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Volume 2 - Issue 18     


April 13th, 2014


Dear Friends,

It has been a long time since I first thought of a book with all the photos and documents about the old base that I've been collecting for the last 15 years.
Finally, it is a DVD and, yes, at last, it is now available!

It contains 600+ photos (sorted by years, most of them given or sent by many of you), the text of a lecture I made in December for the Laon Rotary-Club about the history of the base, a video visit of the base by Tami Smith, a dependent who came and visited it in July 2011, a slideshow by Jerry McAuliffe and an aerial video of the base I made in September 2013 with an ultra-light gyro, my brother Jean-Loup being the pilot.


Since 1999 when I created the website and 2005 when I took over created by Tom Laseter, in order to keep these websites absolutely independent, I've always paid on my own for the hosting and maintenance, and never accepted any financial help. Now, I'm unemployed and it's quite impossible for someone my age to find a job in France (crazy, but that's it!). So, because I don't want to ask for funds without trading something in exchange, the DVD will help me to go on with the websites, that I'm currently merging so that will be the French version and the American/English version of a same improved site.

Because of the different TV systems (PAL in Europe and NTSC in the U.S.A.) the American version of the DVD is a "Data disk".
It is readable on computers (no menu - just use the files like you are used to from other external devices). Of course, you can connect your computer to your TV.
It is readable on TV DVD players and Blue-Ray players only if they are MPEG and JPEG compatible.

How to get it?
The price is 20.00 euros, and the cost of international shipping is 8.5 euros (usually 10 days for delivery).
Just fill the form by clicking here Order DVD . You will receive within a few hours a "PayPal" form asking you to pay 28.50 euros. It is not necessary to have a Paypal account; it will be possible to pay with your credit card.
Please NO CHECK in US dollars. The French "banksters" would charge me 16.00 euros for change (yes, per check, whatever the amount be!).


Do not forget that there will be a big LAON reunion in Cleveland, OH, September 4th-6th.

The reunion is for 38th Bomb Wing, 126th Bomb Wing, 66th Tac Recon Wing and Dependents.

I will be there and I do hope to see many of you.

It is still time to register!
Contact James Mihaloew

Wishing ya'll the best!!!

Bernard H. Croza

 Bernard H. CROZA.

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