P.D., Pat, and Joe Anglea attended elementary school at Laon AFB. My sister, Lona, and I attended Verdun American High school from 1959 through February 17, 1961, when we were transferred to Charleston AFB. 

I am now a retired college teacher.

Miki A. Cook

    4 May 2005

    Don Green

Was stationed at Laon from 55 - 58 with my dad. I was in the 5th grade when we left but the memories are so vivid. In October 2001 I made a trip there and returned to the small village where we lived. I surprised myself because I knew exactly where the house was. Our landlord had passed away but I found his wife and daughter. Nothing has changed except there are a few more modern homes. Memories, ahh sweet memories.



Laon was our first assignment when Eugene got out of OTS in San Antonio. We arrived at Laon in 1964 and were there when the base closed. Gene was then sent to Thailand and then Viet Nam. Our oldest son Shaun was born at Evreux in 1965. I am visiting the area in September of this year. Eugene was in the Communications Squadron with Lt. Dye, CWO Coyle, Lt. Belzer, We lived in Crece sur sere until we were assigned to "Colonel's Row" base housing. Major Chet Davis lived on the corner and we were next door to him then the rest of the street were Wing Commanders, Base Commanders, etc.

I grew up at Laon -- arriving there as a 19 year old new bride. I worked at the Base education center with Dr. Banu Churchill. Also, Sgt. Runk's wife June worked there with me and she and I had babies at about the same time. I think Eugene's Sgt. was Sgt. Cross and he was married to a French woman. The last we heard they live in Florida. Belzer lives in Missouri. Also, our sons god father and god mother were Don (Sgt) and Dorit Wald.

We would love to hear from anyone who was there in 1964 to base closing.


I was at laon air base 1955 -1956 work on the engines in the B-57s

April 13, 2005
James O'Connell

I joined the 126th WING AT BORDEAUX SHORTLY before we moved to Laon. I love Laon and go back nearly every year. I was in Wing Headquarters (38th Bomb Wing) but spent six months in the Air Police before going back to Wing headquarters, where I accounted for the appropriated funds. Dull job but somebody had to do it. Worked for an ignorant jerk named Capt. Shustack. That didn't help. Our first officer, Gordon Graham Stewart, was a Naval Academy grad. and also a navigator, He got killed on a training mission in North Africa, and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery,

Bill Carbaugh

I was in Laon, France late 1953 through 1954 and early 1955, in the 405th. I spent most of my time in an 8-man tent... I remember the cold mornings when the pot-belly stove was out and no one wanted to rebuild the fire! I did move into the barracks in early 1955 and then transferred to Sculthorpe Air Base, England. I was a B26 turret systems mechanic gunner. Enjoyed the low-level flights. I remember a couple of guys named Pugh and Cochran, and a guy named Robert Barton of Detroit, Michigan. They and other guys in my tent had transferred from Bordeaux in 1952. Anyone there at the same time??? Email me... Bill...

10 April 2005
Butch Kincaid

I have recently been in touch with our old first sergeant from CAMRON circa 1958-60. He would love to hear from any of you whatever time you were there. He still uses his time fighting for us and our eroding benefits ie, Medical and dental care. Write to him at CMSGT Frank M. Savala, 37 Westbrook Drive ,Hampton ,VA.23666.He had the thankless task of looking after a few hundred wild young men mostly in self destruct mode. I can personally vouch for that. Many of us thought that the serious part of our being there was to have the time of our lives. Some of us did

March 31, 2005
Gary Karschner

Great site. Dad Don Karschner was stationed there in 53-56. He spoke of the terrible conditions they had when he arrived. He established the motor pool then went into the 38th.Bomb Group as a pilot and exec. officer. The times they had at the Chateau de Texas, in St. Gobain were told and embellished time and time again when friends would come to visit.

Skip Charette

I was in FMS as a jet mechanic worked in periodic Maint. and on the flight line trim pad. was there when a crew chief was sucked into an intake and spit out and survived it. was transferred to upper Heyford when the base closed down. still remember all the stairs up the hill in Laon to the next bar...

March 30, 2005
Judy and Jerry Depew

Our family was stationed at Laon AFB from 1955 thru mid 1959; we were bused from Loan to Kaiserslautern for one year and then to Paris where we finished out our high school years. Jerry graduated from PAHS in 1959; we lived in the dorms and came home on weekends. So happy to find this web site - hope to hear from some old friends. Our years in France were the best times. Our first 3 months in Laon, because there was not enough housing we lived in the hotel downtown. Hope to hear from anyone during that time.

30 MAR 05

F*A*N*D*A*M*N*T*A*S*T*I*C I stumbled upon this site by accident, or was it just your basic average dumb luck. A little of both ...maybe. MSN has a list of countries that you could access by 'tapping' your destination of choice. MSN FRANCE, but of course, was it. For the heck of it lets punch-in LAON AB, Fr. and see what happens. I couldn't believe it. One link led to another and, VOILA !!! Guest books I & II. As you know, reading the entries in both books can be time consuming. Time ? I got all kinds of time. C'est la vie I say. The first name that jumped off the screen was DICK RUSCIOLELLI. Unbelievable. He had two messages logged...Nov 2004 and 18 Dec 2001. He plugged our Weather Detachment in one of them. And his address. I also found a message posted by the son of our unit commander, Major John C. Hostetler. Saddened to learn of his passing. Best commander the unit ever had...a view shared by all. I have e-mailed "RUSH", even called him to say hello. From the very familiar sound of his voice , he and Joann are doing fine. And that's a good thing. Dick and I have spoken once or twice over the years (50) but haven't taken the next step, getting together...YET. We're workin' on it. This whole experience has been mind-boggling. Did I mention that one of my sons, Tom, wife Clarice and grandchildren Katie, Thomas and Daniel live in the UK. Anyway I'm there for my annual Thanksgiving visit, when Tom says "let's drive to your old home in France and see what Couvron and Laon look like after all these years". ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! Super highways ...SUPER. The lower, newer part of Laon could be the outskirts of almost any American city, with the hotels and fast food places with names we all know. We stayed up on the hill at Hotel de la Banniere de France, 11 rue Franklin-Roosevelt. It was built in 1685.Hello! What a great place IT is. My impression is that the residents all look prosperous and are doing very well, thank you. The shops on-the-hill and 'downtown' are well kept, the streets are clean, cars are of recent vintage. Can't ask for more than that. People look and act happy. My kind of town. Older than dirt but it has a lot going for it. Somewhere along the way, they discovered tourism. The tourists, you and me, have helped improve the image of this grand old medieval city called Laon. Those who stayed on after their tours of duty can speak of the positive changes that have occurred. I was so thrilled by returning to Laon and Couvron and showing my family where I 'hung out' for a 1096 days. Visited the now French Army Post (back in the day...home a laon.) I didn't say that. Was a Sunday afternoon...2 guards at the main gate and the Officer of the Day. The place really looked deserted. The OD said if I had called a day or so earlier, we would be given the 'tour de jour'. They couldn't get over the base pictures of fifty years ago . Me neither. We'll be on post/base next trip. God I hope so. Brought a bunch of pictures with me and replicated a few by taking shots of me in the same location 50 years apart. Unbelievable. This return trip--thanks to son Tom --turned out so great, because I never expected it. La cathedral Notre-Dame looks magnificent. That, by the way, was our 7 mile visibility check point from the airbase WX Station. The 38th BW flew B-26s and my favorite the Martin B-57B, an American jet based on the British Canberra. Three squadrons (71st, 405th and the 822nd) flying B-57s. Do you remember the Black Knights ? I do believe that besides the USAF Thunderbirds, Laon was the only US airbase in the world that had its own flight demonstration team. Then somebody told Washington and so long Black Knights. Pilots can verify or deny...its ok with me. I'm not sure how the flight crews felt about the 57s. They sure looked pretty though. There's so much to tell about our French experiences and memories of Laon/Couvron and all of France that we came to know and love...and from reading your letters and notes in the Guest Books, you guys are telling almost everything. As someone said, "I'm lovin' it." Spent 3 glorious years at LAON AB...July 1954-July 1957. Weather Observer in DET 7-31st WEARON (AIR WEATHER SERVICE) Maybe we'll meet again on these pages. Vive la France and God Bless America. TOM MORAN

27 March 2005
Brent S. Stewart

I lived in Dreux base housing from 1960/61 through mid-1963 as dependent of US Air Force and attended 1st and 2d grades there, after living in Sidi Slamaine, Morocco for several years just prior. Our family went on to March AFB in California, Tinker AFB in Oklahoma and Moron AFB and Torrejon AFB in Spain.


27 May 2005
Jerome O'Connell

Been to Laon. Fascinating place.

Andrea Kay Gardner Riffe

I was born here during my father's Air Force tour of Europe in 1958. While visiting my brother in Germany in 1989 I attempted to trace my roots back to the Laon area. I was successful in finding the town and going up to the church located above. Since I returned alone, ie without my father, I really wasn't able to get the details I would have liked to. Being this far out from a large city the town people didn't speak enough English to help me & my limited French didn't help either! I would like to know if there are others out there that were successful in locating their roots.

March 22, 2005
Robert L (Dusty) Rhodes

I was at Laon AB from Feb 1959 to Feb 1963. I worked in the Chapel across from Hq. I Married a local Gendarme's Daughter Annette Demal. I return about every two years to visit the area and family. I have a lot of great memories during the four years at Laon AB.

March 18, 2005
John G. Little, Jr.

I am a WWII veteran and was in ETO Sept 1944-Jan 1946. I was in AAA Been attached to 95th ID and we weren't in the Laon area and at Metz area and later Ruhr Pocket area. When the war in ETO ended the 95thID went to USA and AAA Been remained in ETO to do MP security on supply trains. In July I was transferred to Co C 397th MP Been and was there until I was sent home in Jan 1946. This was at Chauny near Laon and during my stay there I did not know there was Air Force base at Laon or if I did know I had forgotten until last summer.

Denise Henley

Greetings from Oklahoma...I've enjoyed looking at all the pictures & reading the guest books. I wish I remembered Laon AB. I was born there & we left when I was only 6-7 months old (April 1959). My father David C. Henley was stationed there. He was a pilot, but I'm not sure what he flew or what his rank was when my family was there. Thank you for all the beautiful photos & the history of the base. And thank you everyone for sharing you memories!!! My mother tells me that I was so anxious to be born that I popped out in the hallway on the way in to the delivery room & the doctor barely caught me!

Denise Henley

Robert J. Norris

Hello Laonites, I am presently President of the Laon Air Police Association (LAPA). We are Holding a Reunion on 6, 7,8, October 2005, at the Hilton Hotel in Jacksonville, Florida. The Reunion is being Hosted By Hugh and Shirley Stanley. All French spouses and any Laon alumni are invited to contact me for details and costs. Hoping to hear from lots of Laonites. Sincerely Bob Norris.

28 Feb 2005
Harold R. Buehler

Just learned of this site and found it interesting. I was at Laon May 1952 until May 1955.

Feb. 26th 2005
Dave Huff

Stationed at Laon from 1955 to 1958. Was in 38th supply Sqdn.

25 Feb 2005
Gerald Gordon

Was stationed at Phalsbourg AFB France 1958-1960, sent TDY to Laon AFB a few times. I was in POL and was sent to support out RF101's. Remember going to town, had to walk up all those stone stair steps to the town. If you drank too much it was awful trying to get back down to the base. Enjoyed my stay their, would like to go back and see what it looks like now.

Charlie Carr

I was in the 822 Bomb Sqdn. from June 1956,untill I was transferred to Sembach Germany in 1958. I returned to Laon with the 66 Tac Recon., at that time I was assigned to the 66 CAMRON until I returned home in June 1959. I worked in The hydraulic shop. I would like to find David Warrick, or anyone that I might have worked with, or made those wild trip's to Belgium with.


Friday, the 11 February 2005

Dear Sir,

Having found your address on the Internet, I hope to write you in reference to the base de Couvron in France during the 1960’s of which you were based with the Military Police. I am looking for information for one of your colleagues named Charlie John Johnson who was a sergeant in the APS from 1961 to June 1964 at Couvron. He is from North Caroline and participated in D-Day in Normandy. This information may not be too accurate but if you know someone who may fit these details , would it possible to contact me ? I am including my address, my telephone number and Internet address in case you have some ideas which could help me find my father, or if you would find need to contact me.

I thank you in advance for any help which you could give me.


Denis Dambrine

Dambrine Denis 38, rue d’Ypres 69004 LYON France tel : 0033 4 78 28 48 33

e mail :

P.S. : I am looking for this man because he is my father ; I would like to know him or to know if I have sisters or brothers. Help me please !

henk mulder

Saw your website on the internet while doing some research in former USAF bases in France. I understand that your base is on the north west site of the city of Laon. But while looking at Terraserver satellite pictures of Laon I noticed another old airbase on the north east site of Laon, also looking military like.

Do you know which base this was, was it French or American, what type of airplanes where flying from it, etc. Thank you in advance !

Henk Mulder Netherlands

Raymond Brun

Attended grade school in Laon from 1956 thru 1958 and then went to Verdun H.Sin 1959.




2 Feb 2005
John W. Westerbeck (Col, USAF, Ret)

My family was stationed at Laon during 1961-64. Dad, MSgt Forrest ("Frosty") Westerbeck, was an administrator, First Sergeant, projectionist at the base theater and manager of the Rod & Gun Club. I worked at the base gym and for my father at the Rod & Gun Club. I graduated from Verdun American HS in 1963 & attended U. of M. @ Munich in 1964. After college, I served 27 years in the USAF and retired in Schertz, Texas, near Randolph AFB. Currently, I am the Coordinator of Veterans Affairs for a college in San Antonio. My father passed away in 1978 and my mother (Grace) lives in Aurora, CO. I have attended several Overseas Brats/Verdun/Laon reunions and feel very close to many of my high school friends whom I have reconnected with...even those I have not seen in 40 years; but, communicate through passing jokes via e-mail. Thanks Tom for the great work on this site over the years!

29th January 2005
Doug Gordon

I can't claim to have ever been assigned to Laon. I'm an aviation historian working primarily on tactical reconnaissance and have had a considerable number of articles published on this aspect of USAF history. I have just completed a book on the subject. One of my articles on the 66th TRW can be found on the Sembach veterans web site for anyone who is interested. The reason for my writing this message is that I am currently starting writing a history of the 38th TRS from the closing stages of WW2 through to 1991. I am searching for photos, memories and stories about the squadron; not only at Laon but also Toul' and Ramstein. Can anyone help? I live in France and my address is La Haute Tinguaie, 22330, Langourla, France Thank you, Doug Gordon.

Ssgt Larry Vockrodt

I was posted at Laon AFB in May 1965 to 66th FMS I started in aero repair was soon transferred to Transit Alert In Sept I was sent to RAF Upper Heyford ,England still in T/A

And now retired and I Enjoy the good life in Sky Valley Resort Ca. It's a Hot Water Resort and you can Ck it out at

Patsy Price Eken

2 Jan 05
Ted & Joyce Van Dongen

Bob Bell

Former 1st Sgt 66th CAMRON and FMS Sqdns. 4/63-4/66. Resided in Bruyeres par Laon with wife Dorothy and Family. Presently residing at; 1066 Kingswood Way, Port Orange, Florida, 32129 Tel 386 788 7960.

Calls, letters or e/mails are welcome.

2 Jan 2005
Mitch Mannin

Tom and all Laon(ettes)... Happy and Healthy New Year in 2005.

All is well in Florida besides the hurricanes... My Dad (T/Sgt. D.L. Mannin - IG under Col. Cavanaugh command) from 1955-59 is not in good shape. He is in a VA facility in Norman, OK with congestive heart failure among other problems). If anyone remembers him please contact me and I will relay your message.

Laon is always on all our minds. Always good to hear from so many on this site. Tom, have a good and healthy new year.

Hugh Stanley





30 Dec 2004
Denis J Reilly
jfever1@optonline .net

Stationed at Toul 60-62 Det 1 66 Tac Recon Wing, Flight line mech 38 Trs B flight. Retired NYPD Great site.

12-29 04
francoise   jerry

i want to whishes all of you a happy new year jerry and i as being married 44 years the time went so fast remember all the good day working in the snack bar serving all the GI that was the good all day!! whishes i could go back in the late 50........ best wishes to all

Don W Broyles

August 1955 - May 1959 38th and 66th Air Police and K-9 Oldest son born 11-28-1956 Dec'd 2-28-64 Youngest son born 3-21-59 @ Laon AB. (Terry L Broyles). Widowed, (Joann) 8-7-1969 I live in Portland, Or, but am transferring to Grand Prairie, Tx on or about Jan 15, 2005. So long a story, so little time.. Don(Tennessee)Broyles

Patricia Porter Freeze

Best wishes to everyone for a wonderful holiday season and a great New Year 2005.

11 Dec 2004
Rudy Glover

I was stationed at Laon from 1963-1965. I was assigned to the 66th Air Base Group, in Personnel Services. I would like to hear from some of the old gang. This is a good program, I am impressed.

Joe Simpson

Nice cite. Brought back some memories. I was stationed there from 1954 to 1955. was in the 71 Bomb Squadron Lt.

seither,sherman c.

Buck Waddell

My late father, William C. Waddell, was an Air Police Officer with the 66th Air Police Squadron from 1958-1960 at Laon AFB. I have his scrapbook of pictures during his time there. Would love to here from others that knew dad. Also, I am looking for pictures of Air Police Jeeps that were used as I am restoring one to honor my fathers service in the USAF.

Buck Waddell

Nov 13, 2004
William K Heuer

Was at Laon with the 32nd photo Sq and the base photo lab in 1963-64 Would like to hear from any one that was their at this time. Thanks Kitt Heuer

6 November 2004
Dick Rusciolelli

Looking for anyone from the Weather Detachment 1952-1955 and also wanted to correct my E-mail that I submitted earlier...

13 October 2004
Alan Moak

Very extensive listing of students. I am impressed. Someone has done considerable work in producing this site. I wish there was a picture next to each student on the list so I could remember who they are.

Sep 25, 2004
Dianne (Prizner) Kostur

We lived on base in the trailers while my dad was stationed at Laon. I remember when the trailers arrived and we could move into them. I attended 3-4-5 grade at the elementary school. Thanks for setting up this site. I visited Laon again with my husband, daughter and son-in-law in Feb 2001. It was interesting to see the country again.

14 September 2004

when I was young, (from 1958 to 1966) I lived in a small village named MOLINCHART. I had a little American friend named RAMONA. I can't remember her surname. She had a little sister. Their parents take us often to go to the Quartier Mangin, in Couvron, for dinner. She leaves MOLINCHART in 1964?? Please, if you know her, tell her that I enjoy to receive some news; thank you; I beg your pardon for the mistake. best regards.

September 8, 2004
Harry L. Williams

I was a young 18 year old from the state of Tennessee, This was my first time away from home and my first trip abroad. I loved France and the local French people. I road my motorcycle all around the local area and in particular the city of Laon. I met many wonderful people. My recollections are that if I would try to speak French the locals would then talk to me in English. I served in the Air Police Squadron and had a lot of interaction with the French Police Agencies. The base was like a close-nit small town. The city of Laon was a new experience the cathedral was great, walking narrow streets and browsing the small shops was a good experience. In the summer of 1966 I was a part of the first convoy to leave Laon and proceed to Upper Heyford England. I hated to leave. I love the small towns and the local French People. I visited Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, Paris, Reims.

Marvin Suthers

I was stationed at Laon in May 1952. I was a member of the 180th Bomb Sq. from St. Joseph, Missouri. We were activated on April 1, 1951, transferred to Langley Field, VA. Then transported by the USS Hodges to France. We were at the Air Base outside Bordeaux from December 7, 1951 to May 1952 and then moved into tents in a wheat field at Laon. We were very primitive for some time. I left before the construction of barracks started. I remember the mud and tents. I was relieved of active duty and returned to St. Joseph in September of 1952. I worked in communications, specifically telephone and line work. I am 72 years old now, but the memories are still there. We were a ANG unit from St. Joseph, Missouri and joined with other units from the Chicago, Ill. area to form 126th Air Wing. Thank you for this web site. It has brought back pleasant memories

Marvin L. Suthers 9303 Fairwood Drive Kansas City, Missouri 64138

AUGUST 26, 2004


Terence Bilancio

Please update my email address. Also, does anyone know where I could contact Tom Pickle?

!3 August 2004
David N. Jenkins

Hi all Laon AB alumni. I was a deputy finance officer with Phil Myers, Phil Greenwood, and George Chandler. I was stationed at Laon from 5/63-7/64. Very enjoyable 14 months. Marilyn and I have heard from no one since we ret. to So. Calif. in 8/64. Very glad to find this website. Would like to hear from anyone. Have had a small computer problem, so sorry this message may appear more than once.

Joe foy

two and a half great years in P.O.l 65 to 67

August 11 2004
ralph hineline jr

I was assigned to the 38th fms instrument shop 55-58.would like to hear from an of the guys that served with me 303-420-2769

July 25, 2004
Tom Rosseter

My Fellow Laon Rangers,

Greetings from an internet cafe in the Haute Ville of Laon. The sun is shining, the city is beautiful, and the people are as wonderful as ever. My wife, Cathy, and I have been traveling around France for the last few weeks, so we couldn't be in Atlanta, but this is the next best thing. We decided to make this last special stop at the Hotel Banniere de France before heading stateside. I was one of the lucky ones, like the rest of you. I got to spend an important part of my childhood in a special corner of the world. I was between 8 and 12 during the years 1958-61. It made such a difference for all of us. My dad was a GLO (Army Ground Liaison Officer) helping to coordinate air recon and army intelligence. His immediate superior was Summer and John Scott's father (another army type in the middle of a bunch of jet jockeys, mechanics, doctors, and intelligence specialists.) Like most of you, after a childhood of one base after another, Laon was the one that stood out. From what I've read and heard, it was always that way. We came and went, so maybe it was the locals who held it all together. I guess we'll never know, but it was great, and it still seems to be. Include me somewhere in the toasts, and I'll lift a glass at the top of the stairs for all of you.

Best wishes to all,

Tom Rosseter

ps: My best memory is of Laura Bilton sneaking liquor samplers into Miss Ranger's 6th grade and sharing them with me. Does she still do that kind of stuff?

Rodney Bowers

My father was SSGT Dewey C. Bowers and was a food service sergeant in the 66th TAC Hospital group. My mother was Ruby N. Bowers and worked in the on-base nursery. Both are deceased.

I attended Marilyn Hardin's 4th grade class in 62/63 and Renee Stein's 5th grade class in 63/64. I was a member of the Junior Patrol and Scout Pack 122.

I would enjoy sharing my photos and memorabilia from Laon AFB. Likewise, it would be enjoyable to hear from my parent's friends and associates plus any of my former classmates.

I live in Atlanta and will attend the reunion. Great site and thanks !

Peggy (Jackson) Jay

What a surprise to find this site! We were stationed at Laon from 1962 to 1965. There were Mom, Dad, and three kids, of which I was the youngest. It's good to see someone cares!

July 15 2004
Book 2

I was crew chief B- 57. I was there 1956-1957.I was in 71 Sqdn.

Mitch Mannin


Late "Happy Web Site Birthday".... a real connection to the past and an enjoyable one at that.

Sorry I wont be in Hot Atlanta the middle of July. About 3 weeks ago at the wonderful age of 61 I have contacted Epstein Barr Monoleucleosis. My doctor has convinced me of the seriousness of it and I am flat on my butt a lot. I didn't know if you were going or not. I would like to hear from some people if they remember me.

My dad (Aug 1955 - Aug 1959) was T/Sgt D.L. Mannin with 38th Bomb Wing; He is in a nursing facility in Norman, OK. He is 87. My Mother died in 1997.

Mitch Mannin